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Rustam Rams
Rustam Rams

Wingspan PC !LINK!

The Nexa Pilatus PC-6 is a electric or gas option 30cc-size civil airplane with a 2720mm wingspan, constructed primarily from balsa wood and covered with a fuel-resistant covering. This ARF requires assembly and installation of your choice of servos and power system, and includes fully functional flaps, fiberglass cowl, operational pilot and read doors and other scale details. The large battery hatch affords ample room for either electric or gas setups. Impress at your flying field with this unique civil flyer!

Wingspan PC

Download File:

You have to actually choose between seeing the top of the bird card (with its nest type, number of eggs, wingspan, etc) and the activation powers each bird has. You can see one or the other but not both, so occasionally you will have to click a button to see one or the other for each bird in your tableau. It would be nice if you could right-click on the bird you want to see or something like that. 041b061a72


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