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[S1E12] Home ##TOP##

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[S1E12] Home

Frank sprained an ankle and ended up spending some quality time at home with Henry. Did Frank have a "put upon" tone as Henry accused. I think so, just a bit and of course Henry would be the most sensitive to it. But it must be frustrating and lonely for Henry being in that house all day long, especially once you've spent years running the police department for one of the largest cities in the world.

Danny and Linda were at one another's throats, even over Sunday dinner. They both had good points to make. In order to pay for Jack's tutor, Danny needed to work crazy amounts of overtime and that must be exhausting. Unfortunately that left Linda feeling even more alone trying to manage the kids and their home, plus her own job.

We then jump into Frank's dream with Maria. She's waking him up and it's like he's reliving a morning back from war. "This is the hardest part," Maria says. "You're back, but you're not really here. More and more of you stays there. Where's home, Frank? Is it here or is it there? I wanna hear you say it." Frank says it's here, but Maria isn't convinced. "I don't know that." They talk about going to the park later and then Frank tells her that he's not going back and that he wants to stay home. They kiss and then we drift back to reality as Russo's hacker is erasing Micro's files while Rawlins beats on Frank in the other room. "You're nothing but a grunt," Rawlins says. "You do not get to take me down. You are gonna beg to me." Russo steps in, telling Rawlins that's enough and that he'll be the one to put Frank down. Rawlins ain't havin' it. "No, he's taken things from me. For that he does not die easy." Rawlins doesn't care about his promise to Castle.

Frank then starts toggling between reality and his dreams. Maria appears to him. "It's time, Frank," she says. "You have to choose." Frank is bloody and beaten. "Don't make me do that," he says. She reaches out. "Come home, Frank." Rawlins then walks up with an adrenaline shot (is he stupid?) and Frank is suddenly very alert and awake. Rawlins approaches with a blade. "It was always gonna come down to you and me, Frank. Time for quid pro quo." Back in the dream state, Maria persists for him to "come home". She reaches out her hand and Frank takes it. She smiles, but Frank hesitates. Rawlins moves in to cut Frank's eye. "You're a dead man," he says, "your heart just doesn't know it yet." Frank breaks the straps and in his dream his hand breaks free of Maria. "I am home," he says, finally revealing the truth about who he is. The Punisher.

Rawlins reels back to stab Frank's eye. Frank blocks and knocks him back, standing up, now free. Rawlins stabs him in the side, but Frank is undeterred. He choke slams Rawlins and gets on top of him, stabbing him repeatedly and violently before punching the shit out of him. Then, to finish it all off, he reaches up and gouges Rawlins eyes out. Punishment indeed, Mr. Castle. Well done. This has to be the most violent death of any Marvel Netflix show. It's as if Scorsese stepped in to direct this part. Russo, meanwhile, simply watches, his face contorted in a sick kind of angry pleasure at watching Frank dispatch Rawlins. "God damn, Frankie. I love to watch you work." Frank lays on the floor, barely eking out words. "Bill, I wish I could see your face when you realize that you're done. You lost everything, everything you give a shit about is gone." Russo is confused. Then he hears the doors burst open. "Homeland security!" Russo tries to take Frank out, but gets hit in the arm, before retreating. Micro and Madani storm in with the agents. Micro yells at Frank to stay with him. Frank is wide-eyed, in massive pain and in his dream he sees that Maria is now gone. He's now truly home.

Last week, in Episode 11, Cassian learns that Maarva has died. He becomes determined to return to his adopted home planet to honor her memory, which launches Episode 12, the season finale. Without going into any more detail, Maarva's presence continues to serve as a galvanizing force for Cassian and, indeed, the entire series.

Show notes:-I am SO excited to share our new home with you today in our first episode of the year. As many of you know, we have been house shopping in the Nashville area on and off for the past year. I talked more about our initial house shopping in Episode 2.

Elsie: Oh, my God. I feel so relieved, like going from the house shopping mode to the planning a renovation and a design mode is the greatest feeling in the universe. And I feel like I just got engaged. Like I can finally quit dating and, you know, just focus on one relationship with this one home and it feels magical. Yeah.

Loved this episode and post! Excited for you and your family Elsie ? We closed on our 1970s home in December of 2016 so I remember how wild it felt so be closing and knowing it was our last Christmas in our apartment! Do you have plans for your home office? I work from home too and am always curious to see how other creatives work!

When they found a house on a hill with stunning views and a short commute to work, Brian and Lily knew it was their forever home. It had plenty of room to grow into, which was ideal since they planned to start a family. But the unusual and choppy main floor layout was getting in the way.

After a long montage (accompanied by the House Hunting Song), visiting the False House, a Bird House, a Bee Hive, a Cloud House, a Giant Shell and the Ice Kingdom with Ice King attacking them, Finn says he wants to go home. Jake then sings a song to him about how home is where your heart is. Finn then realizes he would rather be with Jake, however Jake said that he rather be dancing with some babes. Suddenly, Finn and Jake find and settle in a cave (Vampire Cave) they find, fix it up, and throw a party. Marceline comes and interrupts the party and shows Finn and Jake yet another 'M' carved into boulder, and that she previously owned it too, like the treehouse and thanks them for fixing up the place. Finn objects saying that she can't take their home twice to which she responds with a bass guitar cord while singsonging "yes, I can"; Finn is almost about to attack Marceline, but Jake reminds him that home is where the heart is. Finn then says Marceline can have the cave since Jake is his real home and is better than all of her homes combined to which Marceline agrees and then prepares to take Jake too, but Finn smacks him out of her hands which enrages her.

The episode starts where we were left off. Callie is in juvie where she is prepared to meet her new probation officer. She tells him that she can't go back to the Fosters and wants to let her brother get adopted. Back at home, the Fosters are having dinner. To avoid awkward silence, Stef announces that she will be going back to work.

Mariana sits at a table to eat when Chase, a senior, approaches her. He suggests her to join the school play. Mariana is immediately smitten. Brandon and Talya are reading the script for the school play. Before Brandon says another line, he tells Talya that they have to break up. Brandon tells her that he does care about her, but he doesn't love her. She asks him if it's because of Callie and Talya says that she just wants to hear him admit it so she knows that she was right. Brandon says that this break up is because of Callie. She tells him that Callie will just hurt him and walks away. Mariana goes to the school's backstage auditorium where she meets Zac. Mariana volunteers to do costume design along with Kelsey. Kelsey follows Mariana who ignores her. Mariana tells her that she lied. Kelsey defends her actions as she said that she didn't tell that Mariana was her drug dealer because she's her friend. Brandon runs home who asks about his moms.

Brandon walks in the kitchen bombarding Stef and Lena with questions about Callie. They tell him that she will be staying at a group home until the current situation is resolved. Brandon becomes angry and tells them that he and Callie are in love and keeping them apart won't change that. Callie is introduced to Girls United where she meets Rita and Daphne, the girl that beat her up in juvie in Pilot before she was released. The girls have a meeting where they introduce themselves whenever a new girl joins the group home. We meet Kiarah, Callie's roommate, who has been in juvie for drugs, involvement in gangs, and throwing bricks at a building. We meet Becca, 16, who was in juvie for drugs as she was drug addict and for assaulting a police officer. We also meet Carmine, 17, who was in juvie also for drugs, involvement in gangs and kidnapping. We meet Cole, 15, who hates Girls United and is in this place for theft and prostitution. We meet Daphne, 17, who was in juvie for drugs, involvement in gangs, armed robbery and assault. We meet Gabi, 15, who is in Girls United for home invasion, robbery and cyber bullying. Callie then shares her story and says that she doesn't belong at a group home. 041b061a72


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