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Owen Williams

Slasher Party

A joke of a slasher that gets too goofy for its own good after a while, but the way it knowingly portrays the cast as the vain, shitty people they are goes a long way to making it palatable. It starts out fun enough, getting to the humor fast enough and keeping it going, but once you realize all the movie consists of is assholes doing drugs and sniping at each other, with an occasional murder, it gets numbing after a while.

Slasher Party

An official selection of the 36th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF), Bloody Disgusting has the trailer and first stills from Party Hard, Die Young, a new Austrian slasher film from director Dominik Hartl (Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies).

Review: I was getting a little bit bored with watching reruns yesterday evening and convinced my wife to watch a slasher movie with me instead. I picked this film mostly because the bad guy looked kind of cool. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be worth our time.

There are very few "good" slasher movies out there, especially those made after the 1980s and, for the most part, I've found it's best to just grade the genre on a curve. Even with doing that, this movie was failure.

Also not helping this movie were the unlikable characters. None of the movie's victims had anything even remotely redeemable about them. Call me old fashioned, but I think the killer in a slasher flick should be the bad guy, he (or she) shouldn't be performing a community service, even if the movie is trying to be more funny than scary.

Slasher Party (2019) gives a refreshing twice to slasher flicks when Instagram influencers are invited to a party at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The party stops being fun after they all become targets of a vengeful masked killer. The babes in this movie are extra juicy. We'd love to party with Simona Shyne and Sole Bovelli who tease a man by making out in front of him. They then retreat to a bedroom for some heavier lesbian action! The only skin we really see, however, comes from Kinsey Wolanski who flashes her impressive rack that causes a guy to high-five her for having such jumbo yum yums. These girls know how to party!

The unofficial fan club of RHPS celebrates Halloween with a double feature film and party (including a costume contest). Tonight you can see 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' for the 746th time, accompanied by Tobe Hooper's 1974 slasher classic 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. 041b061a72


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