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[S1E14] Time For Love

As Zima Blue delves into his history he weaves a tale about a young woman who had a love for practical robotics. Favoring the robot she designed to clean her pool, the young woman would upgrade the machine gradually so it could perform its task better. The upgrades gave the robot a full-color vision system alongside and the robot equivalent of a brain so it could process and model its surroundings. By giving the robot a brain it became a very basic A.I but this allowed the robot to make its own decisions thus deciding on new methods and techniques to clean the pool.

[S1E14] Time for Love

Keep Savage alive? He'll stay alive. Give your girlfriend time to reconnect with her lost love? She'll reconnect. Stop to collect your things? The jump ship will be gone before you get there. You get the idea.

The hour didn't start out on good footing. Thankfully, those I love (We, right? We all love Sara, Snart and Mick?) knew what I knew. Death for Savage was the right thing. The mission was seemingly abandoned the minute they didn't kill Savage.

Since the ship was compromised, Jax was trying to fix it. It was his injury that really angered everyone. Rip only cares about himself. Stein had an idea of how to fix Jax, and sent him back to 2016 hoping to slip him through a specific part of the time stream so it would physically de-age him...or something.

We should have guessed those bastards would be in league with Savage. Why else would they be so against Rip finding and killing the dude? Seriously, if we're going to be stuck with him for another season, I'm making my own time ship and flying into the great void (what's that place again??) myself. Those masters are going down.

However, Mi-gyeong appears and confronts her father, putting him in his place. As Sang-su and Mi-gyeong talk, the latter points out she slept really well for the first time and here, she decides to go full-on Two-Face and decide their fate with the flip of a coin. She claims it was heads, deciding that this is the end and properly breaking up this time.

With everything resolved as best as it could be, Sang-su and Su-yeong meet for dinner. And where should it be? In that very place they tried twice to have food all those episodes ago. Sang-su admits that he wanted to ask her out before and be her lover but obviously a bunch of inconvenient circumstances got in the way!

Dreadful drama! FL was so emotionless with blank look on her face all the time. Thought 2nd fm lead even though drom rich family had guts enough to say how she felt, I felt hours of my life wasted on this awful drama

The ending was horrible . This episode was just shacking . Maybe they can continue the drama . Like , the time passing by and having the true love meet again . The actors were great doing the drama and all so physically beautiful.

Even though he is told dwarves don't love (that's why they don't have any female dwarves), he is convinced by Belle (Emilie de Ravin) in a bar that he should meet with Nova. Dreamy really is in love, and Nova falls for him too. Together they make plans to run away and see the world, but this plan is thwarted when the Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) shows up. She convinces Dreamy that the best thing for Nova would be if she didn't date Dreamy anymore. She explains that if Dreamy and Nova go off together, "it will not end well" and Nova will lose her wings. In the interest of saving Nova's dream and her wings, Dreamy is forced to leave her. He returns to the mine heartbroken, proclaiming, "Where's my ax?" Welcomed back by the Dwarves, but still distraught over having to end his relation with Nova, he strikes the rock in rage, breaking his ax. He is given a new one which renames him Grumpy, due to his rage from his breakup with Nova.

Storybrooke is celebrating the Miner's Festival and Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) attempts to bank some good will by selling candles made by the nuns. She asks Leroy (Arenberg) to volunteer, but he retorts that she is the only person the town dislikes more than him. His attitude changes after Sister Astrid (Acker) spills glitter on him. When Astrid tells Leroy she accidentally spent all her stipend on helium, he vows to sell all her candles to make up the money the nuns need for rent. Mary Margaret realizes Leroy is in love with Astrid who, as a nun, is unavailable. Leroy reminds her she is no better and the two team up to start selling. Unfortunately, Leroy was quite right about how unpopular they are. Leroy is unable to tell Astrid that he let her down and comes up with a new plan. He offers to sell his boat to Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) in exchange for forgiving the nuns the rent. Gold declines when he learns it is for the nuns, whom he fiercely dislikes. Astrid finds out none of the candles were sold. Desperate and near defeat, Leroy and Mary Margaret share a drink at Granny's. Leroy has one last idea; he breaks the power transformer for the whole town, causing a blackout. This forces everyone to buy candles and the stock is sold out. Leroy is restored as Astrid's hero. While the word "TRAMP" is still visible on Mary Margaret's truck, the town, including Granny, seems to accept her again.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) investigates the disappearance of Kathryn Nolan and the first person she must question is her husband, David (Josh Dallas). David claims he did not speak to Kathryn the previous day and he presumed she had left for Boston as planned. Sidney Glass (Giancarlo Esposito), hoping to get a story and his position at the newspaper back, offers to help Emma. Regina (Lana Parrilla) receives a fax and calls Sidney to inform him she has the phone records. He brings Emma the records that show David did in fact speak to Kathryn the day she vanished. Emma has a hard time believing David lied but Sidney insists the evidence is irrefutable. The episode ends with Emma taking David to the sheriff's station to "tell her everything."

The episode first aired on March 4, 2012. The episode's ratings and viewership increased from the one that aired the previous week. It had an 18-49 rating of 3.4/9 and was watched by 10.67 million viewers. It was also first in its timeslot beating The Amazing Race on CBS, The Simpsons on Fox and a repeat of The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.[4]

Hillary Busis of Entertainment Weekly complained, "I think the writers of 'Once' have seen Disney's version of Aida one too many times. On this show, every story's a love story ... 'Once' has dipped into the 'star-crossed lovers' well a few times too many."[8]

Zima then tells her the story of the pool. Hundreds of years ago on Earth (implied to be roughly our present or the near future), a young woman with a keen interest in practical robotics who tested designs on her robots, her favorite being the robot that cleaned her swimming pool. Over time, the woman made the robot smarter and more effective at cleaning the pool through constant upgrades until she died. The pool robot was then passed on to multiple owners, growing more and more advanced with time.

So, yeah. Safe to say when I watched Zima Blue for the first time, it blew my then weed buzzed mind. Everything just came together into a great whole, made only more apparent after my indifference to Lucky 13. The first thing that grabbed me was the animation. Provided by Passion Animation Studios, the animation was a true treat to look at. Even though the original short story was written in the mid-2000s, the animation, thankfully some hand-drawn 2D animation, gave me a retro feel.

Another small thing that jumped out to me was how Zima turned into an artist. It may seem like a jump to go from a pool cleaning robot to a universally acclaimed muralist, which is understandable. What I noticed this time though was that the episode accounts for this in the montage of the growth of the pool cleaning robot. We see this robot used for menial tasks besides pool cleaning. These include painting walls and hedge trimming, all of which lend themselves to artistry. After seeing the robot perform these tasks, the jump made more sense to me. I could see a robot, yearning for a deeper purpose through self-expression, go from painting a simple wall to painting a complex mural.

We've come to respect and appreciate Dr. Kapoor's (Anupam Kher) thorough approach. He takes his time listening to patients, so he can learn facts they wouldn't think of sharing on their own. It is heartwarming to see his colleagues turn their ten minutes over to him, so that he can get the job done in his unique way. After a lengthy conversation, he puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and diagnoses his patient with Lyme disease.

Kapoor thanks Candelario for acknowledging the effectiveness of his methods. He agrees with her calm efficiency theory, but doesn't believe medicine should be rushed. His accurate diagnosis and supportive colleagues proved the validity of his argument. This is the first time other doctors really took notice of his seemingly relaxed approach to diagnostics.

After crying on Iggy's (Tyler Labine) shoulder at the end of the last episode, Kapoor really needed a win. He's still making some mistakes with his son, but he means well. The poor guy just needs a little help in the sensitivity department. He takes the time to listen to his patients, he should do the same with his friends and family.

When an addict releases custody of her Baby Doe under the Safe Haven Act, Sharpe steps up with her maternal instincts. Born with an addiction to opioids, this little girl needs extra TLC. Sharpe quickly falls in love with her patient. She names the baby Zurah, meaning "brightness," and wants to adopt her. This all feels destined to be. I was sure the episode would end with Sharpe getting the baby she's been longing for, but there's a twist.

Panthaki is relieved she brought the subject up because he loves kids, in fact, he has two of them. He wanted to be sure of their relationship before mentioning them to her. Awww! Perhaps Sharpe is destined to become an instant mama after all. 041b061a72


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