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Mallika Movie in Hindi Dubbed - Watch Online or Download for Free in MP4 Format

Mallika Movie in Hindi Dubbed Free Download MP4

If you are a fan of horror movies and want to watch a thrilling and scary movie in your own language, then you might be interested in downloading Mallika movie in hindi dubbed for free in MP4 format. Mallika is a 2010 Indian horror movie that was produced and directed by Wilson Louis. The movie stars Sameer Dattani, Himanshu Malik, Suresh Menon, Sheena Nayar, and others. The movie revolves around a woman who experiences terrifying nightmares and visions of a ghost that looks like her. She decides to go to a resort with her friends and boyfriend, where she finds out the truth behind the ghost and the murders that happen there.

Mallika movie in hindi dubbed free download mp4

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Mallika movie, why you should watch it in hindi dubbed, and how to download it for free in MP4 format. We will also provide you with some tips and tricks to enhance your movie watching experience. So, let's get started!

What is Mallika Movie?

Mallika is a hindi horror movie that was released on 3 September 2010 under the Glorious Entertainment banner. The movie is an out-and-out horror thriller that has some elements of mystery and suspense. The movie was inspired by the Hollywood movie The Grudge. The movie has a runtime of 104 minutes and a budget of 5 crore.

Plot summary

The movie follows the story of Sanjana (Sheena Nayar), who suffers from nightmares and visions of a ghost that looks like her. She sees the ghost in various states of blood and gore, which makes her scared all the time. She also sees visions of a desolate mansion where she sees a swinging chair and a store room. In one vision, she sees herself in a forest while being at home and where she follows the woman in white whom she sees as herself. After she is standing just a feet away, the ghost kills her with a dagger and the vision ends.

Sanjana decides to take a break and goes to Fort Khejarta in Jodhpur with her friends and boyfriend Saahil (Sameer Dattani), who is a researcher. On the way, her car breaks down and she is assisted by Vikram (Himanshu Malik), who works at the resort where they are staying. At the resort, she meets Maddy (Arjun Mahajan), a photographer, Simmi (Sakshi Pradhan), a model, Chander (Rajesh Khera), the resort manager, and Maya (Pooja Ballutia), the caretaker. Maddy takes an interest in Sanjana and keeps taking pictures of her without her permission.

Sanjana's attempts to relax are interrupted by frequent power outages and continuation of the same nightmares. She starts to see an entity resembling her around the resort and watches helplessly as her friends get mysteriously killed one by one. She seeks the help of a Hindu priest (Suresh Menon), who tells her that the ghost is none other than Mallika (Jayesha Panwar), the owner of the mansion. Mallika was murdered by her husband Kaushik (Mamik Singh), who was cheating on her with another woman. Kaushik married Mallika for her property and left India after taking possession of it.

The priest finds out that Sanjana is not the medium of the ghost, but the reincarnation of Mallika. She was born on the same day and time as Mallika's death. The ghost wants to take revenge on Kaushik, who has returned to India after 20 years and is staying at the resort. The priest tells Sanjana that she has to face the ghost and confront her past life.

Sanjana follows the priest's advice and goes to the mansion, where she finds Kaushik tied up by the ghost. She also sees the store room, where Mallika's body was hidden by Kaushik. She realizes that she is Mallika and that Saahil is Kaushik's son, who was helping his father to get rid of her. She confronts Saahil and Kaushik and tells them that they will pay for their sins. She then stabs Saahil with the same dagger that killed her in her previous life. Kaushik begs for mercy, but Sanjana says that he deserves to die. She then sets the mansion on fire and walks out with a smile on her face.

The movie ends with Sanjana driving away from the resort, while the ghost of Mallika appears in the rearview mirror and smiles at her.

Cast and crew

The movie has a talented cast and crew who have worked hard to make it a successful horror movie. Here are some of the main cast and crew members of Mallika movie:



Wilson Louis

Producer, director, writer, editor

Sameer Dattani


Himanshu Malik


Suresh Menon


Sheena Nayar


Jayesha Panwar

Mallika (ghost)

Mamik Singh


Rajesh Khera


Pooja Ballutia


Arjun Mahajan


Sakshi Pradhan

Simmi b70169992d


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