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Vasiliy Sobolev
Vasiliy Sobolev

Obsessed - Sped Up !FREE!

As the needle pricked his tender skin, the child immediately cried in pain. Upon hearing his cries, Norma thought he was hungry and could not wait to drink milk any longer. Hence, she quickly sped up the process of sanitizing the baby bottle and prepared the formula.

obsessed - sped up

Instead of having interesting visuals or sounds, perhaps an oddly satisfying video shows somebody competently cleaning something incredibly grimy or giving a particularly messy space a fabulous organized makeover. Sometimes it's satisfying to watch a job well done. It's hard to predict which clips will take off into the viral stratosphere, but when they do, you can bet that millions of people end up watching them, with many choosing to leave comments and share them elsewhere. One TikTok user, @jettsetfarmhouse, received the praise of "oddly satisfying" with a sped-up clip about cleaning a shower. Read on to find out more about the viral video.

In this video, @jettsetfarmhouse shows a sped-up version of herself cleaning a shower. She quickly organized a bevy of different products lying around the shower, and the clip had her voiceover. At the same time, she rapidly moved various bottles to shelves, leaving the surfaces ready for cleaning. One of the highlights of the video showed her opening the drain and removing a massive clog of hair, and then cleaning it using baking soda and vinegar that foamed up. 041b061a72


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