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How To Save Money On Pet Care: DIY Grooming Tips And Tricks [VERIFIED]

Medications can be quite expensive in some cases, so it is important to shop around if you are trying to save money. Many vets sell medications directly, but they often charge more than some other sources do.

How to Save Money on Pet Care: DIY Grooming Tips and Tricks


So, do whatever it is you need to do to start squirreling away some nickels and dimes. Hopefully, some of the other tips mentioned in this article will help you create a little bit of slack in your budget, which will make it easier to save up some cash.

The most notable way small dogs help you save money comes in the form of food, but most of the things you buy for your pet will cost more if you need large or extra-large sizes. Big pet beds and crates, for example, are much more expensive than small ones.

Lieu introduced us to, My spaniels. I groom them every six weeks. The spaniel on the left has food allergy so we feed them Holistic Select Adult Health Duck Meal which is not cheap but they are happy and healthy. We take them with us when we go on vacation to save money on kenneling.

There are ways to save money in nearly every aspect of life and that maxim holds true with our pets. You do need to bring focus and diligence to how you parent your pet and what you buy for them, but it is entirely possible to spend less and still have a thriving pet.

Excellent post. With 13 cats, I thought i knew all the tips to frugality with pets, but I just learned more. I have had 2 cats need at home fluids and never thought to get them from a regular pharmacy. I do get their thyroid meds and a heart medicine from the Walmart pharmacy to save money, but never thought of fluids. Thank you.

Wag! compiled a list of 10 ways to save money on dog care using news and information from veterinarians and pet care experts. These small changes can still prioritize dogs' health and well-being while cutting unnecessary costs. Keep reading for tips that could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually on pet care.

Establishing a business entity is a crucial way to protect yourself from liability and save money on taxes. Consult with a lawyer to evaluate which option is best for your dog grooming business. Options include:

We hope you found our suggestions for simple ways to save money on pet care costs. Do you have more ideas to save money on pets? Comment on our socials or email

Learn how to perform basic pet grooming skills yourself, such as nail clipping, to save on grooming fees. If you're able to, bathe your dog yourself in your bathtub or outside in the yard. If you can't, consider visiting a DIY dog-washing business, where you can use their shampoos and professional-grade tubs for about $20 -- still cheaper than paying for professional grooming.

As long as you buy the same products for your pet on a semi-regular basis, signing up for a subscription service is an easy way to save money. Here are a few popular pet supply subscription services and their features:

Another option to assist with funding is to go into business with a partner. By splitting the start-up costs, you can save money. However, this also means splitting the profits, so consider what your long term goals are before committing to a business partnership.

You can save huge amounts of money by learning the skills to do the job yourself. The initial outlay for dog grooming supplies and tools can be costly, but your kit will pay for itself if you compare that to how much you'd spend at a groomer's salon.

If you currently pay for a dog walker to visit your pooch while you work, is it possible for you to come home at lunchtime to do this instead? If not, do you have any friends or family that live nearby that could walk your dog for you to save you some time and money?

Before you cancel your pet insurance, you should try discussing changing your cover level or excess payment with your provider to help manage costs. By changing the cover level of your policy, your pet can remain protected, even if only on the basic cover, but it could be better than none at all. This could save you money in the long run if they were to cause an accident, get hurt or fall ill.

While buying preventative treatment might seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, it can save you money over the course of your pet's lifetime as they can help you avoid expensive, unexpected vet bills associated with parasites.

Professional grooming can be pricey, especially if you own a breed that needs regular de-furring, trimming or washing. Getting your cat or dog used to nail trims and ear cleanings at home can pay off and help save you money in the long run. For advice on how to do this at home, the vets and vet nurses at Joii are always happy to help and calls are free to Animal Friends cat and dog customers.

Do you have any money saving tips or tricks when it comes to caring for your canine companion or feline friend? Share with other pet lovers on our Facebook or Twitter page to help others during these hard times. 041b061a72


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