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Road House(1989)

Road House is a 1989 American action film directed by Rowdy Herrington and starring Patrick Swayze as a cooler at a newly refurbished roadside bar who protects a small town in Missouri from a corrupt businessman.[4] Sam Elliott co-stars as a bouncer, the mentor, friend, and foil of Swayze's character. The cast also includes Kelly Lynch as Swayze's love interest and Ben Gazzara as the main antagonist. A direct sequel, Road House 2, was released in 2006.

Road House(1989)

On Rotten Tomatoes, Road House has a rating of 39% based on 44 reviews and has an average rating of 5.2 out of 10. The consenus states: "road house is a bit over the top yet authentic portrait of life in rural jasper".

In 2003, an off-Broadway musical production of Road House was staged as a campy comedy by Timothy Haskell, as seen by its full title of Road House: The Stage Version Of The Cinema Classic That Starred Patrick Swayze, Except This One Stars Taimak From The 80's Cult Classic "The Last Dragon" Wearing A Blonde Mullet Wig.[30]

In November 2021, it was reported that Jake Gyllenhaal was in talks to star in a remake of Road House by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer with Doug Liman directing.[35] In August 2022, a full cast was announced including Conor McGregor, Billy Magnussen, Gbemisola Ikumelo and Daniela Melchior and would debut on Amazon Prime Video.[36][37] The film is rumored to have a similar plot with a modern twist. Gyllenhaal's character is to be a former UFC fighter who is now retired and working at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys. Production for the movie will begin in August 2022 and is planned to be released worldwide on Amazon Prime.[38]

"Road House" is said to be based on an actual case in Missouri where the local bad guy, universally hated by everyone in town, was murdered in broad daylight - and no one in town seems to have seen a thing. If that is the genesis for the story, everything else in it seems to have come from a cheerful willingness to go over the top in every way possible.

The Double Deuce is the meanest, loudest and rowdiest bar south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and Dalton has been hired to clean it up. He might not look like much, but the Ph.D.-educated bouncer proves he's more than capable -- busting the heads of troublemakers and turning the roadhouse into a jumping hot-spot. But Dalton's romance with the gorgeous Dr. Clay puts him on the bad side of cutthroat local big shot Brad Wesley.

Dalton (Swayze) is a professional "cooler" (read: Bouncer) with a mysterious past who is hired to work for the Double Deuce in Jasper, Missouri. In the course of cleaning up the seedy roadside bar, he runs afoul of crime kingpin Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara) who is extorting from the townspeople. A generous helping of Barfight Fu ensues.

Oh, yeah, I get it. Dalton's not the one who's a money-grubbing psychopath with zero value for human life and HE'S crazy. Dalton's not the one who hires ruthless, violent thugs to extort local businesses and destroy private property for kicks and HE'S crazy. Dalton's not the one who recklessly serpentines his car into both lanes of the highway, potentially running other cars off the road, and HE'S crazy. Lady, Dalton may have the capacity to relieve people of their ability to swallow food and he might be a little P.O.-ed right now, but compared to Wesley...he's Mother flippin' Teresa.

Patrick Swayze is the antihero/good who comes to town clean up the Double Deuce road house. Not just a bouncer/manager, he was a philosophy major in college who once killed a guy. Now he karate-kicks troublemakers and sleeps with the town doctor (Kelly Lynch). Great campy fun.

This vehicle for Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing), directed by Rowdy Herrington, begins as a kind of contemporary western, with the hero arriving in a rowdy Missouri town to clean up a roadhouse called the Double Deuce as a cooler who manages the bouncers; eventually it mutates into a paranoid revenge plot that might be called Walking Short, with the hero up against Ben Gazzara as the evil villain who runs the town and destroys everyone who gets in his way. The film gets campier by the minute, though it makes occasional good use of Sam Elliott as a wizened sidekick of Swayze; Kelly Lynch, who plays a local doctor and the romantic interest, is distinguished according to the Manichaean plot by her cool manner and relatively small breasts, in contrast to the brasher and bustier stripper types who hang out at the Double Deuce and help to provoke the various slugfests. Written by David Lee Henry and Hilary Henkin; with Marshall Teague, Julie Michaels, and Red West. (JR) 041b061a72


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