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Dovud Ganiev

Firmware Reset For Zte K3772-z 5


Firmware Reset For Zte K3772-z 5

i upgraded the firmware on my router. first time i have done this since i've owned the router. after the upgrade was complete everything reset to the router defaults and i had to set up everything all over again on the router and reconnect all of my devices. i also had to reboot my verizon fios ont box in order to get connected to the internet. is there something that i did wrong during the upgrade installation i'd like to know if there is a way to avoid these issues that i had the next time i have to upgrade the firmware. thank you.

usually, it is easiest to watch the leds. however, do consult the available documentation for your device, as there is no default button assigned as a reset button and not all procedures work on every device. whichever trigger you use, the device will enter failsafe mode and you can access the command line with ssh (always possible) or a serial keyboard.

hi nzlamb, try this, 1.- hard reset (30 sec pressing wpa/reset button on back side of router) 2.- load newest firmware in (dowloaded from ). 3.- when is finished reset (not hard, just unplug and plug again ac adapter) 4.

if it's a hardware issue, there isn't anything you can do. if it's a software issue, you could try to update the firmware of the keyboard. of course, this means that you will have to understand how to update the firmware for your device. furthermore, this will only solve the issue if the device has no issues with the firmware that is installed. and, of course, there is a chance that this will have other side effects. 3d9ccd7d82


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