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This study examined the role of marijuana smoking in the pathogenesis of human lung cancer by measuring DNA damage in alveolar macrophages (AM). The alkaline unwinding method was used to determine DNA single-strand breaks in AM lavaged from non-smokers [NS] and smokers of marijuana [MS], tobacco [TS] or cocaine [CS], either alone or in combination. DNA damage was related to superoxide anion (O2-) production by AM stimulated with phorbol myristate acetate (PMA) and to nitric oxide content of smoke using cellular nitrite (NO2-) concentrations. The percentage of double-stranded DNA present after alkaline unwinding was higher in AM of NS (41 +/- 5% [11]) and CS (41 +/- 4% [9]) versus that of MS (31 +/- 4% [8]), TS (35 +/- 3% [11]), MTS (26 +/- 4% [3]), and CTS (27 +/- 5%* [10]), mean +/- SEM [n], * = p

smoking shemale

After quitting smoking, the levels of the poisonous gas carbon dioxide in the blood decrease to normal. Between 2 and 12 weeks, lungs start to work better and the risk of heart attack decreases. Coughing and shortness of breath may take 1 to 9 months to improve. After 1 year, heart disease risk falls by half. After 15 years, risks of heart disease and stroke will be normal. After 10 years, the risk of getting lung cancer is half that of a continuing smoker. 041b061a72


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