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Owen Williams
Owen Williams

Murder, She Wrote Image LINK

Almost two decades before the Norwegian slasher film Cold Prey saw a lunatic wreaking havoc at a ski lodge, Murder, She Wrote did it first. This fifth-season entry goes full slasher and even borrows visual cues from giallo with a black-gloved killer wielding a crossbow. Whereas most episodes are contained to a singular murder, this one wracks up an impressive body count with three kills in just over forty minutes.

Murder, She Wrote image

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You go, Nancy Drew! I never would have guessed the relationship between Murder She Wrote and The Best Little Whorehouse. Even though the TV show sets actually had little to do with Maine (who knew?!) I have always been taken in by the quintessential Maine waterfront town with cozy historic homes filled with character (and lots of murder, apparently). Great post! 041b061a72


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