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Buy Campervan

Scroll our pages and find hundreds of lovely campervans for sale near you, some advertised by specialist dealers, others by private sellers. From brand new campervans to classic VW Buses, we have it all, at prices to suit every budget.

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Our website has been developed purely with the objective of selling motorhomes and campervans. Having great relationships with a huge number of UK motorhome and campsrvan dealers, we have your interests at heart, and aim to consistantly generate valuable enquiries.

Buying a new or used campervan can be a very expensive purchase. We work closely with Pegasus Finance to offer great campervn finance options for customers wishing to spread the cost of their camper over a period of time.

I am not known for my well-thought-out decisions. I tend to have flashes of inspiration which often disappear as quickly as they came. However, not this time! 2 weeks after deciding I wanted to buy a campervan, here I am sitting in Mabel the Motorhome and planning our first adventure together. If you are thinking of buying a campervan, let me explain my reasoning as to why I really wanted to get one, and some considerations before you take the plunge!

I have to say straight away that the photo above is not my campervan, but it is what I first imagined my camper would be like. A dream campervan, if you will, but once I thought about it my practical side took over and I chose a more sensible van!

The thought of me and the open road with a campervan and perhaps a dog for company sounded great. I would love to have a dog for company but travelling abroad with a canine buddy can get complicated, so I decided to wait.

But this year, everything changed. The travel industry has been turned upside down, and all bets are off. No one knows what the future holds, but with borders closing, quarantines in place and potential risks involved with flying in a plane or even taking a bus, travelling in a campervan alone definitely became more appealing!

However, with a campervan, I can choose when to leave and where to go. No longer do I need to worry about missing the train or getting on the wrong bus. No more concerns about getting from the airport to my accommodation at any time of day or night.

However, when I looked at a carbon tracker, I was surprised to find that driving the campervan all the way from John O Groats to Lands End (the northern and southern tips of the UK) and back again would emit the same amount of carbon as a return economy flight from my home airport of Birmingham to Barcelona.

I used to try and reduce the carbon footprint of my flights, so I will do the same with the campervan, by recycling, avoiding plastic use where possible and being a responsible camper. I will still offset my carbon use by planting trees with Trees for Life.

So, after buying Mabel, the journey home with me behind the wheel of my very own campervan was nerve-wracking to say the least! However, the route was actually very straightforward with most of the driving on the motorway so I at least managed to build up some confidence.

Of course, if you are travelling in a family or couple the cost would be less between you all, but for solo campervanners, I found hiring a campervan to be quite expensive for the length of trips I had in mind.

Buying a campervan is a large investment, so you will need to be able to afford the initial cost. Plus the extra equipment you might need, the tax, MOT, insurance and costs of running the campervan all add up.

However, for solo travellers in particular, renting a campervan can seem expensive if you are hoping to travel on a budget. Some rental campervans were going for less than 50 a night, for a more basic setup without toilet facilities, whereas more fancy campervan conversions were over 100 per night.

Larger motorhomes may also require a special driving test to make sure you can safely drive them. Any campervan or motorhome that weighs over 3.5 tonnes (including everything inside the vehicle and people) needs an extra category license.

To make buying a campervan worth the investment, you need to be sure that you will make use of your campervan. If you only plan on a couple of short trips then renting a campervan could be a better option for you.

For me in the UK, I am not too worried about the roads and what effect that might have on Mabel. However, when I was backpacking in South America, I met lots of people who were driving their campervans on more questionable roads! In that case, they needed much stronger and more powerful vehicles which would hand all kinds of terrain.

Some campervans, like my autosleeper are built tall enough to stand in, whereas others have an extendable roof which can be raised and lowered as needed. I wanted things to be as easy as possible without worrying about something else to break or go wrong, so I chose a tall van to stand up in.

This largely depends on your budget. New campervans can cost 40k and up, so that was out of the question for me. If you have the money to spend then buying a new campervan which is still under warranty can be useful, but new vehicles always depreciate quickly.

When buying a 2nd hand campervan, you really need to know what you are doing or get help from someone who does. I am very lucky that my cousin deals in campervans, so he knew what to look for and could make sure everything was working as it should, both inside and out.

The challenge right now is that demand for campervans is exceptionally high, as a lot of people are planning to take a staycation this year and explore more of their own countries. Once you do find a campervan you like, you will need to move quickly before someone else sneaks it out from under your nose! So get your research done in advance so you are ready to go ahead.

By buying instead of renting, we are expecting to save $40,000. This is easily worth the 3 weeks it took us to find, buy and insure our campervan. Despite the risks of owning our campervan, we have not regretted our decision!

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of both campervans and motorhomes. What advantages do campervans have over motorhomes and vice versa? We help you to decide which type of camping vehicle will suit you.

Touring, camping and day trips in a campervan or motorhome is a great way to enjoy holidays, weekends, and leisure time. Owning a camping vehicle has become more popular over the last few years and this has accelerated through the Covid-19 crisis.

Smaller campervans, known as micro-campers, use a car or small delivery van as a base vehicle and sleep two. These are easy to park and have lower fuel consumption but may not suit longer touring holidays.

Motorhomes, being larger than campervans, can often be a less finessed drive in built-up areas but comfortable on the open road. Campervans will often handle well in traffic, similar to driving a large SUV or estate car, and are often suitable as a daily drive vehicle.

Arguably campervans often have better visibility than motorhomes, as they often have a rear window which can be seen through the rear-view mirror. Some coach-built motorhome designs have a body which is wider than the cab, reducing visibility further.

The footprint of a regular short-wheelbase campervan is similar to a large car and will fit standard parking spaces, albeit sometimes a little snugly. Van conversions of medium and long-wheelbase panel vans are a different matter. You may find yourself parking in the outer reaches of supermarkets car parks across two spaces.

Remember there are three dimensions that matter with any campervan or motorhome. As well as length and width, the height is critical when parking. Many a leisure vehicle driver has fallen foul of an overhead height restriction barrier.

Oddly enough, insuring a motorhome or campervan is often cheaper than insuring a normal car. Like all insurance, it pays to shop around. Always pay close attention to the level of cover, exclusions, and excesses involved.

A campervan is a Class B vehicle that has been outfitted with sleeping and living space, often including a bed, storage areas, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Almost any van can be customized into being a campervan, but ones built with a VW, Mercedes Sprinter, or Ford Transit base are popular choices. 041b061a72


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