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Where Can I Buy Petri Dishes Near Me

This sterile liquid nutrient 125 ml agar comes ready to use & with enough agar to cover about ten 100 mm petri dishes. Pour it into a petri dish, swab any surface, and watch bacteria grow in a safe, memorable, and hands-on way!

where can i buy petri dishes near me

Pre Poured Agar plates are used to germinate spores, isolate mycelium away from contamination and to expand mycelium. Agar is a very nutritious gel that has been sterilized and then poured into petri dishes. The agar petri dish is completely sterile to allow for mycelium to rapidly grow without contamination.

Did you know that every surface in your home is teeming with microorganisms? Culturing microbes from your home on petri dishes lets you grow some of them as colonies that you can see with your naked eye. You might already have what you need in your kitchen cupboard. If not, the ingredients are readily available at most grocery stores. I demonstrated this experiment on Kare11 and you can watch it here, following the yeast experiment.

These stackable petri dishes are pre-sterilized using gas sterilization, made of medical-grade polystyrene, and come ready to use. Vented lid allows for better gas exchange and high degree of transparency allows for optimal analysis. 041b061a72


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