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James Jones
James Jones

Star In Bondage Orgasms

Ian and Aiden, are joined by the vibrant Destiny Cruz to discuss the headspace and communication involved with proper, professional, fun, and stimulating bondage play. If you're wondering about Episode #112 that episode was too visual for an audio podcast. We suggest heading to our site for that one.

star in bondage orgasms

Encore! Savor this fantasy from a new perspective with the 2nd camera version! As this super-hot fantasy begins, gorgeous Sahara Skye (wearing only an open silky robe that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination) is tapegagged and frogtied on the bed and her hands are roped in front. The stunning blonde uses this position to caress herself as she flirts with the camera and seductively poses for you. Then a vibrator is placed in Sahara's bound hands and she activates the powerful toy, and enthusiastically brings herself to a strong and gratifying climax for your pleasure as well as hers. The barefoot beauty then switches off the device and invites you to continue this sensual bondage encounter.

Alexia Anders experiences a "Gagged Geisha-Gasm." The adorable damsel begins this fantasy dressed up in a scanty geisha costume, ballgagged and frogtied on the bed with a powerful vibrator placed between her thighs. She flirts with the viewer for a moment, and then her costume is opened up to reveal her perfect, all-natural breasts. The ballgag is replaced with a microfoam tapegag and the vibrator is activated. Our barefoot babe sensually tests the limits of her bindings and thoroughly revels in her helplessness and the irresistable one-note song of the Hitachi. But geisha Alexia can only deny the power of the vibrator for so long until she indulges in a powerful bondage orgasm.

In "Hotel Hostage 3," superstar Alexis Taylor (in lacy black lingerie, garters, stockings and heels) is first seen ballgagged and with her hands tied behind her back. She stands and poses for a moment, and then she's seen on the hotel bed. Her shoes are gone and she now wears shiny leg irons. Her lacy bustier has been removed and replaced with a rope bra, and a crotch-rope has been added to her bondage. The busty bondage legend luxuriates in her bondage, a delightful fantasy expertly brought to life! 041b061a72


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