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Charlie wants to slay the vampire but has a problem: He has no experience with real vampires. What powers and special abilities does Jerry have? How can he be destroyed? Everyone knows how to kill a fictional vampire a stake through the heart but does that apply to "real" vampires as well?



Because this is Vegas, Charlie contacts a local showman (and apparent vampire expert who happens to have vampire slaying gear in his apartment) who tells Charlie the "rules" about vampires. It's good that Charlie checked: Some vampires are said to be able to turn into bats or wolves; others can't. Some are said not to cast a reflection, but others do. Holy water is said to repel or kill vampires, while others sip it with a twist of lime. [7 Strange Ways Humans Act Like Vampires ]

Other traditional methods of killing vampires include decapitation and stuffing the severed head's mouth with garlic; a sacred (blessed though not silver) bullet; a stake through the chest (not necessarily through the heart); and so on. (This flexibility, incidentally, is one reason why the vampire genre has been so successful: writers twist old rules and invent new ones to keep the stories fresh.) As it turns out, Jerry's abilities are a mix: he doesn't cast a reflection, nor change into animals, but he can be killed by sunlight and staking at least sometimes.

With so many different claims about vampires, what's a wannabe Charlie or Buffy to do? The most important issue is to know some of the "rules." For example, in some traditions the best way to stop a vampire is to carry a small bag of salt with you. If you are being chased, you need only to spill the salt on the ground behind you, at which point the vampire is obligated to stop and count each and every grain before continuing the pursuit. If you don't have salt handy, some say that any small granules will do, including birdseed and sand. (It is not known if this defense works on vampires who don't exhibit obsessive-compulsive traits.)

Benjamin Radford is deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer science magazine and wrote about vampires in his book Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore. His Web site is

US Senate candidate Herschel Walker of Georgia delivered a bizarre diatribe about vampires and werewolves during a stump speech in McDonough, Georgia, on Wednesday in a verbose example of the former athlete's ongoing, unorthodox candidacy.

"I don't know if you know, but vampires are some cool people, are they not?" the congressional candidate said. "But let me tell you something that I found out: A werewolf can kill a vampire. Did you know that? I never knew that."

Tom Holland's 1985 "Fright Night" and its 2011 remake both center vampires in their story, though neither include werewolves. It's possible Walker was simply discussing the topic of werewolves ahead of his plot description and not describing the details of the film in question.

Or perhaps it was the "Underworld" film series that Walker was referencing, which detail a mythical war between vampires and werewolves. Or maybe Walker caught a late-night "Twilight" marathon and decided to engage in the age-old Edward versus Jacob debate.

But neither Walker nor Warnock won 50% of the required vote outright in the election last week, meaning Walker supporters and Georgia voters alike could be in for three more weeks of vampires versus werewolves debates.

However, after a romance between Viktor's daughter Sonja and a Lycan slave, Lucian, was discovered, Sonja was executed, and the war began again. The ensuing battle killed off almost the entire Vampire species, leaving only a few members of the species alive. Viktor forbade and erase any mention of Sonja or the Lycans' role as slaves, thus creating several generations of Vampires who know nothing of Sonja, and who believe that the Lycans started the war.

In the present days, the Coven has become increasingly decadent under Kraven's leadership, with Amelia ruling from the Eastern Coven and, in the last years of her reign, from the New World Coven. It is then that Lucian strikes, killing Amelia and the Vampire Council, with the plan to turn himself into a Hybrid, leaving Kraven to rule the Vampires. However, his plan is derailed when Selene, a vigilant Death Dealer, awakens Viktor and alerts him to Kraven's treachery.

In the ensuing battle, Kraven betrays Lucian, killing him in the process. Viktor personally intervenes, but after the truth about his killing of Selene's family is revealed, he is slain by Selene with the help of Michael Corvin, a descendant of Corvinus who had become a Hybrid created from the bites of both Lucian and Selene. With these events, followed by Marcus awakening as a hybrid, the destruction of the Vampire mansion, Ördögház, and the slaying of Kraven by Marcus's hands, the Old World Coven is destroyed. Later, Marcus himself is killed by a newly hybridized Selene whom had recevied her new abilities after drinking the blood from Alexander Corvinus.

About a year after the fall of Antigen, the Purges appear to have ceased completely. However, the Vampires face a new threat in the form of the Lycan Marius and his immense army. The Vampire-Lycan War has turned drastically in the favor of the Lycans under Marius's leadership and only the Eastern Coven and the Nordic Coven remain. Facing extinction, the Vampire Council reluctantly agrees to pardon Selene for killing Viktor if she will train their new Death Dealers. Due to a plot by Semira, Selene is framed for murder and is forced to flee to the Nordic Coven with David. At the Nordic Coven, David discovers his true lineage as the son of the Vampire Elder Amelia and thus her rightful heir. A battle ensues in which the Lycans learn that Selene does not know where Eve is and retreats.

As the Lycans prepare an assault on the Eastern Coven, David presents himself as Amelia's heir and the rightful leader of the Eastern Coven, foiling Semira's attempted coup at the same time. With the help of Vampire spy Alexia, the Lycans are able to breach the Eastern Coven's defenses and a great battle ensues in which the Vampires are at a great disadvantage. Finally, Selene arrives to help with the Nordic Coven, Selene's powers enhanced by the sacred ritual of the Nordic Coven. Selene is able to kill Marius with her enhanced powers and the surviving Lycans retreat. Semira is also apparently killed by David at the same time.

In rare cases, vampires are able to sexually reproduce with other Vampires, creating a pureborn Vampire who inherits the sum of both their parents' Vampire strains, presumably making them more "pure" and respected than others of their species. Vampires are also able to reproduce with Lycans, given that Sonja became pregnant by Lucian. Underworld: Awakening shows that Vampires can also breed with Hybrids, as Selene gave birth to her daughter Eve whose father is a Hybrid of both species (Lycan-Vampire). It is unknown if Vampires are able to reproduce with humans, although it is likely possible.

Certain Vampires also display the ability to obtain memories through blood ingestion, possibly through the virus affecting their brain and nerves and making their other tissues and fluids capable of obtaining bio-organic signals and information, which could explain their healing abilities. It can be assumed that all Vampires possess various degrees of these abilities, depending on their age, generation and experience. Their heightened senses manifest in acutely increased depth perception, sense of smell, hearing, and night vision which manifests as electric blue or yellow eyes. Selene, Erika and an unnamed female in Underworld: Awakening are shown to be able to cling to flat surfaces. Other abilities include the ability to turn humans into vampires through their bite, or possibly through blood transfusion. Their feeding allows them to maintain their physical abilities, especially their resistance to injury and pain, and their recovery abilities, though age strengthens these abilities further than feeding can. Some subjects of this do not survive, as the infection or damage caused can worsen due to the turning process.

A vampire is also able to change their appearance like Lycans can, but less drastically; their skin being more pale and white, their fanged canines and lateral incisors extending and being more pronounced from the mouth, and the vampire's irises being either bright electric blue or yellow. This transformation can be willed by the vampire or brought on by intense emotions such as anger, especially when the vampire is in danger or combat. It is possible that this transformation can enhance a Vampire's abilities in a similar way to a Lycan's transformation, as Selene and other vampires are shown "transforming" just before battling others with similar strength.

At the end of Underworld, Marcus is awakened by the blood of a Lycan, causing him to transform into a Vampire-Lycan Hybrid. Through the blood memories, Marcus then learns of Kraven's treachery, and he embarks on a killing spree, intent on finding and freeing his brother. During a flashback sequence, Marcus is shown to be a powerful Vampire, but displays no superhuman abilities different from those of Viktor or Amelia. Regardless, as the second-generation Immortal son of Alexander Corvinus, and first-generation Vampire, Marcus was likely the strongest Vampire in physical aspects with the exception of Selene, David and Lena (due to them being infected with Alexander's purest strain). He displays a mastery in the ability to assimilate blood memories from a variety of creatures (e.g. he easily mastered, or at least displayed proficiency in, 21st century technology after a two-hundred-year sleep and draining the blood from a guard). It is stated that Alexander Corvinus was the only one strong enough and experienced enough to actually kill Marcus. However, since Alexander refused to fight and hurt his own son, is unknown if he could have single-handedly defeated Marcus. 041b061a72


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