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The Villain By Victoria Vale

In Batman and Robin #18, another ex-Wayne Girl, now a villain called The Absence, comes looking to rip out Vicki's eyes. In the following issue, Batman and Robin rush to her apartment only for Absence to reveal that Vicki is bound and gagged inside of a cabinet. Absence then explains that she never intended to kill Vicki, but that she used her as bait to lure Batman into a trap.

The Villain by Victoria Vale

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Vicki appears in several episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, voiced by Gabrielle Carteris. The character often cameos in later episodes, often as a bystander to a battle between Batman and supervillains. Another version from Zur-En-Ah also appears in the episode "The Super-Batman of Planet X!" and serves as an amalgamation of her and Lois Lane (even voiced by Dana Delany.

In Telltale Games' Batman series, Vicki is reimagined as the villain Lady Arkham, a terrorist seeking revenge on Gotham for trauma she'd experienced by its criminals. Vale is voiced by Erin Yvette whilst Lady Arkham is voiced by Steve Blum. 041b061a72


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