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LINUS 236 (Milano Libri)

Grande appassionato del fumetto Dylan Dog,[24] a Eco è stato fatto tributo sul numero 136 attraverso il personaggio Humbert Coe, che ha affiancato l'indagatore dell'incubo in un'indagine sull'origine delle lingue del mondo. È stato inoltre amico del pittore e autore di fumetti Andrea Pazienza[25] che fu suo allievo al DAMS di Bologna, e ha scritto la prefazione a libri di Hugo Pratt, Charles Monroe Schulz, Jules Feiffer e Raymond Peynet. Scrisse la presentazione di "Cuore" a fumetti, di F. Bonzi e Alain Denis, pubblicata su "Linus" nel 1975.

LINUS 236 (Milano Libri)

One of the most striking architectural developments in the first half of the fourth century, after the peace of the Church is the group of imperial basilicas, forming large covered cemeteries, often circus-like in shape and associated with an imperial tomb.101 Cults promoted at those basilicas often achieved enduring leading status; such was the case with Agnes on the Via Nomentana, Lawrence on the Via Tiburtina, and, to a lesser degree, Marcellinus and Peter on the Via Labicana. In general, such martyrs came to eclipse figures like Sixtus II and Timothy, both of whom feature prominently on the gold glass and were clearly popular in the late fourth century but were not the primary saint of an imperial basilica. In some instances at least, we may ponder whether it was the cults that initiated the basilicas or whether imperial sponsorship through the basilicas effected a promotion of the cults. 041b061a72


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