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Beginner’s Program

The Beginner’s program is designed for 5–9-year-old students as an introduction to the game of tennis. A strong foundation is key to each student’s realization of their full potential and will influence their growth and development on and off the court.


Students will focus on learning the fundamentals ranging from learning how to hold a racket and hitting a ball over the net. Concentration will be placed on hand-eye coordination and athletic capabilities through high energy game-based activities.

Intermediate Program

As the students age and improve, they move up into Intermediate program that focuses on intense drills designed to improve their game strategies and mental toughness.


In each session, students will be tested on their progress through daily drills. Individual training will be based on the performance level each student displays during class for progression to the advanced team.

Advanced Program

The Advanced program is for students who are preparing to compete in the USTA- sanctioned tournament.


They receive intense training on the fundamentals in preparing for match play. In addition, they will participate in strength, conditioning, and life-skills training.

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