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The Time We Were Not In LoveEps16 ((FREE))

The bank invites Su-yeong to meet Sang-su about the missing documents for the inspection. Su-yeong freezes, knowing she will meet Sang-su after all this time. Sang-su walks into her cafe, and time almost stands still as they look at each other intently. Sang-su runs through with her the inspection procedure, and it is slightly awkward.

The Time We Were Not In LoveEps16

As the finale ends, Sang-su and Su-yeong look at each other with love in their eyes before continuing to walk. This time, there is no goodbye to end the night. They have everything they need.

The coldness borderline ceuelty of Su Yeong was borderline psychopath, in my view. And the reason was not explained, nor resolved.The blind persistence of Sang Su in the face of such rejection and cruelty makes you think how could he expect happiness with some one so broken.The series alow tempo and her fold eyes made me cring many times. She is very beautiful and out of reapect for Yoo Jon Seok who is a talented actor, was the only reason that I suffered rhis horrible drama till the end.

I was so frustrated. As I read these comments , I agree with the feelings of most of those responding. Each episode came on and I thought , this week one of the main characters would profess some sort of a sentence of love. Always left hanging and I wanted to scream-say something! But I kept forging on and waiting. After the final episode, I immediately came to see what the ending was supposed to be to understand it but just now found these responses. I feel comforted to know others were as disappointed as I. The actors were good and not the problem. Not all stories have a happy ending but I would have appreciated one here.

Ending sucked. Writers were all over the place. The only reason I even stayed till the end is because of Yoo Yeon-seok. If I wanted to see an ambiguous end I wouldnt watch K-drama. Real life sucks enough as it this. Now I see why everyone was scoring this drama so low.

The comment makes her take notice, and they wonder whether, while going through this life, they were already in love with each other or whether they were blinded by the interest. They reach the top of the hill by this point, and she asks him whether he has forgotten something today. He simply replies that he has forgotten absolutely nothing, and they start to walk back again.

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