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[S5E18] What Comes After The Blues

Sophia decides to enter her and Dorothy in the Sandy Pines Mother-Daughter Pageant so she can beat a rival, Dorothy agrees after Sophia sweet talks her. A man called David Patton comes to the door looking for George Devereaux of course Blanche reveals the truth which is that he's dead, David clearly shocked leaves the house with a clear lie, Blanche reveals she heard he was looking for George she thinks David is after her.

[S5E18] What Comes After the Blues


Michael breaks up with Pam's mom after suddenly realizing that...she's old? In the end, (kind of) with Michael's permission, Pam slaps the shit out of Michael and nothing good comes of it except the realization that Pam, in truth, is not to be messed with. She might be quiet but she's tough.

This is a sneaky important episode. Michael and Jan move toward a public romance after he accidentally mass emails a photo of her sunbathing in Jamaica. Michael comes home from that dalliance and insists on a luau party. Jan (somehow?) doesn't learn of the photo mishap and tells Michael she wants to see where this goes. "My psychiatrist thinks that I have some self-destructive tendencies and that for once, I should indulge them," she says, aptly.

But you know what? The guy did it. Michael willed that place into being a family. In a small way, Michael even sees that victory play out in this episode. He gets invited out to Poor Richard's with the gang after the office Christmas party. All the dude ever wanted was to be included like that.

But the best moment of this episode comes just after the cold open. Michael is in a meeting with corporate and Dwight after he almost killed Stanley while also nearly burning down the Scranton branch. Michael, trying to project authority, wants to make this all go away. He wanders up to the window in the conference room, looks at the New York skyline, takes a deep breath, lifts his leg and then sighs out, "Ahh, the city." It's so dumb and perfect and I wish I could live in that moment forever.

But, importantly, this is the episode where we learned what the hell happened after Season 2, left hanging on a daring kiss from Jim. And, well, Jim is gone and Ryan is at his desk. We flash back to the moment when Pam pulls back from Jim and he sadly asks, "Are you really gonna marry him?" and just punch me in the face so I'm not sad, OK?

But you know what? Jim got her that Dundie. Jim cared so deeply for Pam that he actively worked to spare her feelings, even though Michael's planned "longest engagement" Dundie would've likely gotten Roy into some shit. And through some good luck, Jim and Pam are together that night in that Chili's and, right after she says she felt God, Pam kisses Jim in celebration. All of a sudden. Like it was nothing at all. It makes you want to clap watching it. 041b061a72


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