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[S3E8] Our Voyage To The Stars

Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the Federation starship Voyager during its journey home to Earth, having been stranded tens of thousands of light-years away. In this episode, Voyager is thrown back to Earth in 1996 and must find a way back to the 24th century while making sure they don't cause a disaster in the 29th century in the process.

[S3E8] Our Voyage to the Stars

A small ship with a Federation signature emerges from a temporal rift in front of the starship Voyager. Its pilot identifies himself as Captain Braxton (Allan Royal) from the 29th century in the timeship Aeon. He has come to destroy Voyager, believing it to be the cause of a temporal explosion that will wipe out most of the Solar System in his time. Voyager fights off Braxton's attack, resulting in Braxton being sent back through the rift. Voyager and its crew are also pulled into the rift and find themselves on Earth in 1996.

In 2017, Den of Geek said that actress-comedian Sarah Silverman was the tenth best guest star on Star Trek: Voyager, for her role of Rain Robinson, 20th century astronomer who encounters the crew of Voyager.[17] Film Daily ranked Sarah Silverman as one of the greatest Star Trek guest stars.[18]

"How the Universe Works" is the ultimate cosmos operator's manual, a revealing look at the inner workings of outer space. Computer imagery allows viewers to explore black holes, supernovas, neutron stars, dark energy, and all of the other forces that produce what exists and what people see.

On Earth, in the High Sierras in the year 1967, a young hippie with a tattoo on his left wrist is camping in the mountains, listening to music on his portable radio. He begins to tap his canteen and pots with makeshift drumsticks along with the music, when his radio loses its frequency. Suddenly, in the sky, he spots a strange phenomenon: a starship seems to be crashing to Earth. It impacts on the surface very near to him. "Far out," he remarks.

Chakotay and Janeway offer to help him but he says they are part of the problem; Voyager will also be destroyed by the explosion, hence why he found part of the ship's hull in the 29th century. The LAPD arrive to talk to Braxton for posting his various "End is Near" posters around the city. "You stay away from me, you quasi-Cardassian totalitarian!", he yells at the officer. Braxton continues to say he came from the future, and tells LAPD officer Sims that Chakotay and Janeway followed him in a starship, also from the future. In no position to help, Janeway simply shrugs as the officer decides to take Braxton away, and he calls her a traitor. He runs away from them and the police chase after him. Shortly after this, Janeway and Chakotay decide they have to try to reach Starling themselves.

Outside the local pub, Martha is complaining to Jenny that it's not fair that they have to freeze outside just to have a beer. Her modern attitude amuses Jenny, who wonders where she gets such ideas. Martha then notices a green light shooting through the sky. John Smith arrives and greets them, explaining shooting stars to them. Martha doubts the explanation, in this case, being exceptionally careful to protect him. She runs off to investigate with Jenny following her.

They're the most useful and rare resource. Hogwarts Mystery rewards diligent students. Completing quests and gaining access to bonus stars will usually reward players with an opportunity to pick from a hoard of gems, coins, attribute points, or energy. Unfortunately, as much as the best students may deserve them, only one gift can be accepted per offering.

My guest today is Eric Branco, Cinematographer for The Forty-Year-Old Version, the 2020 Sundance winner that is now airing on Netflix. We discuss what it was like to collaborate with Radha Blank (who wrote, directed and stars in the film) and the practical challenges of capturing a vision in black and white.

An assistant director, a property master and a production assistant walk into a bar . . . this episode, my guests are from 2010's Piranha 3D (directed by Alexandre Aja and starring Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell, Adam Scott and a slew of guest stars). 041b061a72


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