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Buy Rite Barber Chairs

At Buy-Rite Beauty, we know that purchasing professional wholesale salon equipment, furniture, and supplies is just one step in turning your dream into a reality. If you are looking for inspiration to help solidify your vision, take a look at some of the hair salons, spas, and barbershops designed and outfitted by our team.

buy rite barber chairs

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BARBER CHAIRSBuilt to last, made from top quality materials. Backed up with a five year guarantee, our JAPANESE MADE PUMPS support up to 750lbs tested weight capacity.BARBER & WET STATIONSMultifunctional wet stations, in addition to providing extra storage space, they can be used for shampooing, trimming and styling as well.BARBER PACKAGESSave big with our barber equipment packages. You can also create custom packages that best suit your salon's needs.Barber Tools and AccessoriesTools and accessories for barber salons.

RECEPTION DESKSReception Desks are a great way to keep your salon organized while displaying your favorite items for customers to see. Made from premium quality materials.RECEPTION FURNITUREMade to last for many years to come, our reception furniture is attractive, practical and easy to keep clean.SALON FURNITURESalon Furniture at lowest wholesale prices. Traditional and modern design, you will find the right solution for any type of salon or budget!

FLOOR MATSProtect your floor with our easy to clean and lightweight salon mats.SALON STOOLSIdeal for massage therapists, tattoo artists, dentists, manicurists, stylist, receptionist, and spa estheticians. Extremely durable and comfortable.TOOLS AND ACCESSORIESToosl and accessories for beauty, hair, barber, spa, massage and nail salons.TROLLEYS AND ROLLABOUTSEasy to move around, provide additional storage space and reduce clutter. Can be combined with items from our line of styling stations, salon mirrors and manicure tables.TOWEL STEAMERSProfessional salon towel steamersTOWEL WARMERSProfessional salon towel warmers

If you want a truly eye-catching barbershop chair, this is definitely the best option. The pink upholstery and rose gold chromed metal will make all of your clients feel like royalty! The opulence is in the details with the tufted buttons and the geometric pattern on the cast aluminum frame. When someone enters your business, their eyes will immediately be drawn to the uniqueness of this chair.

Keller has been supplying next-level barber and salon furnishings across the United States and Canada since 1999. Our brand focuses on creating affordable, unique designs to fit your modern or classically inspired style. Follow us on Instagram to be the first to know about new products and offerings.

Whether you are looking for hydraulic pumps, salon chair bases, headrests and other replacement parts for your barber shop or beauty salon, you have come to the right place. Our salon & barber chair parts are commonly built to industry standard specifications so that they can work universally when possible. If you need help selecting a salon chair part, please call our sales line.

Finding the right barber chairs to fill your shop requires you to pay attention to many fine details. Not only should barber chairs be comfortable, but they should be equally as stylish as they play a big role in how your barbershop looks and feels.

Whether you are looking for modern and minimal barber chairs or you want a more traditional style that pays homage to the old-fashioned barbershops, you have come to the right place. Minerva Beauty stocks barber chairs in many different styles, price points and colors so you are sure to find a chair that suits your shop perfectly.

Salon mats are essential for the health and comfort of stylists who are on their feet all day. Anti-fatigue mats around your salon chairs or barber chairs help you and your stylists feel better and less run down. These mats pay for themselves in recovered productivity by reducing pain and exhaustion levels. See the end of the article for more information on mats and how to choose the right type and size for you.

They are built to last with the same quality as other Rhino Mats with high-density support foam and surface performance. At one inch thick, this is a good choice for barbers and stylists with a heavier build while still providing plenty of support.

Shape and size. This is more important for a salon than for most other workplaces. Regular industrial anti-fatigue mats or mats for standing desks in offices won't work, but you can find a variety of cut-outs and depressions in these salon floor mats that fit snugly around the base of your styling chairs whether they are round or square.

This multi-functional shampoo station comes with shampoo bowl and storage cabinet which is a big convenience and saves a lot of effort since we include all the matching-size accessories. And the design of the whole station is in solid color, and there are three colors to choose from. Classic and contemporary look brings upper taste into the barbershop.

Ergonomics Design: The practical station with a floor height of 35.7 inches can be matched with different shampoo chairs or reclining barber chairs in your barbershop. Also, the U-shaped sink gap reduces the pressure on the neck when washing hair, offering comfort and support to the clients.

Organized Storage: This versatile salon sink station gives hairdresser plenty of space for barber supplies. And the desk-tops allow you to place some shampoo and conditioner and keep them handy. The large bottom cabinets and drawers provide hidden storage space for different items. 041b061a72


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