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[S1E1] The Old Grist Mill

The man takes them to an abandoned mill that he has repurposed for his needs. He lights a fire and Wirt asks what he does. The woodsman reveals that his job is find Edelwood trees and use them to keep his lantern lit. Wirt assumes the man is crazy and whispers to Greg about a plan of escape, but soon realizes it's not a good idea and tells Greg to forget it. The man turns around and asks what the two are talking about. Greg reveals that they are thinking of a way to run away, and Wirt tries to shush him. The man says they are free to leave if they want, however he warns them that the beast is out there. The man goes out for work at the mill, leaving Wirt and Greg alone. Wirt realizes that they could just leave at any time, but is unsure. Greg begins to examine the man's things, swinging various items and throwing them to the ground. Wirt begins to talk about the woodsman and the beast, occasionally asking questions, all of which Greg distractedly answers yes to.

[S1E1] The Old Grist Mill


Greg searches for his frog and spies The Woodsman putting Edelwood sticks into a mill which turns them into oil which he stores in bottles. Then Greg falls into a barrel and on top of his frog. Greg hears sounds and calls out, thinking it may be Wirt or his frog. Instead, a strange dog-like monster sticks his head in, scaring Greg, who in his panic tells the monster "you have beautiful eyes."

Wirt is seen playing with a cup-and-ball inside the mill-house when he hears a smashing sound coming from outside. The door to the mill swings open and The Woodsman frantically questions Wirt about the whereabouts of his brother and what is happening. Greg then walks in considerably dazed, but the creature immediately smashes the door open, sending Greg flying across the room. Wirt calls the dog "the beast" and The Woodsman exclaims the boys should stay back. Greg, who was thrown to the top of the stairs, slides down and tries to knock The Woodsman out with a board, but hits his hat instead. The Woodsman is surprised and steps backward, slipping on items Greg had placed on the floor earlier, and falls, hitting his head on another item, knocking him out.

Wirt grabs the axe Greg was holding and exclaims that they must try and get out while the monster is trapped under some wood. Greg points to an escape route which leads them onto the roof, but the monster quickly bursts through the roof after them, trying to consume the two boys once more. Wirt demands Greg should give the monster the rest of his candy, but Greg has no more candy left, with the exception of one piece which he throws off of the roof. The monster leaps off to get it but gets stuck in the mill wheel, which starts to crush him as it turns. The monster coughs up Edelwood oil and a black turtle before his weight causes the wheel to break and the roof to collapse.

The Woodsman laments over the mill being destroyed. Wirt attempts to point out that at least the beast problem is solved, but the old man tells him that the dog was not the beast. The Woodsman goes on about the beast, while Wirt scolds Greg for messing up.

The Woodsman turns and tells Wirt he is the one responsible due to being the elder sibling. Wirt apologizes about the destruction of the mill and tells the Woodsman perhaps he can fix it, despite knowing he cannot at all. The Woodsman tells them they must go and that they must leave the woods if they can. The Woodsman tells Greg to give the frog a proper name and look after him.

Wirt quickly theorizes that the Woodsman is crazy instead and hatches a scheme with Gregory to knock out the Woodsman and run, which he quickly dismisses, finding problems with every possible solution he comes up with, leaving him lying on a couch doing absolutely nothing while the Woodsman leaves to work in the mill and Gregory wanders around outside looking for his frog.

Later, Dante is confronted by three angry animals as he encloses upon the entrance to Hell -- a panther, a lion, and a she-wolf (not to be confused with Shakira's underrated 2009 bop), all seemingly deterring him from entering the underworld. Forced turn back, he encounters Virgil, an ancient Roman poet who helps him find an unguarded entrance to the afterlife. Similarly, after meeting the Woodsman while roaming the wooded Unknown, Greg, Wirt, and Funderburker are ambushed by a black fanged creature with glowing eyes, who they presume to be The Beast. Following an intense battle involving heroic acts like tossing candy in the monster's direction, spanking it with a plank, and chasing it around the mill, the creature, which is revealed to be a dog, is finally defeated, a mysterious black turtle popping from its mouth as the watermill squeezes it. Despite our protagonists' victory, the Woodsman is visibly angry about his nearly-destroyed property and spilled oil. Wirt attempts to look on the bright side. "But- but- but look. We- we got the Beast problem solved," he says. 041b061a72


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