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Doll House (2022) !FULL!

KidKraft's Chelsea Cottage is a perennial favorite. It's got a low price and all the features a dollhouse needs. It even comes with furniture! There are five rooms and three levels to accommodate 4-inch dolls. The Chelsea Cottage's bright colors and sturdy pieces are great for younger kids.

Doll House (2022)


If your little one is into adorable Calico Critters, this compact yet luxurious dollhouse is lovely. A chandelier, spiral staircase and terrace make the Elegant Town Manor feel special, and the set even includes its occupant, Stella Hopscotch Rabbit. Stella's furniture, including a bed set and dining room, comes with the house so your child can start playing right away.

Hape's quality wood Doll Family Mansion features a whopping 10 rooms, plus a garage and garden. It's spacious enough for multiple kids to play with the house together. One of the coolest features is the LED lights; the included magnetic lamps can move from room to room. You also get a doll family and furniture. Best for ages 3 and up.

This isn't your traditional dollhouse, it's a home for pirates! KidKraft's Pirate's Cove set includes a hideout with plenty of rooms, furniture and accessories for the whole pirate crew (also included). It has a jail cell, a treasure room, cannons and, most importantly, a dock for the pirate ship. That's a lot of bang for your doubloon.

Barbie's Dreamhouse celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, and the pink dollhouse is still going strong. The Dreamhouse's most recent iteration is perfect for celebrating. It has a dance floor, an outdoor grill area, a water slide and a swing chair. Bonus: There's a little water slide for Barbie pups. At nearly 4 feet tall, the Dreamhouse comes with over 75 pieces.

This compact, sturdy wood dollhouse's open design is great for little ones like preschoolers -- no roof means better access for play. The Little Friends Dollhouse Town Villa includes 10 pieces of furniture for its eight rooms, and accommodates 4-inch dolls (sold separately). Bonus: Assembly is simple and no tools are required.

If your kiddo isn't interested in a traditional dollhouse, Playmobil's Ghostbusters Firehouse is an awesome idea. Modeled after the classic movie's firehouse, this set contains all the fun and ghoulish details you'd hope for -- from the library ghost to proton packs to silicone slime splatters. Five figures are also included, but the Ecto-1 car and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are sold separately.

This simple wooden cottage from Melissa & Doug is a great intro to the world of dollhouse play, and the intro price is right, too. Kids can pack the included 11 pieces of sturdy furniture and two little dolls inside, and the bubblegum-pink house folds up for easy transport or storage.

Any kid who collects trendy LOL Surprise dolls will go gaga for the line's latest, massive dollhouse. The OMG House of Surprises is a 4-by-4-foot doll mansion that contains everything from working lights to a movie theater and water slide. Best of all, the house comes with 85 surprises to unbox.

If you're looking for a whimsical little abode, look no further than the Maileg Castle Dollhouse. A tasteful three-story tower, this is the perfect spot to house little stuffed Maileg mice (or other small dolls) for fairy-tale play. The only downside to the castle is that accessories aren't included.

If you're shopping for gifts for a toddler, Fisher-Price makes a great dollhouse for the very youngest kids. The Little People Friends Together Playhouse is made of sturdy plastic and boasts interactive lights and sounds. The set includes furniture, accessories and three Little People figures. And it all fits inside when you fold up the pool.

Elsa, Cinderella, Belle and the rest of the Disney princesses will feel right at home in the Ultimate Celebration Castle. The three-story castle-themed dollhouse stands 4 feet tall and contains furniture and accessories fit for royal dolls. Kids will love the "fireworks" light show and music (parents might not).

Tender Leaf Toys' Foxtail Villa is a pretty, midsize dollhouse that's great for younger kids. Small enough to transport, this dollhouse is about 28 inches tall. Made from renewable rubber tree wood, Foxtail Villa is chemical-free and is a great eco-friendly option. A colorful furniture set is included.

Target's Hearth & Hand line features a beautiful wooden treehouse that's a perfect hangout for dolls. (And it's also perfect for parents who don't want flashy plastic toys around.) This Hearth & Hand dollhouse is true to Chip and Joanna Gaines' lifestyle brand Magnolia. It has a tasteful black-and-white color scheme, plus a quaint pennant and tire swing.

By playing with a dollhouse, children learn valuable skills like sharing, cooperation, balance, coordination and language development. Play acting various scenarios helps them process emotions, navigate big feelings and explore the world. And of course, dollhouses encourage imagination and creative play.

Gabby's Dollhouse is an American live-action/animated/interactive preschool series created by Traci Paige Johnson and Jennifer Twomey for Netflix. In the series, which first aired on January 5, 2021, Gabby (voiced by Laila Lockhart Kraner)[1][2] and her cat friends go on adventures within her dollhouse.

Gabby got a dollhouse delivery, and it was a dress-up chest. She uses her dress up ability and teams up with Pandy to travel to the Wild West with Baby Box, soar into outer space with DJ Catnip and DJ Comet, and even go underwater with Pillow Cat as well! They are also problems to solve, so go to it, Gabby Cats!

Gabby's Dollhouse: Cat-tastic Dance Along was released on DVD and digital download on February 1, 2022 by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (through Studio Distribution Services LLC). It features 20 songs from the show with a group of kids dancing which is inspired by TikTok's sensation of dance challenges. The DVD and digital download also feature meditation sessions each one feature a Gabby Cat going into mindfulness mode. In United States. and released on DVD and digital download on TBA 2023 by Mediumrare Entertainment in United Kingdom and Ireland.

Seventy-five years later, the Museum celebrates the anniversary of this extraordinary gift with a reinstallation of the famous Stettheimer dollhouse. A new, dedicated gallery will provide greater access to this extraordinary object during this time of social distancing, as well as biographical information about the Stettheimer sisters and the members of their circle, including influential artists who made miniature artworks for the house. Visitors will be able to view the house, learn about its features, view enlarged images of the tiny details, and discover rarely seen additional miniature works by some of the leading lights of early 20th-century modernism, among them a miniature George Bellows.

Role play fun adventures await with this simply stunning toy dollhouse, fitting for any miniature lord or lady. Full of exquisite details, this grandiose home is fully painted in soft creams with pink and blue accents and sweet flower motif detailing.

A beautiful arched window feature sets off this truly magnificent house and the handsome front door is just waiting to be opened. The pretty windows and shutters feature both front and back, so little ones can let the natural light shine through.

Our beautiful range of dolls and furniture are sold separately - ignite little imaginations and choose from our extensive collection here. All made to perfectly complement each of our Daisylane Dollhouses.

The stroke had affected his memory and he could not recognize Yumi when she visited him. However, he kept his promise that he had made to little Yumi and finished the dollhouse he was to give to her before he was hospitalized due to an overdose.

Listen in as Kwandaa tells us about her lifelong passions for both medicine and interior design, and the equally arduous paths she took to realize them, from delivering babies to redecorating dollhouses to designing homes.

Stephanie Foo: The pandemic forced many of us to question our purpose, and the direction of our lives. But for Kwandaa, the answer to her fear, and questions about who she was and what she wanted to do, was sitting inside a tiny dollhouse.

Kwandaa Roberts: I just would ride around and look at the architecture and nobody ever had curtains up so you could see right into the house. And I'd look inside and, "That looks like that place has like warm cookies in it."

Kwandaa Roberts: And I just had a thought that I could buy the dollhouses for myself and I could entertain myself that way ... these dollhouses would be a way for me to do it, that would be cheaper. And then I could save my house from myself.

Lupean says her daughter Elsie is the inspiration behind the product. The idea was created two years ago on Christmas night. Lupean said a lightbulb went off in her head after watching her daughter play with her new dollhouse.

When the remaining three kidnap victims finally escape the mansion, Coby goes back inside to try to take Otis with her. But Van Wirt is waiting, while Eustace kills the other two women. Van Wirt reveals Coby won the contest by showing the most love for Otis, and he makes her into a real-life doll by covering her entire body in hot plastic. The next day, Coby and Otis are saved by two witches who say they felt Coby using her magic and knew she was in danger.

Even as is, though, the story of a housewife who seeks to build a life beyond her stifling marriage remains inspiring and empowering. Learn about the play's history of productions, celebrity stars, adaptations, and more below before catching A Doll's House on Broadway from February 13 to June 4.

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