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The Ultimate Guide to Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi Film Video Free Streaming

Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi: A Hilarious Hindi Comedy Film

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining Hindi comedy film to watch with your family or friends, you might want to check out Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi. This film is a 2015 comedy drama directed by Fauzia Arshi and produced by Santosh Bhartiya and Fauzia Arshi for Daily Multimedia Limited. The film features a star-studded cast of Kader Khan, Om Puri, Raajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, Razak Khan, Vijay Patkar, Amita Nangia, Chitrashi Rawat, Bunty Chopra, Subhash Yadav, Danish Bhat and Amit J. It also marked the last film appearance of Kader Khan before his death in 2018.

Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi film video free

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In this article, we will tell you what Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi is about, how to watch it online for free, and what are the reviews and ratings of this film. So, sit back and enjoy reading this article.

What is Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi about?

Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi is a comedy film that revolves around a father and his three sons who face various challenges and troubles in life. The father, Ishwar Singh Chauhan (Kader Khan), is on his death bed when he tells his sons - Harry, Inder and Veeru (HIV) - that he has left behind a 'haveli' (mansion) for them as his sole inheritance. However, when they reach the 'haveli', they find out that another family already lives there and refuses to leave. The family is led by Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph (Om Puri), who claims to be the rightful owner of the 'haveli'.

The sons then try to get back their property with the help of some quirky characters, such as Masala (Raajpal Yadav), a street-smart conman; Aashiq Ali Advocate (Sanjay Mishra), a lawyer who specializes in fraud cases; and Teeli Bhai (Razak Khan), a don who invests in their plan unknowingly. Along the way, they encounter different people from different walks of life, such as Mujjee (Amita Nangia), a female wrestler; Sara (Chitrashi Rawat), a journalist; Bawle (Vijay Patkar), a police inspector; Pauwwa (Subhash Yadav), a drunkard; and Gabbar (Heaven), a dog.

The film is full of hilarious situations, dialogues, and slapstick comedy that will make you laugh out loud. It also has some emotional moments that show the value of relationships and family.

The plot of the film

The film begins with Ishwar Singh Chauhan telling his sons that he has left behind a 'haveli' for them in his will. He also tells them that he has hidden some money in the 'haveli' for their future. He then passes away peacefully. The sons decide to go to the 'haveli' and claim their inheritance. However, when they reach there, they are shocked to see that another family lives there and claims to be the owners. The family consists of Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph, his wife Shanti Devi (Ritu Shivpuri), his b70169992d


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