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You know those late nights, when you have to stay after hours at the office to finish a critical project? Long after everyone else has gone home to their families, but there is no end in sight for yourself? I had been living like that for a couple of weeks, and I was ready to blow it all off and head to the nearest bar for a beer or three. But instead, I got up from my desk and headed down the hall to the break room, hoping that that a cold cola would get me back on track.

As I approached the break room, I heard music coming from one of the offices at the far end of the hall. An open door allowed light to leak into an otherwise dark hallway, and beckoned me closer. I realized quickly that the light and music came from Deanna's office, and the realization perked me up.

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Liam Tabram had only been left school a month and he was delighted to have obtained employment in a medium-sized office. He was not long past his eighteenth birthday when he arrived for his first-ever day as an employee.

He was greeted by the office manager, John Stewart, who had a brief chat with him in his office and put him at ease before introducing him to the eight other employees, five female and three male, in the main office. The first seven welcomed him before John introduced him to the eighth, Ruth Edrich, who was the oldest of the five females at age forty-eight."This is Ruth, she knows everything that there is to know about what we do here and she will be looking after you for your first week or so," said John."Pleased to meet you, Liam," said Ruth with a very attractive smile."Pleased to meet you too, Ruth," said Liam, feeling a bit self-conscious about calling this attractive mature woman by her first name."You will be sitting here with me but first up, would you like a tea or coffee?" asked Ruth."Coffee please if it is not too much trouble," said a still nervous Liam."Ha, she will have you making her coffee by the end of the day," teased Mary Dickens, an employee some ten years younger than Ruth."Take no notice of her Liam, she is jealous because I am not making her one," laughed Ruth.The morning went well with Liam relaxing a bit as Ruth showed him various aspects of the job although she was careful not to fill his head with too much too quickly.

Ruth got back with about ten minutes to spare from her shopping and one of the other women, Christine Haversham, said of Liam, "He is rather dishy, isn't he?""I suppose but I hadn't really noticed," replied Ruth who, like the other four women in the office, was married."Well, I wouldn't kick him out of bed," said Christine although being quite happily married, it was just a figure of speech.When Liam came back a few minutes later, Ruth looked at him differently in view of Christine's words and she concluded that Mrs Haversham was correct. Christine saw how Ruth looked at Liam and grinned and Ruth smiled back, and slowly shook her head as if disapproving of Christine's thoughts.The afternoon also went well and Mary proved to be right when Liam made Ruth a coffee in mid-afternoon. Generally, everyone made their own drinks but occasionally someone would make the drinks for all that wanted them.

Liam went home that night pleased with his first day of work and also pleased at how welcoming everyone had been, especially Ruth.Over the next three days, Liam gained confidence and he seemed to be picking up the nature of the work quite quickly The office was generally a happy one and he was settling in well. He and Ruth often laughed together, although obviously, the main purpose of their close proximity was for him to learn the job. They were so close together that occasionally their knees touched although they both promptly withdrew. Liam was finding himself very attracted to this mature woman and he found her perfume intoxicating. He had a sort of on-off girlfriend, aged seventeen, but she would not open her legs for him although she had tossed him off once. He was not a virgin, however, having fucked another seventeen-year-old girl a few times.Although she liked him and agreed with Christine's assessment of his looks, Ruth was not feeling the same attraction although her marriage to her husband Dave was very rocky at the moment. In fact, Dave was shagging a woman from his work, something that Ruth suspected but was not sure about.That Thursday night, Liam wanked whilst thinking about the woman thirty years his senior and he longed to get to know her better.

Friday was the birthday of another woman in the office, Sheila Cotts, and it was agreed that all the staff would go for a quick drink in the local pub after work. Liam sat next to Ruth in the pub because it seemed the natural thing to do and he was finding it more intimate than being next to her in the office and his penis was hard in his trousers. He actually had a quite large cock and he was concerned about people seeing the obvious lump in his clothing.Ruth had noticed the lump and she swallowed hard and tried to dismiss it from her mind but, like sometimes in the office, their legs were touching and this time neither of them moved away. Four of the original ten had left the pub after one drink so now only Sheila, Ruth, Christine, Mary and John remained, along with Liam. Ruth went to the bar to get some more drinks and, surprisingly for the first time, Liam's eyes went to her full and rounded arse which was in a tight grey skirt. He had not really looked at her arse in the office because she was usually sitting on it. The sight caused a twitch of his penis.

Liam Tabram and Ruth Edrich lay naked on their own beds trying to take in what had just happened and wonder what the future held. One thing that it almost certainly held was the two of them being naked together on one bed.Neither of them slept well and both really only had thoughts for the other but Ruth was starting to feel concerned about the situation at work. There had been an office romance once before but, in a small office, it upset the 'tightness' of the office and eventually both of the participants left although their romance blossomed.

If it became an affair or even if it was just a one-night-stand, the thirty-year age difference between the two would likely put a strain on the balance of the office. Ruth was now thinking that despite what had been said over the previous two days, she was now going to have to say that it could not happen despite the hurt that that would cause both Liam and herself.It did not help Ruth's thought process when mid-morning Sunday she received a text from Liam, 'Couldn't sleep, keep thinking of you.'

"Nothing, just did not have a very good day yesterday," said Liam as he looked at Ruth with sad eyes.Christine assumed that that look meant that Liam's bad Sunday had been something to do with Ruth, but she had no idea what.With both Ruth and Liam unhappy but with Christine the only one that as yet knew that Ruth's husband had left, the office was largely silent apart from normal office things like phones and keyboards.Liam was at the sink washing his coffee cup when Ruth approached him, "We must talk, do you fancy a walk in the park at lunchtime?" she asked. 041b061a72


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