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Sukisho Special ##BEST##

After spending some time in Shin-ichirou and Nanami's place, Sora and Sunao come across a mysterious cosplaying bandit known only by the number 416. He claims that he has come to take away something precious from Sora. Meanwhile, Sora and Sunao meet Chris, who works at the nearby church. While he seems harmless, he begins to spend more time with Sora. To top it all off, Sora begins to realize that there are times when he and Sunao are mysteriously in bed together. He already knows about Sunao's connection with his alternate personality Ran, but could that mean he has his own alternate personality as well? Depending on the choices of the player, Sora will either end up with Sunao, Chris, Ran, Matsuri, or Minato. Also, obtaining all the CGs rewards the player with a special ending involving bandits 416, 773, and most recently 848.

Sukisho Special

Sunao Fujimori (藤守 直 Fujimori Sunao?) Sunao is Sora's childhood friend and current roommate. Sunao has long pink hair usually tied with a long piece of red ribbon and pink eyes, and an alternate personality named Ran. Easily angered, he isn't above punching anyone who makes him lose his temper, especially Sora, who he punches a few times in the beginning of the anime series. At first, he claims he hates Sora, but he becomes closer to Sora with each game/episode, eventually consummating his relationship with Sora. Just as Sora calls Sunao by his last name, Sunao refers to Sora as Hashiba; in some episodes, Sunao calls Sora by the childhood nickname of "Kuu-chan" instead. (Seiyū: Souichirou Hoshi, Madoka Akita (child))

Soushi Asaka: Occasionally appears in the game and makes brief appearances in the anime. Soushi is a lawyer who loves to flirt with Nanami. Most of the time, he playfully flirts with Nanami just to anger Shinichirou. Compared to most of the character, he acts a lot more refined, but he will occasionally get mad (especially if children are making too much noise). In the games, there are scenes where he and Sora have sex (depending on the choices the player makes). The PS2 game and the Drama CDs show that Soushi and Matsuri could become a couple. (Seiyū: Yuji Ueda)

Aizawa:The main antagonist in the series. It is revealed that Nanami was once with Aizawa, conducting brutal experiments in the laboratory, but met Shinichiro and left him. Aizawa has a son named Kai Nagase, but in the Drama CD's adresses him by "Kai-Kun". In the anime, he manipulates with Sunao's feelings and turns him against Sora Hashiba. In some of the drama cd's, Aizawa is quite playful (especially around Nagase), while in others, he remains to be bitter and evil. (Seiyū: Jūrōta Kosugi)

All of these animes are obviously written for the female population, so ladies! If you're craving a chick flick, any one of these animes are great to watch, especially since all of them range from 13 to 25 episodes. However, do keep in mind that all of these have not been dubbed into English, and if you watch them, you will have to watch them with subtitles. But that's cool, because then you get to understand what the writers envisioned. You can find most of these episodes with a simple Google search.

In Japan, classes are ranked by difficulty with the letters A through F (you see this in Itazura na Kiss as well). In this prestigious private school, Special A is the class even above A - the top 7 students in the school based on results of a standardized test. They have special privileges that include not having to always attend class since they're so intelligent. So they spend most of their time in a huge greenhouse talking and having tea time.

What always made me smile were the moments that Kei thought Hikari was going to give him a love confession, only to be disappointed when she's actually intending to do something completely different. It's cool to see this from a guy's perspective, especially since that's usually something many would expect a girl to do. The strong friendships that bond the students of the SA are also very heart-warming, especially when all of the characters are so gosh darn lovable.

However, the anime is EXTREMELY SAD. I am warning you right now, if you're a sucker for emotional stuff like I am, you will probably cry. I'm not gonna lie: I SOBBED over this anime, especially at the end. The mysticism about it is just so captivating, and it almost has a cleansing spirituality to it.

There isn't really a romance between Misuzu and Yukito, although I'd probably say that there's something there. I actually also really enjoyed the OVA, which is basically an extra fun movie or episode to an anime. It takes the characters and the background story and just about completely changes the plot, although there are several aspects that are very similar, especially the ending, which is almost exactly the same. However, Misuzu and Yukito have an established relationship, so if you think they should've gotten together during the anime, this will make you happy (except when you watch the freaking crazy sad ending again...).

Do you love watching anime with tons of bishonen? Play yaoi games from time to time? If so, then you have most definitely heard of Suki na mono wa SUKI dakara shouganai!, otherwise simply known as Sukisyo! or Sukisho!. While the plot of this yaoi story is divided into 4 games: First Limit, Target Night, Rain, and White Flower, the anime is limited to only 12 episodes in its production. Therefore, it is little wonder why the anime version is so confusing, especially for those who have not played the games.

Steady X Study Publisher: Idea Factory Genre: School/Love/Adventure, Release: 03.25.04 Memory: 116K, Price: 6800 yen First Press Edition: includes special drama CD and art collection (8800 yen) Set in a high school, this adventure game has you chose between entering the drama club or the "study" club. Depending on your choice, the game's story line changes, as the game's two main heroines are in different clubs. The game plays out like your typical conversation game, although in some areas you can look around to choose your conversation partner. Get close to a girl and you may see some special events!

Dragon Ball Z: Bukuu Tougeki Publisher: Banpresto Genre: Anime/Fighting/Action, Release: 03.26.04 Price: 4800 yen, Battery Backup Peripherals: Link cable Known as Supersonic Warriors in the West and developed by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear), this fighter promises all the special attacks made so famous by the show. Modes of play include story mode, in which you play through an original story, a 3 on 3 team battle mode and a training mode. 041b061a72


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