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Stores That Buy Vinyl Records Near Me Fixed

With over 20 years in the business of buying used vinyl records, DJ Records USA has built a solid reputation of integrity and fairness. Our best advertising has always been word of mouth from satisfied customers, as evidenced by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

stores that buy vinyl records near me

Determining the age of a vinyl record is often one of the easiest steps in the appraisal process. Most LPs come with release information printed somewhere on the jacket. In addition, all records released after the mid-1970s were paired with a serial number that can still be used to access information about a specific release.

Music is a universal language. Not only does it help us relive special memories, it also instantly puts everyone in a good mood. Whether you want to add to your collection or just love listening to your favorite tunes, vinyl records are just what you need. At Target, find a wide range of vinyl records to choose from. Buying a vinyl record is truly an experience. You can spend hours at a record shop looking for all your favorite artists and genres. Browse through a collection of vinyl in a variety of colors and formats. Find a range of vinyl records of famous artists like Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, David Bowie and Frank Sinatra, as well as new vinyl releases like Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift. Vinyl records are known for their clear sound quality as compared to MP3s or CDs. Whether you like listening to hip-hop, jazz, rap, pop or punk, you are sure to find exclusive editions of vinyl all under one roof. Looking for the ideal gift for a fellow audiophile? Find vintage albums or pre-order new albums that they are sure to love. Explore a large collection of vinyl records to find the right pick for you.

The Victrola Online Record Store is here to take your vinyl shopping experience to the next level. Check out your favorite album or soundtrack or discover new releases-by browsing our extensive vinyl record collection. Whether you're interested in vintage vinyl songs, classic album must-haves, or a brand-new vibe for your vinyl collection, this record shop is here to fulfill all your vinyl-loving dreams. Shopping at the Victrola record store online, you can get classic old records feeling certain they are in perfect condition and damage free.

Of course, after you get a record player the second question becomes where can I buy records in New Jersey? I knew of a few record shops in New Jersey near me, but I wanted to find more, especially because I knew so many friends in New Jersey were now proud owners of record players.

Do you have a stack of vinyl records you are currently not using? Vinyl records have made a renaissance, and many people are taking a keen interest in these old-school, plastic music discs. If yours are collecting dust on the shelf, why not put them to good use and sell them for a profit?

Keeping things local has its own advantages. You can go over to your local vinyl records store and negotiate a good price, and you do not have to incur extra costs mailing your vinyls to them. If you need instant cash, selling your vinyls to local record stores is the way to go.

If you are lucky enough, a big collector might buy your entire stack of records and leave you big money on the table. The best part is you can bring other items to sell and, in the process, attract more people to your vinyl collection.

Do you have lots of items to sell, including some treasured vinyl records? Consider putting up a yard sale. You might even come together with your neighbors to set up a big sale with more items to sell and buy.

By selling your vintage music records on your own website, you can bypass third parties and can maximize your profits. And, who knows, your e-commerce site might grow into something bigger than you expected, allowing you to sell more than vinyl.

Hi, Michelle, are you still looking to get rid of vinyl records? I have no idea how long this was posted..and I have no idea where you are. If you still have Records that you want to unload, let me knowI am in the US

Presto Classical has a solid selection of classical records up for grabs. You can browse its general selection, or narrow down your search by era (like Renaissance or Baroque), by music type (Opera or Chamber), or by awards won. In the store, you can purchase vinyl directly, and even add others to your Wishlist to purchase later on.

Looking for the best record stores in Brooklyn to add to your collection of vinyl or start your first collection? Record players have made a resurgence over the past few years and for some, they never went out of style.

Lucky for you, Brooklyn is riddled with amazing record shops that offer buy, sell, and trading vinyl, as well as some, are hybrid shops that also have events, cafes, and even more vintage goods you can buy.

Black Gold Records has been around since 2010 and has so much more than just records! This is one of the awesome Brooklyn record stores that sell a variety of items, along with their killer vinyl, and hand-poured coffee. I personally love that this is a record store and a coffee shop in Brooklyn combo!

Established in 1990, Earwax Records first opened their doors in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and swiftly moved to Williamsburg after their first year in business. They are one of the record stores in Brooklyn that has been in the game for a long time.

Almost Ready Records is a little different than what you would expect the standard Brooklyn record shops to be. In addition to selling their awesome records, Almost Ready is also a record label that opened up their own brick and mortar.

And although the shop has kind of a modern feel, you will be able to find some real classic/hard to find vinyls at this record store in Brooklyn. They even have a turntable available for customers to check out some records before making their purchase.

Another one of the Brooklyn record stores that offers a lot more than records is The Mixtape Shop. This Bed-Stuy spot is a record store, cafe, and mixtape club. It has a sleek and modern yet homey vibe. They have a wide selection of genres and there are some super affordable options.

The Thing is a legendary second hand store with a lot more than records, but I will admit, it seems to be the cheap records are the main attraction. This one is absolutely one of the best record stores in Brooklyn based on authenticity and originality alone.

Another awesome record store in Brooklyn and old school barbershop located in Fort Greene is Head Sounds Records. Find a carefully curated selection of used vinyl records organized by genre including jazz, funk, soul, disco, Latin, Caribbean, tropical, African, Brazilian, psych, blues, and more.

Radio-Active Records of Fort Lauderdale has been an independently owned and operated record shop since 1995! They are a full-service music shop, offering recorded music in a wide variety of genres and formats including vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, and even some 8-tracks!

Even if you don't collect vinyl records, going to Stinkweeds is a rite of passage in Phoenix. The uptown Phoenix record store opened in 1987, and throughout the years it has been a tried-and-true stop for touring bands to perform or local acts to play a pop-up show. Here, you can find all genres of music on vinyl, CD and cassette, with 80 listening stations to check out your picks, and an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated staff. After you're done picking up some new tunes, stop by Frances next door for all kinds of items full of local love.

Zia Records first came on the scene in 1980, and over the years it has grown into a mini-empire of Southwest record stores, with five locations in Greater Phoenix, one in Tucson, and two in Las Vegas. You'll find a solid vinyl collection at any location, as well as a number of other goodies you're looking for, including CDs, videos, tapes, posters, comics and more. Zia has always been a big advocate of the local music scene as well, so keep your eye out for special compilations and performances (in the future).

When you have an area as funky as Historic Grand Avenue near downtown Phoenix, you need some funky grooves to go along with it. Grand Avenue Records is a newcomer compared with many other legacy record stores in Greater Phoenix, but it has become a staple of the hip, artsy area. You'll be able to find a swath of white label records here, as well as a collection of other music gifts.

This Gilbert record store is one of the newest on the scene, opening in 2017, but don't let its youth fool you. Owner Darren Skarecky opened Grace Records using his father's collection of tens of thousands of records. The real appeal of this spot is that collection of used records, which makes up more than 80% of the store's inventory, is priced at only $3 a piece. Find all your classic rock needs, as well as a solid roundup of hip-hop and R&B artists here.

Coffee, music and vegan cuisine collide at Mo Better Brews in the Museum District. The vinyl shop is curated by DJ and ethnomusicologist, Flash Gordon Parks and features a selection of rare Houston records and Black music ephemera.

Planet Records is known throughout New England as carrying an excellent variety of records. People travel from miles away to check out their collection. The store is small, but their racks of vinyl are mighty.

CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, cassettes, and books can be brought into any store at any time to sell (except for the last 15 minutes before closing). Vinyl evaluations can be done anytime a vinyl buyer is in the store (just call ahead to be sure one is available). You also have the option of dropping off records anytime during store hours; the record buyer will go through them the next time he or she is in the store and then call you when your offer is ready. If you have stereo equipment, first send us an email with the make and model of each piece, and our equipment manager will respond to let you know if we have interest. Once that is decided, you may drop off your stereo equipment for evaluation.Dropped-off items that we do not purchase must be picked up within three days from the time they are evaluated. 041b061a72


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