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Owen Williams

First Love Sottotitoli Italiano S01E04

Any episode that features Princess Margaret, the Queen's wayward sister, is one to be remembered. While being interviewed on the radio, Margaret shares that music is her first love, and the song "Stardust" has special meaning.

First Love sottotitoli Italiano S01E04

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Thank goodness for a flash forward. Showrunners give us a pallet cleanse by introducing Boris Yeltsin, who we know served as the first president of the Russian Federation. The Prime Minister reports to the Queen that Yeltsin may not be sober most of the time, but he is straightforward and likable. It appears the Russian people love him for not wavering in uncertainty.

Elizabeth hosts Yeltsin at the palace, and one of Yeltsin's first requests is for the Queen to return the favor and visit him in Russia. Naturally, Elizabeth feels this is a hard pass since the beloved cousins of her very own grandfather were famously murdered. Plus, Yeltsin gave the orders to demolish that house (Ipatiev House), which seems like it would be a good thing. Still, Elizabeth receives it as disrespectful to her family's memory. The Romanovs deserve a decent burial.

Renzo is wondering if meeting up with Inspector Berardi at the restaurant was a coincidence or not, since it wasn't the first time. But they end up exchanging lines of a famous song by Massimo Ranieri, Perdere l'amore (losing love). The next day, the focus is on Livietta and her dance class. 041b061a72


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