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Ad Astra Mod Realistic Planets PATCHED

Attack Vector: Tactical (AV:T) is a space combat wargame published by Ad Astra Games. The game is consciously designed to model comparatively realistic space combat and eschew common conventions of space warfare. Attack Vector: Tactical is set in the "Ten Worlds," a region of space expanded ten parsecs from Sol.

Ad Astra Mod Realistic planets

Normal space travel is realistic, meaning travel between planets is a matter of months or even years, not hours. FTL is only possible from a single point in any given star system (within a quarter AU of its sun), making it as much a destination to be reached as it is a means of reaching a destination. Different sets of routes each require a specific variation of the device, limiting the effective range of any given interstellar craft. Each use of the device must be planned well in advance of a pre-decided time, meaning one cannot use it to quickly escape from combat. All these factors combine to eliminate its effect on gameplay, making it similar to the Alderson Drive of Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Universe.

Well, I know what system overhaul I'll be using once you're done! Ad Astra was my favorite with JNSQ, but I've been using a stock system lately as an excuse to run the new parallax. Those shots of Kerbin look incredible and I can't wait to see what you come up with for the rest of the planets!

@G'th Great Mod! I know this is still a work in progress, but can you tell me the dependencies needed for ad astra (i.e. mods more than just eve and scatterer)? Will it support parallax? Thanks in advance and looking forward to the release.

JNSQ has the optional patches for 10x as well. Although honestly I would prefer and highly recommend a native 6.4x rescale mod to this. 6.4x is what I have personally used for years but of course using Sigma Dimensions. I'm kinda disappointed that 6.4x rescale has seemed to fallen out of favor over the years. 6.4x also enables the use of BDB since its built in Bluesmurff patch maxes out at 6.4x. Your excellent work on the stock planets in combination with the BDB parts pack would probably have me in tears of pure blissful joy...

Attack Vector: Tactical is the award-winning game of 3D spaceship combat. Command heavily armed and realistically modeled warships hurling kinetic weapons in a bullet-speed ballet of maneuver denial. Feel the crack of of high energy lasers drilling through your armor as you try to get position and timing right for a counter-strike without flying suicidally through a cloud of depleted uranium penetrators.

Best described as a combat flight simulator with spaceships, Attack Vector: Tactical sets the bar for realistic and playable space combat in a boardgame. Each decision you make will have serious consequences down the line, but the award-winning play aids handle all the scary math so you can blow things up.

Best described as the most realistic jet combat simulator you can get without a security clearance, Birds of Prey sets the bar for realistic and playable jet combat on the tabletop. Every decision cascades, and it's the only air combat game that can actually show subtle differences between different blocks and nationalities of commonly used aircraft.

Geologica adds realistic and interesting geology to Minecraft, with the goal of enhancing the mining experience. It defines new types of rocks and minerals and relies on the Custom Ore Generator mod to place them in the world in a way that is totally configurable. Vanilla stone is completely replaced by the new types of rocks. Mineral deposits, including metal ores and industrial minerals, spawn in psuedo-realistic veins and clouds, accoding to the type of rock and, often, the biome. Since Geologica is implemented on top of CustomOreGen, it is possible to override every aspect of its generation using the standard COG mechanisms (see its documentation).Features

The key statements so far have been based on known facts, on calculations that can be checked and on technology whose costs can be estimated realistically. The discussion, however, would be sterile without some speculations that must, of course, be consistent with the known facts.

A responsible proposal to begin the construction of the first colony must be based on a demonstration, in some detail, of one workable plan with realistic cost estimates. I emphasize two points about any such plan: The details presented should be thought of simply as an existence proof of feasibility; and many variations are possible. The optimum design and course of action can only be decided on after study and consultation among experts in a number of fields.

If we are so prodigal as to run through the entire material of the asteroid belt in the next 500 years, we can even gain another 500 years by using up the moons of the outer planets. Long before then, I hope we will have slowed the growth of the human population. And I feel sure that long before then a modified version of a space community will have travelled to a nearby star.

Their gamble leads them to become closer to one another, their relationship growing stronger with each passing day. While their trust in each other grows however, their trust in others making their home in the palace fluctuate as hidden intentions become clear in the battle for the throne. As danger grows, the two of them are put to the ultimate test while Adastra's fate hangs in the balance.

Marco is the main player character of Adastra. He's intended to be a blank slate/self insert character for players to place themselves in the story, though he does offer a few of his own characteristics. While his name can be anything, inputting no name at the beginning of the game defaults to Marco.

Amicus is the love interest of Adastra. He is the prince and next in line to become emperor of Adastra, though his plans are thrown for a loop when his brother Cassius challenges him to the throne in the aftermath of their father's death. He comes off as a bit arrogant and overconfident at times, but in getting to know him he's shown to be a caring individual with insecurities of his own.

Neferu is the one of the main characters of Adastra and, like Marco, a foreign visitor to the palace. Unlike the rest of the cast, Neferu is a jackal that comes from the planet of Khemia. He is very blunt in conversation, yet ambiguous in his intention. Neferu claims to be on Adastra in hopes of forming an alliance between Khemia and Adastra, though Amicus questions this as his actions say different.

Virginia is the sister of Amicus and Cassius. She's seen to be the most straightforward and intelligent of her siblings, though due to Adastra's outdated laws favoring male leadership, she is not eligible for the throne. Despite this, she does everything she can to make the empire a success- even if doing so means taking harsh actions.

Cassius is the younger sibling of Amicus and Virginia who has recently challenged Amicus for the throne. Unlike his siblings, Cassius inherited their mother's pure white fur as well as a disease that makes his bones very brittle and easy to damage. Cassius is a short-tempered and rather aggressive wolf intent on winning the throne and shutting Adastra off from the rest of the Galaxias.

Alexios is a cat from the planet of Omorfa who was accidentally abandoned on Adastra when his people left the moon. While waiting for a return ship, Alexios became the pet of Cassius via a special agreement between the two and helps him strengthen his public image and status. He's seen to be a kind and helpful person, though as the story goes on some of his actions continually seem to be off.

Cato is the current acting emperor of Adastra, taking over temporarily after the unexpected death of the reigning emperor and the father of the royal siblings. Cato is seen to be very straight edged and no nonsense, he frequently attempts to get on Amicus' case when he isn't focused. He was a former general for the Adastran military during their war against Khemia and a close personal friend of the former emperor.

The Ad Astra mod pack for Minecraft is a thrilling and immersive mod pack that brings the excitement of space exploration to the game. With this mod pack installed, players can expect to see a wide variety of new and exciting features that are designed to make their space adventures as realistic and enjoyable as possible.

One of the cliches of space enthusiasm is author Robert Heinlein's "Once you're in orbit, you're halfway to anywhere." It's a vivid expression of the physics of launching a spacecraft and escaping earth's gravity well. The velocity change required to attain low earth orbit, just 200 miles up, is more than twice that needed to go on from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to the Moon. It's comparable to that needed for reasonable travel times from LEO to other planets, thousands of times farther away.

Get over it. In any realistic comparison, the best of them cost outrageously more to take cargo or people to orbit than even primitive ships, trains, automobiles, or airplanes cost to reach the destinations we wanted from them.

Now, with the exploration of the solar system by the US space agency NASA and others well under way, and with the discovery of hundreds of exoplanets orbiting distant stars, it may be time to contemplate the next great jump outwards.

This page details the steps in launching a spacecraft with a payload sufficient to establish a permanent orbital presence from a moon or planetary body (hereafter referred to as "planets" or "the surface") into space. It assumes that the player in question has an established and well-supplied base with access to every ore except for platinum and uranium (although silver is not strictly speaking required - just a very good idea). While some math is involved, it should not be challenging to anyone with a basic grasp of algebra, scratch paper, and a calculator; a spreadsheet editor can make the process much faster, but is not required.

Of course, on planets, the force of gravity imparts objects with a constant acceleration toward the surface until the object crashes. This gravitational force, also referred to as "weight", can be calculated by the following equation: 041b061a72


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