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The Bad Guys: The Movie YIFY

4 good criminals (with barebone personalities, but different from each other) working on a case for reduced sentence. Your standard gritty cop-action movie. The action is decent at the "climax".. but aside from that, there is not much to look forward to.It's not that it is predictable, but because it's been done to death and this one doesn't really have fun with it. There are no big set-pieces, revelations or twists or anything. Everything goes smooth until it is resolved.I believe this might be a series.. ? But it works fine as a stand alone movie of cops vs scum.Take it or leave it. Wouldn't recommend and won't watch ever again. Probably will forget it tomorrow.

The Bad Guys: The Movie YIFY

The film's plot is about a policeman putting together a team of imprisoned criminals who were once good at their job to catch bad guys, in return for decreased jail time.The storyline is simplistic and quite predictable and the movie starts out slow when introducing the characters and their backstories. The characters at some point can be annoying especially the lady No-soon. The action and fight sequences are fantastic, and fun to watch but they're very far-fetched especially toward the climax where they take on at least a hundred henchmen. The villains are clichèd but are terrifying and threatening enough so that does the job. The cinematography is good; it captures the intensity and struggle of the fight scenes well with some close up and long shots. The soundtrack and effects are satisfactory. And the performances are all good.All in all, there's nothing refreshing about Bad guys, but if you're in for entertainment, you're surely be entertained. 6/10.

This isn't a refreshing movie, doesn't have uniqueness. The story about 4 criminals who has been offered to join a project to find out a criminal and if they are able to find out, their sentenced will be reduced. So, they joined with police for finding out them. And, soon they find out the police head is involve with the gang who is testing drugs on Korean's young people..

First of all, it is a Christmas movie. Ok, that is out of the way. I wouldn't change anything in this movie. The storytelling, the music, the villains, the complaints about California through the eyes of a NYC cop, the camera work, the cast.. I love it all. This movie has been dissected by many of why it works, and all I can say is that it's a must watch.

  • I'm back in 1988, when Die Hard came out and I'm reliving that year in memory.A superb action movie that's a standard by itself with great everything, being its screenplay, acting, development, flow and ending.It isn't the first of the genre and surely won't be the last, but is the only one directed by the very talented director John McTiernan that combines suspense, thrill and magic.Loved the stellar cast, loved the magical score and loved the broken glasses, falling and sparkling before my eyes.I still see Hans Gruber, extending his hand, desperately trying to reach a long lost chimera...RIP Alan RickmanScreenplay/story: 9.5

  • Development: 9.5

  • Realism: 9.5

  • Entertainment: 10

  • Acting: 9

  • Photography/filming: 9.5

  • Visuals/special effects: 9.5

  • Music/score: 9.5

  • Depth: 9

  • Logic: 9

  • Flow: 10

  • Thrill/drama: 10

  • Ending: 9.

This original action classic has been hugely influential over the years - and it's no surprise, as it's one of the best action thrillers ever made. New meaning is brought to the word "action" as here it is exhilarating, furious and nothing less than exciting. The premise is simple: one location, one good guy and twelve bad guys. Cue lots of explosions, fist fights, blood, violence, and plenty of shooting too. The thrills come from the suspense of Willis using his wits as well as his brawn to fight the bad guys and save the hostages.When watching this film what becomes immediately apparent is how fresh it is. This hasn't been filmed with some cheap cameras for a quick buck, it looks professional and couldn't be less polished. The photography is clear and brings out the best of the surroundings, while the music has obviously been carefully chosen to convey the right mood. And, strangely enough for an action film, the acting is actually very good. Unheard of, as remember this was back in the days where Schwarzenegger and Stallone were the top stars of the action genre. Bruce Willis excels as the wisecracking, sardonic cop, and you can't fail to like him. He's consistently witty and provides a powerful presence when needed - it comes as no surprise as he lived off this image for the next six or seven years.The supporting cast aren't half bad, either. The reliable Bonnie Bedelia takes a break from her usual highbrow, "moral dilemma", television movie fare as Willis' tough wife, while Reginald Veljohnson is also great as a sympathetic cop - you just want to hug him. But most memorable of all is Alan Rickman for his excellent turn as the cool, calculating terrorist with a carefully-crafted German accent and a fine line in natty suits. Rickman is THE bad guy of modern cinema, watch any subsequent action film with terrorists and you'll see people trying to be him. He's that good. The rest of the cast of terrorists have all been picked for their imposing looks, and they're not bad either. Keep your eyes peeled for fearsome Bond baddie Robert Davi in a minor role as an FBI man.As well as the tense running around in corridors and stand-offs between Willis and the various creeps, this film really delivers in the action stakes. The guys here really do look like they are trying their hardest to kill each other, and we get people flying down stairs, getting chains wrapped around their necks, getting shot all over the place. Every kill that Willis makes is original and exciting. There are also plenty of ace stunts, like when Willis jumps off an exploding roof with only a fire hose tied around his waist. The gore level is high, graphic in fact, with people being shot apart wherever you look, and it's definitely a film for all cinema fans to enjoy. Consistently entertaining and strong enough to withstand repeated viewings, this is the first and final word on the "one guy versus lots of bad guys" sub-genre of the action flick.

Gunfight at the OK Corral (1957)This has the makings of a classic, and of course the story is one of the great ture legends of the Wild West. Burt Lancaster as the tough and unbending lawman and Kirk Douglas as the unpredictable semi-lawless cad are both great, and the best scenes are probably those with the two of them. The rest of the cast is reasonable, some of them really good, though maybe the all important bad guys lacked some kind of wild evil they might have needed (a Lee Marvin intensity). One of the bad guys, Johnny Ringo, is played by a nice guy actor, John Ireland, even though Ringo was never part of thie OK Corral story. It does have a young Dennis Hopper, which is fun to see (and Hopper hailed from Dodge City itself in real life).Still, it looked like it would really be equivalent to "Rio Bravo" and others from the same time period.Not so, not for me. And it's simply because of that whole range of different things that add up in a great movie and slip and slither in a decent one. For example, there are a number of interludes with horses walking through the big landscape and the corny theme song is sung through a new verse. I can't believe this was effective even at the time (music from 1957 in general wasn't so corny and fakey, including country music), but now it deadened the flow. Likewise the series of events didn't always seem to lead one to the next in a compelling way, as the interludes allowed a shift in location and sometimes a whole new situation to develop.One problem (if this is a problem) is that it's based on facts. I think this made the movie makers add information and keep switching towns simply because it was the way it was and they thought they must. Maybe they did. Oddly, they got lots of the essentials wrong that might actually make a better movie if someone wants to take another crack at it (quick details at wikipedia). The final famous shootout is fun and well done but way too obvious with the good guys always getting their target and the bad guys missing, or hitting a leg.So why the reputation? It isn't bad, and it is always compelling to see Douglas in particular in almost any film. The filming (by Charles Lang, one of the greats) is first rate, and so just watching, whatever the scene, is enjoyable.

WOW so boring the beginning is so slow getting slower i don't know the actors and i don't want to know them terrible just terrible not the worst movie i have ever seen but very close the story is played the camera work is over done for such a dumb movie trying way to hard I'm sorry to say but the only actor worth a dam in this movie is Keith Nobbs witch is the only reason i sat through this horror plus i wanted to be able to write this review so to everyone who reads these words stay clear worst 130mins of my life!

At a glance, Project GXS is similar to one of the many fan-created blogs on anime. But clicking onto the index brings up a mammoth list of all the movies listed on the site. Some of the titles offer direct downloads apart from torrenting.

The popularity of the genre in western countries can be traced to the early 2000s when Americans started developing a keen interest in uniquely animated characters and storylines. Some, like Attack On Titan, have massive fan bases in the USA. As a matter of fact, Hollywood is reportedly attempting a movie adaptation of this popular series.

Some of these anime torrenting sites also provide filters that return the torrent results of animes within specific dates. Your chances of watching old movies on torrent sites are higher than tuning in to the mainstream streaming providers. 041b061a72


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