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After falling down into the Stray Demon's chamber, quickly run around or away from the demon to avoid its attack, and heal the fall damage you just sustained. It is advised to stay behind the demon as much as possible or risk being hit by the demon's AOE magic, which has a large radius. You can block his melee swings without taking any damage. But his red wind attacks will cause damage even if blocked (unless your magic block is really high on your shield) and also often cause a knockdown that usually results in your death.

Search Results for: rogue demon


Demiurge would attend a meeting where he saw Cocytus request the aid of the Pleiades in their swimsuits to assist him in any future conflicts in the Great Lake area. This would lead Momonga to call for a performance test of the swimsuits against those made by Tsuibayaya. The demon taking an interest also was permitted to get involve believing research on the swimsuits would help expand the idol plan for Nazarick. While conducting test on the swimsuits with the Pleiades, he is pulled into the allusion by Albedo and Shalltear that Momonga's interest is a new front for the "Trial of Love" to decide a Queen for him. Reading too deeply once again in Momonga's words and actions the demon convinces his master to allow him to coordinate his will by creating a event called "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet" which would act not only as a performance test for eqipment but entertainment and a test for the idol plan.

In a general meeting on a report from the protagonist on the progress of the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute and its request for more specimens from the mountains, Demiurge agreed with Momonga's decision not to recall Lupusregina and CZ from the Empire, despite them being more familiar with the area, as their undercover work was more important. It was even more critical since Nazarick still had not determined who was responisble for the incident involving Shalltear's mind control status. Upon listening to a report from Solution of an illness spreading among the orphans of the city, specifically in areas where Demiurge's demons had attacked during his debut as Jaldabaoth, he shed some light on the origins of the illness of being the result of demonic subordinate's bad status effect ability. It obviously had a much more severe effect over the humans than intended and Demiurge promised to reprimand the one responsible. During the epidemic, Demiurge took an interest in one of the researchers of the institute, Nfirea Bareare, commenting that the boy's lack of regard to his health would be detrimental to Nazarick's long-term goals and hoped that the protagonist could guide the human back on track. After plans were made to secretly deliver medicine through gifts and toys to the children, the demon found it to be acceptable as it would avoid a conflict with the temple over their jurisdiction in healing the people. In addition it served to further the "Idol Plan" as the gifts were made in the "Dark Warrior's" image to instill loyalty in the young minds towards the Sorcerer Kingdom. Later at a Christmas party to celebrate the protagonist's and his allies success in curing the illness in E-Rantel, Demiurge was present with Aura when Momonga gave a toast.[109]

Demiurge used his expertise to simulate the experiment as it started originally before being halted. A test was set up to connect the 2nd Floor of Nazarick to the quarry under Nazarick's control. Instead the [Gate] connected to isolated island that Nazarick discovered in the first [Gate] experiments. While the results were unexpected the rediscovery of the island opened new horizons for the Sorcerer Kingdom. Demiurge wanted to use the island as a new foothold for the Sorcerer Kingdom noting it would be convenient to use as a port outside the influence of the Re-Estize Kingdom and Roble Holy Kingdom. However as they did not know the exact location of the island, there were concerns that other locals powers could be in the area. Still Albedo supported the idea to send an expedition to explore the island and pinpoint its exact coordinates. Due to the lack of people available with aquatic combat training, Demiurge suggested that another water competition could be organized to train Aura and Mare who would be sent to scout the island. Albedo though discouraged the idea, as it would complicate things and waste time. Instead Cocytus's idea to ask the lizardmen to train Aura and Mare in marine combat was pursued. After Demiurge learned from the protagonist that Zaryusu Shasha expressed interest in joining the expedition to the island, the demon believed that the lizardmen could be useful in setting up a bridgehead on the island.[118] 041b061a72


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