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#1 Pinocchio (1940) 100% #1 Adjusted Score: 106018% Critics Consensus: Ambitious, adventurous, and sometimes frightening, Pinocchio arguably represents the pinnacle of Disney's collected works -- it's beautifully crafted and emotionally resonant. Synopsis: When the woodworker Geppetto (Christian Rub) sees a falling star, he wishes that the puppet he just finished, Pinocchio (Dickie... [More] Starring: Don Brodie, Walter Catlett, Frankie Darro, Cliff Edwards Directed By: Ben Sharpsteen, Hamilton Luske #2 Zootopia (2016) 98% #2 Adjusted Score: 114809% Critics Consensus: The brilliantly well-rounded Zootopia offers a thoughtful, inclusive message that's as rich and timely as its sumptuously state-of-the-art animation -- all while remaining fast and funny enough to keep younger viewers entertained. Synopsis: From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live... [More] Starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Shakira, Idris Elba Directed By: Byron Howard, Rich Moore #3 One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) 98% #3 Adjusted Score: 99209% Critics Consensus: With plenty of pooches and a memorable villain (Cruella De Vil), this is one of Disney's most enduring, entertaining animated films. Synopsis: In a Disney animation classic, Dalmatian Pongo is tired of his bachelor-dog life. He spies lovely Perdita and maneuvers his... [More] Starring: Rod Taylor, Betty Lou Gerson, Cate Bauer, Lisa Daniels Directed By: Wolfgang Reitherman, Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi #4 Dumbo (1941) 98% #4 Adjusted Score: 102176% Critics Consensus: Dumbo packs plenty of story into its brief runtime, along with all the warm animation and wonderful music you'd expect from a Disney classic. Synopsis: A young circus elephant is born with comically large ears and given the cruel nickname Dumbo. One day at a... [More] Starring: Herman Bing, Billy Bletcher, Edward Brophy, Jim Carmichael Directed By: Ben Sharpsteen #5 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) 97% #5 Adjusted Score: 100821% Critics Consensus: With its involving story and characters, vibrant art, and memorable songs, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs set the animation standard for decades to come. Synopsis: The Grimm fairy tale gets a Technicolor treatment in Disney's first animated feature. Jealous of Snow White's beauty, the wicked... [More] Starring: Adriana Caselotti, Harry Stockwell, Lucille La Verne, Moroni Olsen Directed By: David Hand #6 Moana (2016) 95% #6 Adjusted Score: 111086% Critics Consensus: With a title character as three-dimensional as its lush animation and a story that adds fresh depth to Disney's time-tested formula, Moana is truly a family-friendly adventure for the ages. Synopsis: An adventurous teenager sails out on a daring mission to save her people. During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty... [More] Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Auli'i Cravalho, Rachel House, Temuera Morrison Directed By: John Musker, Ron Clements #7 Aladdin (1992) 95% #7 Adjusted Score: 100717% Critics Consensus: A highly entertaining entry in Disney's renaissance era," Aladdin is beautifully drawn, with near-classic songs and a cast of scene-stealing characters. Synopsis: When street rat Aladdin frees a genie from a lamp, he finds his wishes granted. However, he soon finds that... [More] Starring: Scott Weinger, Robin Williams, Linda Larkin, Jonathan Freeman Directed By: Ron Clements, John Musker #8 Fantasia (1940) 95% #8 Adjusted Score: 100681% Critics Consensus: A landmark in animation (and a huge influence on the medium of music video), Disney's Fantasia is a relentlessly inventive blend of the classics with phantasmagorical images. Synopsis: Released in 1940, represented Disney's boldest experiment to date. Bringing to life his vision of blending animated imagery with classical... [More] Starring: Deems Taylor, Leopold Stokowski, Walt Disney, Julietta Novis Directed By: James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Ford Beebe, Norman Ferguson #9 Beauty and the Beast (1991) 93% #9 Adjusted Score: 101300% Critics Consensus: Enchanting, sweepingly romantic, and featuring plenty of wonderful musical numbers, Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney's most elegant animated offerings. Synopsis: An arrogant young prince (Robby Benson) and his castle's servants fall under the spell of a wicked enchantress, who turns... [More] Starring: Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson, Richard White, Jerry Orbach Directed By: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise #10 Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) 94% #10 Adjusted Score: 107883% Critics Consensus: Another gorgeously animated, skillfully voiced entry in the Disney canon, Raya and the Last Dragon continues the studio's increased representation while reaffirming that its classic formula is just as reliable as ever. Synopsis: Long ago, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, humans and dragons lived together in harmony. But when sinister monsters known... [More] Starring: Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Izaac Wang, Gemma Chan Directed By: Don Hall, Carlos López Estrada #11 The Lion King (1994) 93% #11 Adjusted Score: 101393% Critics Consensus: Emotionally stirring, richly drawn, and beautifully animated, The Lion King is a pride within Disney's pantheon of classic family films. Synopsis: This Disney animated feature follows the adventures of the young lion Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), the heir of his father,... [More] Starring: Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Madge Sinclair Directed By: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff #12 The Little Mermaid (1989) 92% #12 Adjusted Score: 97186% Critics Consensus: The Little Mermaid ushered in a new golden era for Disney animation with warm and charming hand-drawn characters and catchy musical sequences. Synopsis: In Disney's beguiling animated romp, rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Ariel (Jodi Benson) is fascinated with life on land. On one of... [More] Starring: Jodi Benson, Pat Carroll, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Rene Auberjonois Directed By: Ron Clements, John Musker #13 Lady and the Tramp (1955) 93% #13 Adjusted Score: 97383% Critics Consensus: A nostalgic charmer, Lady and the Tramp's token sweetness is mighty but the songs and richly colored animation are technically superb and make for a memorable experience. Synopsis: This Disney animated classic follows a pampered cocker spaniel named Lady (Barbara Luddy) whose comfortable life slips away once her... [More] Starring: Peggy Lee, Barbara Luddy, Larry Roberts, Bill Thompson Directed By: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske #14 Encanto (2021) 91% #14 Adjusted Score: 100496% Critics Consensus: Encanto's setting and cultural perspective are new for Disney, but the end result is the same -- enchanting, beautifully animated fun for the whole family. Synopsis: The Madrigals are an extraordinary family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a charmed place called the... [More] Starring: Stephanie Beatriz, María Cecilia Botero, Diane Guerrero, Angie Cepeda Directed By: Jared Bush, Byron Howard #15 Bambi (1942) 91% #15 Adjusted Score: 97185% Critics Consensus: Elegantly animated and deeply touching, Bambi is an enduring, endearing, and moving Disney classic. Synopsis: In a classic Disney animation, a fawn named Bambi joins his new friends, a young rabbit named Thumper and a... [More] Starring: Hardie Albright, Stan Alexander, Peter Behn, Tim Davis Directed By: David Hand #16 Frozen (2013) 90% #16 Adjusted Score: 99504% Critics Consensus: Beautifully animated, smartly written, and stocked with singalong songs, Frozen adds another worthy entry to the Disney canon. Synopsis: When their kingdom becomes trapped in perpetual winter, fearless Anna (Kristen Bell) joins forces with mountaineer Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and... [More] Starring: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad Directed By: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee #17 Big Hero 6 (2014) 90% #17 Adjusted Score: 98864% Critics Consensus: Agreeably entertaining and brilliantly animated, Big Hero 6 is briskly-paced, action-packed, and often touching. Synopsis: Robotics prodigy Hiro (Ryan Potter) lives in the city of San Fransokyo. Next to his older brother, Tadashi, Hiro's closest... [More] Starring: Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, T.J. Miller, Jamie Chung Directed By: Don Hall, Chris Williams #18 Winnie the Pooh (2011) 90% #18 Adjusted Score: 94297% Critics Consensus: Short, nostalgic, and gently whimsical, Winnie the Pooh offers young audiences -- and their parents -- a sweetly traditional family treat. Synopsis: Three stories inspired by A.A. Milne add up to a very busy day for Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings) and... [More] Starring: Jim Cummings, Bud Luckey, Craig Ferguson, Jack Boulter Directed By: Stephen J. Anderson, Don Hall #19 Bolt (2008) 90% #19 Adjusted Score: 96878% Critics Consensus: Bolt is a pleasant animated comedy that overcomes the story's familiarity with strong visuals and likable characters. Synopsis: The days of canine superstar Bolt (John Travolta) are filled with danger and intrigue ... until the cameras stop rolling.... [More] Starring: John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Susie Essman, Mark Walton Directed By: Chris Williams, Byron Howard #20 Tangled (2010) 89% #20 Adjusted Score: 97219% Critics Consensus: While far from Disney's greatest film, Tangled is a visually stunning, thoroughly entertaining addition to the studio's classic animated canon. Synopsis: When the kingdom's most-wanted bandit, Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi), hides in a convenient tower, he immediately becomes a captive of... [More] Starring: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy, Ron Perlman Directed By: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard #21 Tarzan (1999) 89% #21 Adjusted Score: 92948% Critics Consensus: Disney's Tarzan takes the well-known story to a new level with spirited animation, a brisk pace, and some thrilling action set-pieces.. Synopsis: In this Disney animated tale, the orphaned Tarzan (Tony Goldwyn) grows up in the remote African wilderness, raised by the... [More] Starring: Tony Goldwyn, Glenn Close, Minnie Driver, Rosie O'Donnell Directed By: Chris Buck, Kevin Lima #22 Sleeping Beauty (1959) 89% #22 Adjusted Score: 93080% Critics Consensus: This Disney dreamscape contains moments of grandeur, with its lush colors, magical air, one of the most menacing villains in the Disney canon. Synopsis: Filled with jealousy, the evil witch Maleficent (Eleanor Audley) curses Princess Aurora (Mary Costa) to die on her 16th birthday.... [More] Starring: Mary Costa, Bill Shirley, Eleanor Audley, Verna Felton Directed By: Clyde Geronimi #23 Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) 88% #23 Adjusted Score: 101432% Critics Consensus: Ralph Breaks the Internet levels up on its predecessor with a funny, heartwarming sequel that expands its colorful universe while focusing on core characters and relationships. Synopsis: Video game bad guy Ralph and fellow misfit Vanellope von Schweetz must risk it all by traveling to the World... [More] Starring: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Taraji P. Henson Directed By: Phil Johnston, Rich Moore #24 The Jungle Book (1967) 88% #24 Adjusted Score: 90989% Critics Consensus: With expressive animation, fun characters, and catchy songs, The Jungle Book endures as a crowd-pleasing Disney classic. Synopsis: In this classic Walt Disney animation based on Rudyard Kipling's book, Mowgli, an abandoned child raised by wolves, has his... [More] Starring: Phil Harris, Sebastian Cabot, Louis Prima, George Sanders Directed By: Wolfgang Reitherman #25 Wreck-It Ralph (2012) 87% #25 Adjusted Score: 94351% Critics Consensus: Equally entertaining for both kids and parents old enough to catch the references, Wreck-It Ralph is a clever, colorful adventure built on familiar themes and joyful nostalgia. Synopsis: Arcade-game character Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly) is tired of always being the "bad guy" and losing to his "good... [More] Starring: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch Directed By: Rich Moore #26 Lilo & Stitch (2002) 87% #26 Adjusted Score: 91503% Critics Consensus: Edgier than traditional Disney fare, Lilo and Stitch explores issues of family while providing a fun and charming story. Synopsis: A tale of a young girl's close encounter with the galaxy's most wanted extraterrestrial. Lilo is a lonely Hawaiian girl... [More] Starring: Daveigh Chase, Christopher Sanders, Tia Carrere, David Ogden Stiers Directed By: Dean DeBlois, Christopher Sanders #27 The Emperor's New Groove (2000) 86% #27 Adjusted Score: 90404% Critics Consensus: The Emperor's New Groove isn't the most ambitious animated film, but its brisk pace, fresh characters, and big laughs make for a great time for the whole family. Synopsis: Arrogant young Emperor Kuzco is transformed into a llama by his power-hungry advisor -- the devious diva Yzma. Stranded in... [More] Starring: David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha Kitt, Patrick Warburton Directed By: Mark Dindal #28 Mulan (1998) 86% #28 Adjusted Score: 89726% Critics Consensus: Exploring themes of family duty and honor, Mulan breaks new ground as a Disney film, while still bringing vibrant animation and sprightly characters to the screen. Synopsis: Fearful that her ailing father will be drafted into the Chinese military, Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) takes his spot -- though,... [More] Starring: Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, BD Wong, Miguel Ferrer Directed By: Barry Cook, Tony Bancroft #29 The Princess and the Frog (2009) 85% #29 Adjusted Score: 92461% Critics Consensus: The warmth of traditional Disney animation makes this occasionally lightweight fairy-tale update a lively and captivating confection for the holidays. Synopsis: Hardworking and ambitious, Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) dreams of one day opening the finest restaurant in New Orleans. Her dream... [More] Starring: Anika Noni Rose, Bruno Campos, Keith David, Michael-Leon Wooley Directed By: Ron Clements, John Musker #30 Hercules (1997) 82% #30 Adjusted Score: 84644% Critics Consensus: Fast-paced and packed with dozens of pop culture references, Hercules might not measure up with the true classics of the Disney pantheon, but it's still plenty of fun. Synopsis: Disney tackles Greek mythology in this animated feature. Hercules (Tate Donovan), a son of gods, was snatched as a baby... [More] Starring: Tate Donovan, Josh Keaton, Roger Bart, Danny DeVito Directed By: Ron Clements, John Musker #31 Fantasia 2000 (1999) 81% #31 Adjusted Score: 83969% Critics Consensus: It provides an entertaining experience for adults and children alike. Synopsis: "Fantasia/2000" continues and builds upon Walt Disney's original idea with the creation of a new musical program interpreted by a... [More] Starring: Steve Martin, Itzhak Perlman, Quincy Jones, Bette Midler Directed By: James Algar, Gaëtan Brizzi, Paul Brizzi, Hendel Butoy #32 Pooh's Heffalump Movie (2005) 80% #32 Adjusted Score: 82695% Critics Consensus: A charming and delightful walk through the Hundred Acres Woods for young viewers. Synopsis: Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings), Piglet (John Fiedler), Tigger and Roo (Nikita Hopkins) search for a mysterious and fearsome creature.... [More] Starring: Jim Cummings, John Fiedler, Nikita Hopkins, Kath Soucie Directed By: Frank Nissen #33 Frozen II (2019) 77% #33 Adjusted Score: 96065% Critics Consensus: Frozen II can't quite recapture the showstopping feel of its predecessor, but it remains a dazzling adventure into the unknown. Synopsis: Elsa the Snow Queen has an extraordinary gift -- the power to create ice and snow. But no matter how... [More] Starring: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff Directed By: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee #34 Disney's Teacher's Pet (2004) 76% #34 Adjusted Score: 77963% Critics Consensus: Despite its short running time, Teacher's Pet is a witty and irreverent family film. Synopsis: In this animated musical, Spot (Nathan Lane) is a snarky blue-furred dog whose greatest desire is to be transformed into... [More] Starring: Nathan Lane, Kelsey Grammer, Shaun Fleming, Debra Jo Rupp Directed By: Timothy Björklund #35 Piglet's Big Movie (2003) 70% #35 Adjusted Score: 71896% Critics Consensus: Wholesome and charming entertainment for young children. Synopsis: In this animated feature, Piglet (John Fiedler) is the smallest of all his friends, which doesn't account for his big... [More] Starring: John Fiedler, Jim Cummings, Andre Stojka, Kath Soucie Directed By: Francis Glebas #36 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) 100% #36 Adjusted Score: 75445% Critics Consensus: Perhaps the most faithful of Disney's literary adaptations, this cute, charming collection of episodes captures the spirit of A.A. Milne's classic stories. Synopsis: Sebastian Cabot narrates the adventures of bumbling bear Winnie the Pooh as he battles a nest of vicious bees over... [More] Starring: Sebastian Cabot, John Fiedler, Sterling Holloway, Clint Howard Directed By: John Lounsbery, Wolfgang Reithermann #37 Cinderella (1950) 97% #37 Adjusted Score: 100617% Critics Consensus: The rich colors, sweet songs, adorable mice and endearing (if suffering) heroine make Cinderella a nostalgically lovely charmer. Synopsis: With a wicked stepmother (Eleanor Audley) and two jealous stepsisters (Rhoda Williams, Lucille Bliss) who keep her enslaved and in... [More] Starring: Ilene Woods, Eleanor Audley, Verna Felton, Claire Du Brey Directed By: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske #38 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949) 94% #38 Adjusted Score: 95646% Critics Consensus: This Disney two-fer may not be the most reverent literary adaptation, but it's remarkably crafted and emotionally resonant. Synopsis: Two animated adaptations of classic literature make up this Disney film. In "The Wind in the Willows," wealthy Mr. Toad... [More] Starring: Eric Blore, J. Pat O'Malley, John McLeish, Colin Campbell Directed By: Jack Kinney, Clyde Geronimi, James Algar #39 DuckTales, the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990) 89% #39 Adjusted Score: 61946% Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Synopsis: Scrooge McDuck finds a magic lamp with Huey, Dewey and Louie and their girlfriend, Webby.... [More] Starring: June Foray, Joan Gerber, Richard Libertini, Christopher Lloyd Directed By: Gaëtan Brizzi, Paul Brizzi, Bob Hathcock, Clive Pallant #40 Alice in Wonderland (1951) 84% #40 Adjusted Score: 88263% Critics Consensus: A good introduction to Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland boasts some of the Disney canon's most surreal and twisted images. Synopsis: Lewis Carroll's beloved fantasy tale is brought to life in this Disney animated classic. When Alice (Kathryn Beaumont), a restless... [More] Starring: Kathryn Beaumont, Ed Wynn, Richard Haydn, Sterling Holloway Directed By: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske #41 The Rescuers (1977) 79% #41 Adjusted Score: 81121% Critics Consensus: Featuring superlative animation, off-kilter characters, and affectionate voice work by Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor, The Rescuers represents a bright spot in Disney's post-golden age. Synopsis: Bernard (Bob Newhart) and Miss Bianca (Eva Gabor), two New York City mice, are members of the Rescue Aid Society,... [More] Starring: Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor, Geraldine Page, Joe Flynn Directed By: John Lounsbery, Wolfgang Reitherman, Art Stevens #42 The Great Mouse Detective (1986) 76% #42 Adjusted Score: 77418% Critics Consensus: The Great Mouse Detective may not rank with Disney's classics, but it's an amiable, enter


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