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The Deadly Sea: Life And Death On The Atlantic ...

Changing distributions of prey impact larger marine species that depend on them, and result in changing distribution of whales and other marine life. This can lead to increased interactions with humans as some whales move closer to near shore habitats. Work is ongoing to investigate the increase in humpback whale deaths beginning in 2016, and certainly this most recent string of devastating losses.

The Deadly Sea: Life and Death on the Atlantic ...


Waste from cruise ship enters the marine ecosystem. Solid waste including glass, plastic, and food are introduced into the water, which ultimately ends up in the bellies of fish, sea turtles, and other marine wildlife. These creatures cannot process the foreign objects, which can choke them or destroy their digestive system, leading to death.

Camille was also similar to Katrina in causing great loss of life in a second mode in a second location. While Camille's small size allowed New Orleans to escape the kind of losses it would later suffer during Katrina, its great intensity at landfall and its rather rapid movement made possible its second great disaster. Camille gradually weakened into a tropical depression on its two-and-a-half-day trek over the eastern United States to the mid-Atlantic coast. While Camille had maximum wind speeds of only 30 mph when its center reached the Appalachian Mountains, it dropped as much as 30 inches of rain (and unofficially more) in the upslope flow over western Virginia. These rains triggered mudslides that killed more than 100 people. Fatalities attributed to mudslides occurred in only one other tropical cyclone during the period, Hurricane Ivan (2004), with four deaths.

The additional data in the current study show, as found earlier, that drowning from excessive rainfall occurs in more tropical cyclones than from any other cause; Fig. 2 shows that almost half of the deadly U.S. tropical cyclones had a death in flooding from rain. On the other hand, the total number of fatalities from storm surge approaches about double the total attributed to excessive rain. While the strongest winds and deepest storm surge usually occur near the center of intense tropical cyclones, rainfall events often take place far from the center, sometimes long after central storm features have significantly weakened or dissipated.

The goal of reducing storm-surge losses extends to high levels in the U.S. government. NOAA's work toward the goal is described in its Storm Surge Roadmap. This effort includes sponsoring storm-surge scientific research and development, and related social science work through its Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project. The commitment supports improving not only the forecast but also forecast messaging about storm surge, with the goal of minimizing loss of life from the most deadly of storm hazards by magnitude in this country.

Fishing nets account for 46% of the mass in the GPGP and they can be dangerous for animals who swim or collide into them and cannot extract themselves from the net. Interaction with these discarded nets, also known as ghost nets , often results in the death of the marine life involved.

Making plans for what will happen to you after your death is always kind of weird, whether you believe in an afterlife or not. Where your earthly remains end up is something that is often discussed with your closest family members, but the end of the road is often a well-manicured field with tasteful headstones. In Florida, some folks are choosing to handle things a little bit differently. 041b061a72


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