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Where To Buy A Desk Near Me

Rather than wallow at my desk and watch time slowly tick by, changing from sitting to standing and walking brought me out of my funk immediately. It gave me a boost of energy. Before I knew it, that period of work was over (with time to spare, I might add), and all that was left of the day were the administrative tasks I always save for the last hour or so of work.

where to buy a desk near me

If you are someone who feels achy and sore after sitting all day at a desk, a standing desk can be a good intervention. Research indicates that a standing desk can be a good way to alleviate back pain and increase productivity. However, it is something that you may want to ease into, as going from a completely sedentary lifestyle to standing all day can be a big ask. As a result, investing in a desk that allows for both sitting and standing may be a good middle ground.

As a work from home healthcare executive, my workstation is critical to my daily performance and productivity. My dual monitor system has been a welcomed addition to my home office setup. Although there were a couple challenges initially upon delivery - this gave the SmartDesk team the opportunity to prove their service orientation and commitment to their product - and did they deliver! With a coordinated effort they sent a product specialist to my home in Tucson, AZ who diligently worked through a couple challenges and ensured my desk was 100% functional. They 100% stand by their products and will go to any length to make sure that they deliver for their customer! The service efforts made my purchase feel important to them, and ensured I was not just another invoice! I greatly appreciate their team and their product!

It is definitely value for money as you get a all-in-one solution. I was shopping for automated desk option and much research landed on SmartDesk Connect-E. Though I had some installation issues that customer care was able to resolve (the design choice of connecting the cable to bottom of the desk is not very intuitive). The overall experience in the last 30 days has been very positive. Using mouse during Zoom screen share sessions continues to be a challenge. Overall a very good solution for those who prefer minimal wire clutter and a clean desk.

I can't tell you how happy I am with the desk - it is simply amazing and well-worth the cost. The desk parts were all high quality, easy to assemble, and extremely well-designed. I had some pre and post purchase and installation questions and Timeer has been an absolute gem. Every single time (and there has been at least 5 of them), he understands my questions and always offers a quick response and workable solution, all while staying with you to completion. Timeer has always been there for me and has never let me down. If you are on the fence about purchasing this desk, please - just do it! You won't be disappointed with the usability, quality, workmanship, and most importantly, the 5 star support.

I'm generally not one to leave reviews, but this product is absolutely amazing. I usually work from home and I have to use multiple screens. It's hard to describe, but the way the 3 screen view is laid out on the smardesk is the most efficient setup I've ever used, by far. Even with the three screens and plenty of desk room, this desk also saved me a bunch of space compared to my last setup. Worth every single penny.

I have been working from home for well over 10 years and been through numerous desk and monitor configurations during that time. I have been trying to find a setup that has minimal cables and multiple monitors and the Smartdesk has both! The setup was really easy and once I hooked my laptop to it I was up and running with no issues. Been using the Smartdesk Connect D for a few months now and so far I love it! Also my wife makes it a point to show it off to whomever comes over lol, they all say it looks amazing!!!

This desk is everything I've always wanted. I've rigged up my own three monitor sit/stand desk situations before, but this is by far the sleekest and most convenient. Everything seems to work pretty good. I anticipate that this will serve me well for many years to come.

Can't be happier with the smartdesk sit half an hour stand an hour...helping make me healthier. Only wish I could have one for my outside office as well. Great look as well as very awesome wire management. everything in one place.

This is an awesome desk and a great addition to my home office. I love the simplicity of this desk and the great functionality of it as well. The built-in wireless charger is great for my phone and my headphones. All wires are tucked away which leaves a very sleek look of the desk. The monitors are great as well and come at a great viewing angle. Overall, it is just a great all around desk that makes a great addition to my home office.

It replaces the built-in computer that the SMART CONNECT desk had with a built-in thunderbolt docking station and a laptop shelf under the desk (with "breathing' notches to keep the laptop from overheating).

The CONNECT desk requires assembly after delivery, but it took about 20 minutes and was ridiculously simple (all the necessary tools were provided). The directions (online video and supplementary installation guide) are extremely easy to follow.

You could go cheaper by getting a standard sit/stand desk and adding your own monitors, etc, but if you want a great quality desk with less mess (there's only one power cable for the whole setup), do yourself a favor and get the SMARTDESK CONNECT - it will save you a ton of effort and is a very clean setup. I love my SMART DESK CONNECT. I'm a customer for life!

Explore 12 design-conscious desks that are distinctively different. Every Xdesk exudes fascinating appeal, setting them far apart from every other electric standing desk. With a delightfully eclectic design and an authentic independent spirit.

The all-new 2019 Xdesk models bring second generation patent-pending technologies to life. Xdesk users now enjoy more choices and more user-centric solutions than ever before. You'll see how our Texas factory designs with passion to make an electric desk with soul.

Shop the most diverse collection of standing desks ever created. Life is best filled with great design. And it's even better when that design matches your own personal style. The right piece gives meaning to a space. And a spark to one's emotions.

The all-in-one collaboration device for any desk. Like the Desk Pro, you can meet, work, and co-create. Now with a compact 24-inch 1080p screen that's ideal for your home, office, or any shared space.

Simple and sleek design combined with smooth movement and precise adjustability, the electric standing desk by Progressive Desk is a must-have for any home or office space. With its 3-stage linear motion design, our desks are built to give you freedom of movement with just the press of a button. Choose from our range of standing desk options made to adjust to any given environment and size.

Make a change to a healthier workspace by switching to a height adjustable standing desk. Transform not just your workspace but also your lifestyle by encouraging wider range of movements throughout your workday. When you buy a Progressive Desk you can be rest assured of the best ergonomic experience combined with the quality, convenience and risk free purchase you can feel great about.

My desk came today and looks great!! I was thinking of getting the magnetic frame cable organizer too but after installation, I didn't actually need it. Thanks again for all of your help, really loving it!"

Learn more about our volume discounting here. Our customer support team is also here to help - if you have any queries, or require eleven desks or more, get in touch! Please note: our bulk deals cannot be combined with any other deals or discounts.

Once you have found the proper height for your screen, relax your arms next to your side. Then, bend your elbows so they are at a 90-degree position. Finally, rest your wrists. This is where you want your keyboard to sit.

As you are shopping for your perfect desk/chair combination, consider other ergonomic office products on your desk that you consistently use. If you are regularly reaching for documents or office supplies, think how far you need to reach to get the items. This repetitive motion can be hard on your back.

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Using a simple door sensor could tell you if the desk is on the seated or not seated position. I use one to tell if my lounge curtains are closed. As you say, additional magnets would allow you to extend the range of the closed position. The smartThings door sensors has vibration that should be able to detect desk movement. 041b061a72


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