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[S1E19] Money For Nothing, Guilt For Free

Miley, Lilly, Oliver, Amber and Ashley's teacher Mr. Corelli sends his students off to raise money for a local fundraising program. Miley and Lilly want to beat Amber and Ashley to win a $300 gift card for the mall, and for bragging rights. They are unsuccessful at raising money until they have the idea to raise money through Hannah Montana, which enables them to collect a large amount. They then feel guilty, though, when they realize that another girl, Sarah, who is wholeheartedly devoted to charity and wanted to donate the card, is working much harder to raise money. They decide to give her the funds instead, so she can win the contest. Sarah, however, won't accept the money from them, so Miley and Lilly dress up as Hannah Montana and Lola Luftnagle to give her the money.

[S1E19] Money for Nothing, Guilt for Free

After Miley charges a wild shopping spree to her emergency credit card, she begs Jackson to help her pay it off before Robbie finds out. Jackson hatches a plan to auction off Hannah's old clothes and a fake pair of sapphire earrings given to her for a video shoot. The siblings manage to raise the money to cover her debt and she thinks that they are home free. That is until Robbie tells them that the jeweler wants the sapphire earrings back, because they mistakenly gave Hannah the real pair instead of the fake ones.

James proposes a bold plan: that the two buy the ship and its cargo. In exchange for Braganza putting up the money, he will get his grape roots for free and half the profits on the ship's voyages for the next five years, unless James can buy him out before the five years are over. If he cannot, Braganza will get full ownership of the Pampero.

James takes a woman passenger on board, Margarita Juarez, the President's daughter, Tom gives her a whistle. What may be an old Morgan Cannon (named after Sir Henry Morgan) is brought on board. Margarita learns from Tom that James' wife is dead. She tells James not to feel guilty at his loss- he says 'I'm 47 years old, have a difficult daughter and go home to a cold house, not much at my age'. He tells her that he has built and almost lost an empire but regrets that he never allowed Letty to share it with him. Margarita and James are obviously becoming attracted to each other. Gavrialides warns James not to unload his cargo, as there is no money to pay for it. James visits the President who tells him that he may soon be overthrown and to take his daughter away with him. James and Tom smuggle Margarita out from under the rebels nose but are too late to get to the ship before Baines sets sail. They escape into a small rowing boat but are fired on by the rebels. Baines orders the mate Turner to try firing the Morgans cannon. They succeed in knocking out the rebels' stronghold but Turner is killed in the blast. James asks Margarita what she wants to do to which she replies, 'you decide'. James says 'we'll go home then'.

Though it is not really told when this happened, Mabel and Dipper helped Stan make counterfeit money. From the context, it's implied that they got arrested and spent some time in a cold jail cell. On a second attempt to create family bonds, Mabel and Dipper get into Stan's car blindfolded and Stan drives them to the local lake to go fishing with him as a family bonding day. When Mabel hears that there is a monster in the lake named the Gobblewonker, she and Dipper want to find it and get the proof after hearing about a contest awarding money if they find proof of a mythical creature. Mabel wants to discover it so she can buy a giant hamster ball to roll around in. They ditch Stan and go with Soos to find the monster. In the end, the Gobblewonker turns out to just be an old man in a robot, looking for attention. Feeling guilty for ditching their uncle, Mabel and Dipper soon go back to Stan to have their family bonding time.[3]

They willingly let themselves be caught in order to win the time wish and give Soos his deepest desire. After many challenges in the game, she and Dipper come out on top and let Blendin go free because they felt guilty for getting him in trouble. Going back to the present, they tell Soos about where they've been and gives him the time wish. Ultimately, Soos doesn't use the wish for his father and gets over him, using the wish to fix up Dipper and Mabel and a slice of infinite pizza, and embraces Dipper and her as his true family. 041b061a72


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