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Where To Buy Closet Doors

Aside from their sensational outward appeal, our closet doors are sensible which provide full access to your closet space on both sides, operate with smooth running ease and glide quietly along on bottom-roll tracks. They're tough and durable and able to stand up to constant use.

where to buy closet doors

We have a wide variety of wardrobe doors in over a hundred different models, styles, colors, mirror thickness, beveled edges, steel frames, aluminum frames, wood frames, and an array of finishes such as white, satin gold, bright gold, bright clear, bronze, brushed nickel to name a few. From the very economical to the most elegant top of the line series, they're all high rate quality doors.

These doors add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any room. Also, create the illusion of a magnified surrounding space and enhance the presence of natural light. Additionally, they allow you to check your whole personal appearance.

Out of all these door choices; sliding one is highly preferred by builders as well as homeowners. The reason behind is their easy maintenance options, eye-catching structures, maximization of closet space as well as new addition to room texture. You can easily find wide range of eye-catching latest designs that can serve you for specific needs in your tiny spaces. Closet doors can be made more attractive by adding paint to its walls but prefer to choose one that makes perfect complement with your room decor. Ask manufacturers about detailed specifications and style options within your set price product budget range. There are so many advantages of having sliding doors.

Still on the fence about having doors in your closet? An interior door does more than just keep your stored items (and sometimes clutter. Yikes!) out of sight. The right closet door can serve multiple functional purposes, and can also maintain the flow of design in your bedroom. Here are more reasons why you should consider interior closet doors for home.

The location of your closet and the amount of space you have in the room will determine the best type of door for your closet. No matter the style, you want a closet door that gives you easy access to the contents inside and reflects the look of your home.

In many traditional homes, reach-in closets feature a simple hinged swinging door or double doors. This type of door allows you to increase the storage capacity of your closet by mounting hooks, pockets or racks to the back of the door. On the downside, a standard hinged door that swings outward means you can't have anything in the way. This can create a traffic flow problem for tight spaces.

Traffic flow isn't an issue for closets with sliding doors. A standard for many reach-in closets, sliding doors come in a variety of styles and finishes, from frosted and translucent glass to mirrored or raised panel. Only permitting access to one side of your closet at a time is the biggest drawback to sliding doors. Keep in mind that fully mirrored sliding doors can also overwhelm a room.

Installed to fold back to one or both sides, bi-folding doors are a nice alternative to sliding doors because they give you access to the full width of your closet, and only take up half as much floor space as a swinging door. But bi-folding doors also use twice the number of moving parts as sliding doors and that means twice the opportunity for binding or falling off the tracks.

  • There are other options for closet doors. Get creative with your closet door options. Pocket doors are great for closets that are open most of the time.

  • Use panels of fabric or curtains for a closet "door" to add color and texture to your room

  • For a rustic-style home, a barn door that slides along a top track offers a nice design detail for the surrounding room.

Complete your wardrobe with our durable yet stylish PAX closet system sliding doors that come in a wide selection of colors, designs, and materials. Choose from our options of different types of frosted glass, wood, or even mirrored glass to personalize your closet door to match your needs and room décor.

Sliding doors give off a modern and stylish look. They are installed on a track and are easy to open and close. They are a great option if your closet is located in a smaller room and can be found in many colors of wood or feature a mirror front. The advantage of a mirrored door is that it helps your space look bigger.

Closet curtain doors are a stylish and simple alternative to a wooden door. You can go bold with patterns or sophisticated with rich fabrics, like velvet. All you need is a single curtain rod and floor-length curtains of your choice. This closet door alternative can also be switched out seasonally or whenever you want a change. These also work well when as a no closet solution.

If your room is large, there are a lot of closet door ideas that will work. One of the more unique ones is to place a room divider in front of your closet. They are lightweight and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Or, you can choose our top-hung bypass doors that eliminate the need for obtrusive bottom tracks, preserve flooring, and glide open with a simple touch. Select our most popular style, the Meridian double-sided mirror which brings functionality to otherwise large, unadorned space.

One Day Doors & Closets is the largest company of its kind, offering homeowners superior selection, quality, and service in new door and closet organizer systems. Utilizing patented technology, projects that typically take 1-2 weeks, involve messy construction in and around the home and cost the homeowner several thousand dollars, are transformed into a simple, convenient process, completed in a few hours, with no onsite construction, at an affordable price.

The Sliding Door Company began with The Closet Doors. Experience space-saving closet doors that finally allow you to stack to the right, the left, or even in the center so you can reach everything inside comfortably. Every closet door is made in our own factory with meticulous attention to detail and safety built right into each door.

When considering adding saloon doors, most people first imagine the saloon doors from a wild west movie, but saloon doors are so much more. Saloon doors can be used in residential or commercial applications. These saloon doors are traditional two double doors that are hung in an opening with double action hardware. The double action hinges allows the doors to be pushed in both directions, allowing the doors to be open from either side and no traditional jamb is required for saloon doors, and the hardware also allows the doors to self-return to the center, self-closing.

Saloon doors can be called a wide variety of names including, batwing doors, salon doors, café doors, double swinging doors, half doors, swing doors, bar doors, and swinging doors. No matter what the name these doors are continuing to become more popular and can be used in a wide variety of applications from bathrooms to kitchen pantries. Saloon doors are a simple and easy choice when you need to add a door style to an opening. Saloon doors are easy to install in any existing opening. They can be installed into a cased opening, traditional door frame opening, or even a hallway by use of trim boards. Saloon doors are commonly used to separate spaces in a bathroom, office, kitchen, closet, or pantry just to name a few.

Bathroom saloon doors allow for additional privacy to be added to a master bathroom or a water closet. Since saloon doors do not require a frame-cased opening installation and require less swinging space than a traditional single swing door, they can be perfect for the add some privacy to a bathroom area. The saloon doors are great for separating the space but still allow for ventilation. These saloon doors can be partial length to full length doors, providing you with the privacy necessary for your application.

Saloon closet doors are a great addition to your closet. These popular doors will help to keep air flowing in and out of the closets. Plus, will allow heat and air conditioning to transfer between the closet and any additional space- bedroom, bathroom, etc. Closet saloon doors are a great way to get the maximum space out of your closet, the doors do not have to swing open into the closet allowing this space to be used for dressing or browsing. Swinging doors using double action hardware will self return to the center ensuring the closet doors will be closed.

Mudrooms are common in new or renovated homes. These multiple-purpose spaces are key to helping have an organized house and can be a space mainly overlooked. Adding some swinging saloon doors will be sure to help contain this space as well as accent the functionality of the space. The doors can easily be swung open with your hands full and will allow the space to remain behind the doors.

Since 2020, home renovation continues to be a must for most homeowners. Making their home a place to enjoy and relax. Flex spaces that can serve multiple purposes are great spaces for saloon doors. These doors will help provide some privacy while maintaining an overall open design.

Saloon doors are installed with double action hinges. These hinges will allow the doors to swing in both directions and self return the doors to the center of the doorway. With this hardware, the doors do not require a traditional jamb and are easy to install. Double action hinges come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. When purchasing custom saloon doors from Swinging Café Doors we will ensure the hardware and doors will fit the opening size provided on the order. 041b061a72


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