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Meet Our Coach

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Head Coach

Hameen Edwards

Hameen Edwards was introduced to the game of tennis on the island named Montserrat by a man named Mr. Authurton. When he returned to Boston he aspired to play soccer, but he joined a local tennis club, and acquired a love for tennis. As an adolescent, he played tennis for Boston youth games, Sportsman traveling team as a participant of the Tops Program and Belmont High School. Over the years he participated in the USTA and the ATA, and was the recipient of several awards and rankings. Through the encouragement of various instructors, he was introduced to South Carolina State University and was awarded an athletic scholarship.


Once in school, he made the decision to concentrate on his academics and put his racquet down while working to obtain a degree in industrial technology.

Hameen views the game of tennis as an opening to many doors in an innumerable amount of places for inner-city children. He believes that tennis has a way of building character and confidence through the coaching, training, and application of skills such as perseverance, fortitude, strength of mind, and patience; all of which are essential to competitive players. The game instills, in a competitor, a sense of independence while engaging in a singles match, and it illustrates the magnitude of teamwork during doubles play.


Hameen can pledge that tennis brings a great level of ethics to the table. It offers children as a whole the opportunity to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, and to travel all over the world. He trusts that a parent or player who chooses him as their coach does so because they know how passionate he is about teaching the sport.


Hameen brings discipline, love, commitment, and enjoyment to his lessons, and his students encompass his teachings and apply them to their everyday lives.  |  Tel: 617-869-0433

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