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Now You're All Alone

It would be very great to be married with a family for many of us that are still single today as i speak, which is certainly much better than being single and alone all the time by ourselves. The married people that were very very lucky to find love with one another and have children, are without a doubt the luckiest people in the world.

Now You're All Alone


John i have felted that way my whole life and i am 46 now and still feel that way. but now i feel that my life is over because my children are grown and i am alone not married and nothing that i thought i was going to have from life and that i dreamed of has ever happened other than my kids but at the same time i never gave a minute thought to that they would grow up one day and leave me too. all i ever wanted was to be happy at least some part of my life. i am sorry i really dont know how to say want i am trying to say other than i am empty and lost. afraid of what life ahead has waiting for me. i used to write down everyday my feelings and what i done that day in hope that one day it might help others cause i felted like there wasnt anyone else who had a mind like mine, but one day my therpist told me to burn it and it would help me now this was like ten years of writing but i did and guess what it didnt help to be honest it really made me sadder that i got rid of all of that cause i hoped that a scienist would read it and it might help some one some day because i am the type that loves to help other and forget about myself. sorry to take up your time to those who read this cause i know it sounds crazy.

No i feel the same way my kids grew up left me alone i dont know what happiness is anymore i just live get thru the day and wait next day what i face 56 years old alone and scared my kids want me be there for them where are they god bless hope this all will pass..

What A meant was that by occupying ourselves fully and devoting all our energies to our hobbies, we would think and feel less about being alone. This will distract us from focusing on our Negative Inner Critic. Instead we would be so engrossed that we would be in a state of flow that time will pass by so fast without us noticing it.

i have isolated myself for almost three yrs now. The only time i leave my small apartment is to go to dr appointments and too church. i get my granddaughters every other weekend one at a time for a sleepover. I have no friends and my children are grown and have their own lives they really dont spend any time with me anymore. The only time I show signs of life and happiness is when i am with my granddaughters. It was important to me for them to have God in their lives for the simple fact my daughter struggles with the exsistance of God and faith. Her and her boyfriend came along with me at church a few times. my church has a strict policy with our children their and you sign children in and out of sunday school through fingerprint. Since I am mainly the only one that takes them my fingerprints were the only one they had my daughter works alot and is hardly ever off on sundays. Well she attended with me and my oldest granddaughter recently and had a attitude cause she wasnt able to sign the girls into class so she had her prints done and took over what i took very proudly away rom me. Little by little everything is slipping away from me. Most of all the only thing that gave me happiness and peace. Im even told i am not even a good grandmother cause i spoil and show my granddaughters attention. I am considering moving several miles away alone away from everything and everyone that hurts me. Even if it hurts my oldest granddaughter that i raised for the first year and a half of her life. Cause obviously i am ruining her life as well. Talk bout being lonely and alone i have been for quit sometime. I cant stand to be away from my apaprtment for too long i dont feel safe and i feel out of place everywhere elses.

I feel alone everyday scared to talk to ppl cus idk how there going to act wishing i had a gf but to scared to find one because im affraid of getting hurt or used i wish there was a dark hole somewhere i could just go there and stay alone

this days i believe to be alone more safe , and more peace and less trouble and more focus .i wish if i can sait and read a book with peacei wish if i drink one cup of coffee in peace .i wish if i am in room listen to bob marley without some one tell me make it slowi dont know in my environment (may be i am not Lucky ) is jus another problem to know some one

i think i will feel less unhappy with myself if i write it down. since yesterday my roommate which i shared room with told her mom that she will rent her own room soon make my heart sink. just having companion by my side make me secured and when i think that i should spend weekend alone makes me unhappy. she is not my friend and i am not good with speaking myself out . i really wanna say i am happy being with you and thank you . i cant tell her to stay with me as she has her won work to do and one day we all have to learn staying by ourselves. i know its not big deal but still it makes me sad and pain in chest and already worrying about future. she is thinking out moving out after 4 months but here i am already in the sinking sand panicing.

According to 2016 research, people who live alone often spend more time with friends or in their community than married people do, and many people in unhappy marriages report feelings of loneliness, despite not living alone.

Overcoming loneliness takes time, but taking steps like reframing negative thoughts, acknowleding your feelings, and reaching out to others is a good place to start. Even small steps like spending more time in social settings, like going for a walk in the park or chatting with other people in the checkout line, can be a step toward feeling less alone and more connected.

It isn't unusual to be alone and feel that you have few or no close friends. One survey found that 22% of Millennial-aged adults report having no friends. However, there is a difference between being alone and feeling alone. Solitude can be a good thing when it's something you enjoy. Feeling lonely, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental well-being.

Look ahead, a couple of years down the line when you will be completely over this relationship and the person who broke your heart. You will be so proud of the achievement of allowing yourself time alone to be by yourself, without having anyone else filling up your space.

Do not for one minute feel you are alone while dealing with your breakup. You should feel confident about your ability to make yourself whole again and having the strength to move on to better things.

It is possible for you to get through this time and there are ways you can be kinder to yourself and ease into single life. Here are a few considerations to help you transition into living alone after a break up:

Living alone after a breakup means feelings of loneliness are completely natural and valid. With some self-reflection try and understand your feelings and again, allow yourself the time and space to process difficult emotions. Those feelings may come after the initial break up and can completely catch you off guard after a period of feeling okay. Practising meditation and mindfulness may also help.

Spending time alone after a breakup can be a great way to get to know yourself, giving you the much-needed space to establish your next steps while making you, your well-being and your future a priority.

You can look at this as a distinct advantage of being single and living alone. Think about what you gave up to be in your relationship. Now is your chance to lovingly gift these things back to yourself.

After a breakup, living alone is time for you to rediscover yourself. It will be good for you to slowly develop a mindful view of life so your mind can stay calm and at peace with the world and people around you.

Getting over a toxic relationship and getting ready to live alone for the 1st time in years! This is sooo helpful and what I needed to read. I actually am ready to be alone and truly be happy with MYSELF!

I have been divorced going on 5 months now ( after 7 years of marriage). Met a pretty nice guy afterwards and fell in love so quickly. Once things took a turn I have been heartbroken again. After reading this article I realize between long term relationships (at least 3) I never took time to be alone and heal. Not even this last time. I am encouraged to be alone, to heal, and know myself. Prayerfully after becoming completely healed I will have success the next go around.

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Scientific evidence suggests that suffering from a broken heart is even worse than physical pain. Those who have family and friends by their side are lucky, as they receive constant support to get over a breakup through love and affection. Dealing with the pain of loneliness after a breakup without any support system is very hard. You do feel lonely without friends. But we will tell you how to get over a breakup alone.

Being alone during a heartbreak with no family or friends can actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Being alone post-split could help you recover from the heartbreak completely. It might feel bitter and unbearably painful in the beginning, but as you progress day by day, you will experience a turnaround, leaving you feeling better than you did the day before.

Moving on after staying with a person for years in a committed relationship is a tough situation to be in. Adjusting to living alone after a breakup is not easy. We understand how agonizing the pain of heartbreak can be, especially once you have invested a lot of time and energy in the relationship. You were dreaming of a future with the person, maybe children and a home, perhaps the two of you even spoke about the kind of car you would buy or how many kids you would have. Then, to be alone with those memories can be very distressing. 041b061a72


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