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[S4E17] After The Fire

All that time though, Randall still harbors resentment towards Rebecca for hiding it. In the first Pearson family dinner that Randall takes Beth to though, Beth notices him continuously snubbing his mother. And she calls him out for it. Seriously, Beth is a godsend to this guy. And somehow, their relationship is fixed after that.

[S4E17] After the Fire

As the episode sneak peek continues, a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards hint at the life Randall thinks he could have had, starting with an image of all of the Pearson family members intertwined in a group hug at the sight of the house fire where Jack actually died.

Jack and a noticeably happier Randall appear in a number of could-have-happened scenarios, like, for instance, the speech Jack could have made at Randall and Beth's (Susan Kelechi Watson) engagement dinner, or the reaction Jack could have had if he were alive to see Kate (Chrissy Metz) become a mother. Maybe even Jack would have been there the moment teen Randall found his biological father had not tragically died in the fire.

With the NOC list (Non-Official Cover) in Brennen's possession, Michael is forced to partner once again with Larry to kill off everyone on the list for profit, under threat of blackmail that could bring Vaughn and the entire organization after Michael, his friends and his family.

A bomb built to distract is long on fuel and short on shrapnel. The larger the fireball, the more eyeballs it attracts. A bomb built to breach a wall on the other hand need not be particularly loud or visible. Charges shaped to direct force into structural supports can blow a hole in a wall without blowing out anyone's eardrum.

Jesse is seen stewing in Michael's loft after the murder of his old handler, Marv Peterson. Michael and Sam have to keep him from getting near Tyler Brennen, Marv's murderer. Jesse is told to lie to a team of CIFA (Counter Intelligence Field Activity) agents in order to allow the team some breathing room in a very tense situation.

It turns out Brennen has been keeping tabs on Michael's investigation with Vaughn, and his mission to retrieve the list of agents and major figures in Vaughn's operation. Brennen blackmailed Marv and took an audio recording of Michael's debriefing in which he offered the list to the government in exchange for help. Sensing a financial opportunity, Brennen wants to recruit Michael to kill each of the people on the NOC list, starting with a person whose identity can be found in the federal employee database, accessible at federal agencies and courthouses. Should Michael refuse, Brennen vows to send the recording to Vaughn, who is certain to come after Michael for his betrayal. As an added precaution, Brennen also hired Larry Sizemore to keep Michael in line and to assist with the prospective killing spree.

With Brennen dead, there is nothing from stopping Vaughn from listening to the recording and coming after Michael, his team and his family. Faced with the looming danger, Michael would have no choice but to partner with Larry, take the list and go after everyone in the organization. Larry tells Michael to call Sam and Fiona and tell them to leave town.

His father, Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia), died in the fire but he still thinks how he could have saved him. That's not all, his biological father William Hill's (Ron Cephas Jones) death after battling cancer also deeply affects him. A beautiful culmination of all fears and feelings, Episode 17 makes you realize how trapped one can feel in their own web of an emotional battle.

Everyone is fine. Jack's bruises are healed and the Pearson family thanks him for not going into the house. He thanks the firefighters for being there on time and saving Louis, the dog. Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is scared that they could have died and she spills the bean about Randall's real father, William.

She tells Jack she got scared because he was an addict. Jack goes along with Randall to meet his dad. When William meets Randall, he tells him all about his birth mother and gives him a book he wrote. Later, when Jack tells Randall he would not be comfortable with his son spending time with an addict, Randall responds, "Come on dad, you're an addict too."To address his son's accusations, both his fathers attend a therapy session. Soon, he stumbles upon a young Beth and later in life, gets married to her. She also helps him be nice to his mom and to "forgive" her. At Randall and Beth's wedding, both his dads raise a toast. Everyone lives happily ever after in this version, but that's not how life is. Real life is messy and convoluted and that's what the therapist addresses.

The therapist tells him that I need you to acknowledge that even if your father had lived, that every moment in your life after that could have gone a million different ways. She asks, "You're aware that you don't control the outcomes of every situation in your life?" and says, "In your fantasy, you were the one who stopped your father from going back into the house. Why are you so sure you could have stopped him?"

Toby is on the phone with staff on Air Force One, which is making its way back to Washington. Charlie and Toby are being released after posting bail from being charged in the bar fight. Sam arrives to take them home - with the news that Toby is taking over the campaign for the last week. Toby thinks the fight will be a non-story, buried under the other more high-profile news - until they walk out of the police station and are greeted by a horde of reporters.

In California, the First Lady is at a rally for Sam, as she is speaking, Amy, also on the dais, starts a small fire on the table - and gets recognized by the First Lady as a professional woman. After she finishes, the First Lady motions Amy to come with her and they talk about Josh - then the First Lady presses Amy into service to run interference on a woman the First Lady doesn't want to talk to. The First Lady appears to get an idea after the interaction.

Jack Bauer is sent to recover the nuclear football from the wreckage of Air Force One. Some civilians find it first and call the authorities. Marwan and his group chase after the civilians while Jack Bauer hurries to help them and secure the Football. President John Keeler survives the crash, but remains in critical condition. Meanwhile, Vice President Charles Logan is forced to invoke the 25th Amendment and assume the Presidency.

MOJAVE DESERT. A man named Jason Girard looks around with a flashlight. His wife, Kelly comes out of their tent and asks what is wrong. Jason says that something woke him up, like an explosion. Kelly tries to draw him back to the tent. But, Jason then sees a small fire. He takes her over. They find the wreckage of a plane. They both look around, looking for a sign of what plane it is. Jason then finds the wing, and yells for Kelly to look. She does. They see that it is the seal of the President of the United States.

Jason tells Jack about it, and Jack tells him to hold on. He tells Tony about the headlights, and he reports no rescue teams, park rangers, etc. in the area. Jack then ask Jason if the headlights are coming towards them, and after confirming, Jack curses to himself, telling Jason this situation has just gotten a lot more complicated. Jack tells him about the transponder embedded within the suitcase, which allows anyone to track it. He instructs Jason to remove the transponder and get as far away with the suitcase as possible.

The helicopter Jack is in lands, and he and another agent, guns drawn, approach the reserve station. As they reach the side of the building, Jason calls back and says where Jack is. Jack says just outside, but suddenly gunfire erupts, killing the other field agent and forcing Jack to duck for cover. He tells Jason to keep moving as he returns fire and calls CTU.

Jack tells him to open the case and, once he does so, informs him of three items: a phone, control board, and a book with colored pages known as the playbook, within the case. Jack instructs him to take out the playbook and give the control board to his wife Kelly. Since one is worthless without the other, he tells them to split up. Jason is reluctant to do so, and Jack knows how scared he is, but unless they do so, Marwan will find them and kill them. Jason tells him to hurry. As Jack attempts to get closer to the station, more gunfire from Abdul keeps him pinned down.

Abdul has his gun trained at where Jack is hiding. As Jack catches his breath, he notices a can near his feet. After getting it, he grabs his dead agent's gun and takes the clip out. He empties the clip of its bullets and puts them in the can, along with some twigs. He lights it on fire and places it right next to him. Jack then fires back at Abdul and positions himself to move closer to his position. After Abdul returns fire, the can of bullets erupts, sounding like gunfire and forcing Abdul to duck back and giving Jack cover fire to get under him. Once there, Jack distracts Abdul and shoots him once, killing him.

"The Road Trip to Harvard" - "Rory, stop it! We are not gonna have this fight in a flowery bedroom with dentists singing "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" in the background. It's too David Lynch!""Dead Uncles and Vegetables" - Lorelai embraces old school diner talk and annoys everyone by saying shit like, "Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck 'em!""Lorelai's Graduation Day" - Rory and Jess browse records in what I assume is the Village while The Pixies' "Monkey Gone to Heaven" plays."Take the Deviled Eggs..." - Luke accuses Jess of being a gigolo."That'll Do, Pig" - Richard receives Chuck Berry on vinyl, the "Complete History of the Peloponnesian War," a bow tie, and a cigar humidor for his 60th birthday."Lorelai Out of Water" -We sadly learn that Hug-A-World is infested with bugs."The Big One" - Paris flexes her musical theater knowledge before an unfortunate public meltdown."Say Goodnight, Gracie" - Dave reads the entire Bible cover-to-cover in one night; Mrs. Kim is marginally impressed."Those Are Strings, Pinocchio" - Rory gives a self-indulgent valedictorian speech and everyone, including Luke, cries."Ted Koppel's Big Night Out" - It takes a Limp Bizkit rendition of "Nookie" for Luke to realize that he needs to fire Brennon, his new waiter. 041b061a72


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