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Scary Teacher Stone Age - Join Nick and Tani in Their Prankster Games - Free APK Download

Scary Teacher Stone Age is a funny 3D simulator in which the player has to teach a lesson to a former teacher who bullied children at school. This time the whole action of the game takes place in the Stone Age! Miss T managed to find a time machine and traveled far into the past. Unfortunately, due to a malfunction in the system, the evil teacher, along with the girl, ended up in the Stone Age. The rest of the concept has not changed. Throughout the single player campaign, you have to visit Miss T and adjust various situations that will turn the life of the main antagonist into a nightmare. If you like this kind of gameplay, you can download Scary Horror Escape Room.

How would you feel to prank Miss T in the stone Age? Synopsis Ever wondered the early childhood of Miss T. Well she existed in stone age as well. In this metaverse addition of Scary Teacher Stone Age, we open the era of stone age. Lets figure out how ruthless Miss T was in stone age. Stone Age Era One day, Miss T was teaching her class of rowdy kids. The kids were not paying attention to her lesson. As Always she wanted to punish them and control them. Miss T opens her desk drawer and reveals her time machine device.Miss T used this device to travel in time and relive some good moments.She scared the kids to control the time and transfer them into her controlled bubbled life where she owns everything. Unfortunately, Due to malfunction miss T , Nick and Tani are teleported to stone age and are stuck there.Let's survive in stone age life. Prank Miss T with stones, wooden weapons and tease her in the caves. Foil all of her plans of teasing the kids stuck with her in the scary caves. Features : - Endless Entertainment- Play with famous Miss T- Escape the wrath of Miss T- Nick and Tani are on a mission to save other kids- Return back to current times after completing missions

scary teacher stone age download apk



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