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You won't believe how I stumbled across this revolutionary site for personal statements! So imagine this: I was chatting with a friend about our college admissions problems, and she offered to hire a writer for personal statement she was facing. I was intrigued, but at the same time a little skeptical about passing on something so personal to someone else. But I didn't have much time, so I decided to give it a try. I found the site and the process went smoothly - I told my story, aspirations and every little detail. A few days later I received the first draft and, man, they kind of read my mind! The writer captured my voice, adding a professional touch. We had several attempts to perfect it, and the end result? Pure perfection! I submitted my polished personal statement, and you know what? I got to the school of my dreams! It seemed to me that next to me was a personal guru of writing. If you ever need a writing hero, this site is the one for you!


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