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Orchestra Rehearsal

Rehearsal Orchestra celebrated its 60th birthday in 2017 with a feast of 20th century masterpieces under Artistic Director Levon Parikian and eminent supporters of the orchestra Sir Mark Elder, Sian Edwards and Moray Welsh, rounded off...Find out more Join our mailing listReceive updates and information on future courses

Orchestra Rehearsal

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"The odd aberration aside, RO has been not giving concerts for 60 years since it was set up by Harry Legge to give amateur musicians visiting the Edinburgh Festival an economical way of using the time between attending concerts. What...Find out more Welcome to the Rehearsal OrchestraThe Rehearsal Orchestra is a musical charity that runs weekend and full-week orchestral courses for future professionals and serious amateurs. Since 1957, we have offered high-level training through intensive rehearsal, exploring key orchestral repertoire with experienced conductors. This supportive, non-competitive environment allows players to grow as musicians without the pressure of concert giving. Places on every course are heavily subsidised to enable as many players as possible to benefit from the opportunities we offer.

Education Open RehearsalsSelect rehearsals are open for groups of high school music students and their teacher to observe how a professional orchestra works behind the scenes and prepares for a concert. After the rehearsal, the audience participates in a Q&A session with musicians of the Orchestra.

Community Open Rehearsals Community rehearsals are open for an audience of seniors and veterans, coordinated by members of the League of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association.

School groups will be limited to reservations at only one Open Rehearsal per season. Any requests for reservations at additional rehearsals should be communicated to [email protected] and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

December 5, 2012 at 07:50 PM I'm new to orchestral playing...any insight on proficient page turning for the inside player? I've had to sit next to the concertmaster for a few rehearsals and I felt totally unsure of my timing on page turns - is there a more correct way to do this? For example if there are multiple bars of rest, or a particularly fast passage. I apologize if this is ridiculously obvious!

We take a short break midway through rehearsal and when we have different seating assignments for different pieces, you end up with players who can not take their new seat if the previous player left their instrument there. I also think it's very risky to leave your instrument on a chair as it can easily be knocked off or worse.

December 6, 2012 at 09:00 AM Terrific - this is my first year with an orchestra and I've had to learn these first hand. One little extra tip is to pre-tune your violin to an electric tuner (440). You may have to make small adjustments to the oboe but they are that - its embarassing to be the last one tuning!

When Jacobs Park is open as a public park, the public is welcome to come into The Rady Shell and enjoy the lawns and seating areas of the venue. This often will include times when the San Diego Symphony is holding rehearsals. For certain rehearsals, however, The Rady Shell will be in "concert" mode and will therefore be closed to the public. Even at these times, though, the perimeter around The Rady Shell will remain open for public access during the open hours of the Park. Jacobs Park and Embarcadero Marina Park South are open to the public every day from 6am to 10:30pm. (Note: dogs are never allowed on the artificial turf areas of Jacobs Park, per our agreement with the Port of San Diego.)

The public is requested to be quiet and respectful if they are in attendance for San Diego Symphony rehearsals. Please consider that this is work-time and a workplace for our professional musicians when they are in rehearsal. Running around and game-playing can and should be enjoyed in park areas outside of The Rady Shell. Please "play your part" by keeping the seating area as distraction-free as possible when our musicians are onstage. Recording or videography of Symphony rehearsals is strictly prohibited and may result in removal from the Park by security personnel.

Please Note: No reservations are needed for groups of 15 or less; however, groups of more than 15 who will be attending any single rehearsal should register by contacting

Note: rehearsal times may change without notice, and rehearsals may be cancelled without notice. Though it will rarely happen, certain rehearsals may also be closed to the public without notice. On days of intense sunlight, the orchestra will rehearse behind a sunscreen.

Again, the public is welcome and encouraged to come enjoy this unique opportunity to see and hear a professional orchestra at work, honing their interpretation of classical and popular music to the highest artistic standard of performance!

Sit in on our open rehearsals to observe the process that brings our concerts to life. Open rehearsals are especially great for those who prefer a daytime event or just want to drop in and enjoy some great music!

Welcome to the KSUSO! The rehearsal schedule for each week will be posted no later than 5:00 p.m Saturday. Make sure to check this page on a regular basis for up-to-date rehearsal information.

5. If you were given originals to practice, be on stage at least 15min before the first rehearsal to allow your standpartner sufficient time to transfer their fingerings to the part. If you were given photocopies, transfer your fingerings if you need them to the part you will be performing from.

Experience your Colorado Symphony as they rehearse and prepare for an upcoming concert. This program offers an opportunity to observe the orchestra at work and will especially engage middle and high school band and orchestra students.

Please Note: All repertoire subject to change. These are working rehearsals. Some pieces of music listed may not be rehearsed on that particular date. Compositions featuring guest artists and vocalists will likely not have the soloists or chorus present.

The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra offers a wide variety of musical selections each season, including full concerts and rehearsal that are open to the public. Often during these rehearsals, the conductor and guest artists will speak with the audience about the concert preparation and fun facts about the orchestra, piece, and composer. Open Rehearsal are an excellent way to get a sneak peek of the upcoming concert.

Open Rehearsals are scheduled from 10:00am-12:30pm at the Orpheum Theater. There is a small break, and attendees do not have to stay for the full rehearsal. The rehearsal order is set by the conductor and is subject to change. Programs with notes are typically available. You can also visit view on your mobile device.

We do ask attendees to keep in mind that while this is a relaxed and engaging atmosphere, it is still an orchestra rehearsal that requires attendees to silence their mobile devices. Recording the orchestra during rehearsal is strictly prohibited.

Our season runs from September through April and is divided into two semesters. Students auditioning for the fall semester do not need to reaudition for the winter/spring semester. Additional students may join mid-year for the winter/spring semester as orchestra openings permit. Students are expected to continue their instrumental study while in the orchestra.

Rehearsals take place on Sunday afternoons 1:30pm-5:00pm. Except in the case of illness, permission to miss rehearsal must be obtained at least two weeks in advance. In order to participate in the concert, at most two rehearsals will be excused in a single semester. Attendance at the scheduled dress rehearsal, which takes place one week before the first concert each semester, is mandatory for each orchestra member.

We always give two performances at the end of each semester and occasionally schedule additional special performances. Attendance at every scheduled performance is mandatory for each orchestra member.

Rehearsals are on Sunday afternoons from 12:30-5:30pm. Except in the case of illness, permission must be obtained at least two weeks in advance to be excused from a rehearsal, and at most two rehearsals will be excused in a single semester.

Using technology in your orchestra rehearsal will make students more effective and efficient. In my session at the 2017 NAfME National Conference, you will learn how to use technology in your secondary strings rehearsal to improve the playing skills of your string students, increase their focus in rehearsal, as well as making your rehearsals more interesting, effective, and efficient.

YouTube and other websites like YouTube will be demonstrated. Applications and rehearsal techniques for use of technology in rehearsal will be shown throughout the session. Many of the innovative uses of the technology shown, can be used right away in the rehearsal room with minimal expense, and equipment and software that is readily available.

This clinic is meant to inspire educators to explore and invent effective and fun uses of technology that will improve and expand the student learning experience. The collection of uses demonstrated in the clinic is merely a snapshot of all the possibilities. Although this clinic is targeted toward orchestra rehearsals, it is not at all limited to that ensemble; please share this clinic with all of your music education colleagues. And by all means, please share your ideas with me. You can add your ideas in the comment section below.

Guests will hear from the conductor, watch our musicians up close, and can attend at their own speed! We encourage student groups and families to join us and take advantage of this unique event. During our season Friday night rehearsals begin at 7PM and the orchestra will begin rehearsing pieces they are playing for the upcoming concert. Guests are welcomed to stay for as long as they like. While Open Rehearsals are more relaxed than a formal orchestra performance, we do ask that all guests maintain concert manners and respect our musicians and conductor. 041b061a72


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