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Shadow Of Colosos

The game features many other technological achievements. Some are visible such as self-shadowing, and some are behind the scenes, such as the complex memory management system that allows for the huge game world without loading time or memory fragmentation.

shadow of colosos

Talk to Zaros east of the oubliette's entrance until a cutscene plays, which you can skip. You will have a bit more dialogue with Zaros and another short cutscene will play where Zaros teleports a shadow anima container away, disturbing Raksha. Some dialogue with The Keeper will follow and the quest will be complete.

Following the Great Temple of Worship in the center of the region, Wander carries with him a body covered by a mantle which he lays upon an altar in the temple. Removing the cloak, it is revealed to be the body of a maiden named "Mono". After that moment, various dark creatures with the appearance of shadowy humanoids prepare to attack Wander, but he easily repels them waving the "Ancient Sword", which emits strong beams of light. After suppressing the shadow creatures, the voice of a disembodied entity known as "Dormin" echoes from above, expressing surprise that Wander possesses such a sword. Wander requests that Dormin return Mono's soul to her body, which he says is possible if the sixteen idols lined up in the hall of the temple are destroyed. He explains that this task can be accomplished by using the sword to kill the sixteen colossus located in the region that are the embodiment of the idols. Each colossus contains a portion of Dormin's own essence, although this is not revealed until the final moments of the game.

Then the spirit of Dormin seizes Wander's body, transforming it into a shadowy giant with big horns. They explain that their body was fragmented into sixteen sides - the colossus - to seal their power, and that they now had taken the body of Wander and reborn with each component of the essence of Dormin being stored in the body of the protagonist. While the warriors flee, Lord Emon throws the Ancient Sword used to kill the colossus into a small pool at the bottom of the temple hall, creating a whirlwind that consumes Dormin and, consequently, Wander. Emon and his warriors flee the Forbidden Land as the bridge leading to the temple collapses behind them. When they arrive at the entrance to the security area, Emon expresses hope that if Wander survived, he can redeem his actions. 041b061a72


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