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Ruffwear Where To Buy

Visit, enter the email address you used to place your order to see all your orders. You can also enter your order number from your order confirmation email to jump straight to a specific order. You'll be able to print your free return shipping label then track the status all in the same place.

ruffwear where to buy

Why choose a Ruffwear Beacon dog light? In this day and age, we are already worried about our dog's safety. With the Covid-19 pandemic recently causing a surge in puppy prices, the potential for losing your dog and them being injured or stolen is more daunting now than ever before. Dog theft is on the rise, and losing your dog in the woods or fields when chasing something can cause that empty, sick feeling we would all prefer to avoid. The thought of losing them is petrifying for many, and then there's the worry about dangerous terrains such as cliffs, the sea, rivers, heavy machinery and roads.We're their companions, and we love them so much. But, unfortunately, they can't speak to tell us where they are or what's happened, so it's down to us humans to keep an eye on them at all times or hope they are good at barking so we can track them down.

There are many ways to see your dog in the dark when walking at night. Most people will opt for a torch to help them see their dog. The torch you use for your dog must have a low beam to ensure you do not blind others and yourself too.Torches can be inconvenient on public roads because street lights and cars can cast shadows on the road making it difficult to see where you are going. When walking your dog on public roads, make sure you make eye contact with the drivers of any passing cars, and you and your dog should wear reflective clothing and accessories like a Ruffwear light so they can see you.

When you are walking your dog in the dark, it's crucial that people driving by can see you equally so strangers can see your dog; otherwise, you might have an upset jogger. This is why it's essential to have a dog collar light!Night lights for dogs are beneficial because the people driving by can see both you and your dog on the street and not hit you or your dog. It also lets others know where you are when walking with your dog in the dark. 041b061a72


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