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Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Three: Fire

Zuko tries to teach Aang how to firebend, but he has lost his own ability to bend as he is no longer reliant on rage, the previous source of his firebending. Toph suggests they learn from the original source of firebending, revealed to be the dragons, who first imparted their knowledge to a now-extinct civilization called the Sun Warriors. Zuko tells Aang that Iroh claimed to have killed the last dragon, so Aang and Zuko travel to Sun Warriors' ruins and discover the tribe still exists. The tribe chief agrees to teach them the ways of the Sun, having the pair each carry a sacred flame up the mountain to meet the masters Ran and Shaw, a pair of surviving dragons. The dragons deem them worthy and engulf them in a column of rainbow fire; Aang and Zuko realize that fire can bring energy and life, not just destruction. The tribe tells the duo that Iroh was also deemed worthy by the dragons, and claimed to have killed the last one to protect Ram and Shaw. Both Aang and Zuko begin to firebend again, stronger than ever before.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Three: Fire

Book Three: Fire (火) is the title of the third and final season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, and the sequel to Book Two: Earth. The title refers to the Avatar Cycle: water, earth, fire, and air, and the book primarily focuses on the story of Aang learning firebending in order to become a fully realized Avatar. It consisted of twenty-one chapters.

  • The Avatar and the Fire Lord Roku noticing the girl he has a crush on and Sozin encourages his friend to go talk to her. Just as Roku takes a few steps forward and barely gets a word out, she's already too far away. He falls on the ground in exasperation and Sozin gleefully pulls up some grass to drop it over his friends face. Roku: (knowingly) Love is hard when you're young. Later during their birthday party, Roku spots the girl again who blushes and looks away with a smile when she sees him. Roku blushes back, and is so taken he almost trips over the steps had Sozin not caught him.

  • The others watch over Aang whose body begins to move like he's using the bathroom.Katara: Do they have bathrooms in the spirit world? Sokka: As a matter of fact, they do not.note Made even funnier if you remember that Sokka was kidnapped by Heibai into the spirit world (book 1 ep. 7), and the first thing he said was he needed to seriously use the bathroom.

  • Sozin takes Roku away from the party to have a private and serious chat with him. Roku tries to get his friend to be cheery. Roku: It's my wedding! Relax, dance, have a cookie!

  • Toph wonders whether friendships really can last more than one life. Sokka just can't help but try to kill the moment.Sokka: Well, technically speaking, there's no evidence th- Katara: (annoyed) Oh, Sokka, just hold hands! (He does. Katara smiles.)

  • Sozin's Comet Part 3: Into The Inferno While Azula's Sanity Slippage was mainly horrifying, there was this line:Azula: All right, hair, it's time to face your doom!

  • When Sokka dumps an entire Fire Nation airship's crew into the ocean after luring them to the bomb bay under the guise of holding a birthday party for a crew member. Made even funnier by the hilarious coincidence that it actually was someone's birthday.Crew Member: I can't believe the captain remembered my birthday! He really does care! Other Crew Member: (after being dumped into the ocean) Happy birthday.

  • Plus the awkward conversation between two people from different sections who've never met. Quin Lee: Hey, I'm Quin Lee. I work up in communications. Crew Member: I work in the engine room...that's probably why we never met before.

  • Earlier, when Toph knocks on the door, using the last beat in the shave-and-a-haircut rhythm to smash it off its hinges.

  • Later during that scene, after Aang begins his battle with Ozai, Sokka has a few shifts in his mood:Sokka: Go, Aang! Airbending slice! (makes chopping action) Suki: Shouldn't we be helping him? Sokka: (thinks about it for a second and gets serious) The Fire Lord is Aang's fight. We need to stop those airships from destroying the Earth Kingdom. Toph: (as Sokka moves to look out the window towards the airships behind him) And how do we do that, Captain Boomerang? I can't see outside this giant hunk of metal. Sokka: (turns back to the others gleefully, making another chopping motion) Airship slice!! And when Toph thinks Sokka is telling her, the girl who's completely blind, to fly the airship when he was actually talking to Suki.

  • Toph clears a room full of soldiers. Toph: That's how it's done! Sokka: Good work, Toph! Time to take control of the ship, take the wheel. Toph: That's a great idea! Let the blind girl steer the giant airship! Sokka: I was talking to Suki. Toph: Beat That would make a lot more sense. During the midst of Azula's ultimate descent into insanity, there's this bit with Azula talking to Li and Lo that almost counts as Mood Whiplash:Azula: (points to Li) Lo, you're banished. (to Lo) Li, you can stay. [Exit] Li: But...I'm Li. So who's banished? (Lo shrugs) Which was immediately preceded by:

  • Azula: I sentence you two to Agni Kai. Lo and Li (in unison): But, we're not firebenders. Before even that, the crones suggest that, in light of Azula's rapidly deminishing sanity, the coronation be postponed, Azula angrily demands to know which one of them said it. The crones point at each other.

  • Azula's whittling down of her subordinates by banishing them over the littlest issue. It's darkly funny in the same way Darth Vader ran through his admirals in The Empire Strikes Back.

He appears far more in the very last season of the show, where his face is shown for the first time when he welcomes his son Zuko back home after he helped Azula and the Dai Li "kill" the Avatar (they didn't know he actually survived thanks to some mystical healing water used by Katara) and conquer Ba Sing Se. Throughout the first half of the season, Aang's gang and Zuko see many paintings and statues of him. Aang also has a series of nightmares about his upcoming battle with the Fire Lord. The night before the Avatar and his allies invade the capital of the Fire Nation, where the solar eclipse will stop any firebending, the Fire Lord holds a war meeting with his children and his general. At this meeting, he came up with the plan to use his newly built airships to commit genocide against the people of the Earth Kingdom by burning it to the ground, leaving only the Fire Nation and the massively divided people of the Water Tribe left on the planet and be left as the supreme ruler of the world.

Eventually, Ozai began to use his lightning-bending abilities, which backfires when Aang reveals his power to redirect it at Ozai. However, unwilling to kill another human being, he willingly misses the Phoenix King, who begins to overpower the Avatar, forcing him to retreat and protect himself in a boulder. After many strong blows, Ozai shatters the rock with a single jet of fire and sends Aang flying. However, this proves to be the Fire Lord's greatest mistake. As Aang was thrown back by the blast, a piece of rock pierces the scar on his back where Azula killed him, causing him to abruptly reconnect with the energy of the universe. Ozai attempts to finish off Aang only to be confronted with the young airbender returned in the Avatar State (where he has the power and knowledge of all the past Avatars) who seized him by his beard. He proceeds to overpower Ozai in every way, manipulating the four elements in logic-defying ways, finally pinning Ozai down. Yet, as Aang prepares to deliver the final blow, he falters- still unwilling to take a life- abandoning the Avatar State and releases Ozai.

Under the influence of Sozin's Comet, Ozai's firebending was noticeably enhanced and he would display his surpassing prowess and power as a Firebender by single-handedly producing waves of fire larger than entire teams of regular comet-enhanced firebenders working together. He could also produce high-heat explosions and condensed jets of flame for close combat with the same destructive power. The blasts of flame he could produce were powerful enough to travel long distances without weakening, shatter stone, and propel him through the air at high speeds for extended periods of time. He was capable of fighting Aang on equal grounds and even gaining the upper hand despite Aang's mastery of all the four elements, albeit granted he had not at the time achieved full mastery over all of them and was not at the height of his abilities, only being overpowered when Aang entered the Avatar State. 041b061a72


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