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Look at what past students & parents have to say about BICYTP

Former Students

Deion Whitehead

"I participated in the Boston Inner City Youth Tennis Program for the year of 2008-2009. The lessons were very intense. Coach Hameen and Coach Wilson were very good coaches. They saw a lot of things inside of me such as bravery, fearlessness and power. During our lessons they pushed and pushed until all of my strength was gone. I did not like them to push me, but because they did, my overall tennis game has improved. I am glad they did not give up on me, even when I had a bad attitude. During my time in the program I learned how to get outside and inside the ball and hit at an angle. I also learned endurance and accuracy, as well as how to explore different ways to hit the ball. This is a great program. I would recommend it to everyone. Hameen cares so deeply about his students and wants to see them better themselves in every way. He wants to see them improve so that they can be competitive."


Player with the United States Tennis Association

Tyanah Barrow

"When I first started playing tennis, I had no idea what to do. As I kept going to practice, i learned how to serve, volley and be become a tea, player. I wasn't good at hitting overheads, and would want to quit, but Hameen taught me how not to quit, and to keep trying until I get it correct. I want to travel more, to get better, to do better." 

Student- Boston MA

Christopher Hansel

"I really enjoyed the Boston Inner City Youth Tennis Program, it helped me learn the fundamentals of tennis. The class was also very fun and intriguing, and even though you made me laugh sometime, you just put me back on track and kept me focused. You are a great, fun and accurate teacher that really helped me... I hope I can continue taking lessons with you."


 Student- Boston MA

We believe in making an impact on the community and you can't do that without family

Carl Reid

Hameen began to work one on one with my son and volunteered his time to introduce him to competitive tennis. Through Hameen's efforts and generosity, my son's tennis game developed tremendously and he has won countless USTA tournaments on both the regional (New England) and national level. At age fourteen my son was ranked #4 in New England and #29 nationally. Aside from being an excellent tennis instructor, Hameen has been instrumental in teaching my son the virtues of sportsmanship. As a result, my son received several awards including a National Juniors Sportsmanship Award from the US Tennis Association. Our family stands in support of Hameen as a mentor and a tennis instructor, and are confident he will be an invaluable asset to any program or facility he is a part of."

Parent- Mattapan, MA

Diane Daniels

"Kyon was not motivated to do much, giving trouble in class to a point I would have to go to his school once a week. After taking up tennis everyone saw a big change in him. Kyon became more focused in class, his grades went up I must say playing tennis has really helped my son. Kyon loves playing tennis, being on the court is what he looks forward to most."

Parent- Boston MA

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