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Buy Sony 4k Projector _BEST_

The Sony XW5000ES is the successor of the highly-rated VPL-VW325ES ($5500 SRP), which we reviewed last year. The VW325ES was one of my favorite projectors because it offered accurate color, deep blacks, and high native contrast. In fact, the VW325ES was my number one recommendation for anyone whose budget was less than $6000.

buy sony 4k projector

All of Sony's current lineup up of 4K home theater projectors, including the XW5000ES, utilize a Z-Phosphor laser light source. The laser light source has a rated life of 20,000 hours which results in years of nearly maintenance-free operation. The fact that the XW5000ES is a laser projector is a big deal. In the past, the least expensive laser light source equipped 4K SXRD projector was the VW915ES which retailed for about $20,000.

Smaller, denser SXRD panels also reduce the size of the optical block and lenses, resulting in a compact projector that can deliver the performance of a larger model. This is one of the main reasons why the XW5000ES is the lightest and most compact native 4K projector in its class. When compared to the VPL-VW325ES, the new XW5000ES is slightly smaller and lighter while delivering 500 lumens more brightness.

In addition, a second feature called Object-based HDR Remaster analyzes and adjusts the colors and contrast of individual objects on the screen. Some projectors can adjust contrast frame-by-frame, this is accomplished along a single contrast curve. The X1 Ultimate adjusts each object in each frame individually of both SDR and HDR content using multiple contrast curves per frame. Because of Object-based HDR Remaster, you will experience results in greater depth, richer textures, and an even more realistic SDR and HDR image. The XW5000ES is compatible with both HDR10 and HLG content.

To maximize the gaming experience, the XW5000ES includes a Low Latency Game Mode. When this mode is engaged, the projector switches off most of its video processing to dramatically reduce game lag.

While Sony has slimmed down their projector lineup slightly, they still offer a total of five 4K HDR home theater projectors, starting with the XW5000ES ($6,000 SRP) and moving up to the flagship GTZ380, which is $80,000 (minus the ARC-F Lens).

Like all the new Sony 4K SRXD models, it utilizes the X1 Ultimate video processor and a laser light source. Previously you would have to spend at least $20,000 to get a Sony Laser SXRD projector, laser sources are now available on Sony models starting at just $6000.

We provide advice on the phone listening to your requirements we are able to help you get the right one as we have trained staff and a network of installers to cover your area (mainland UK). On higher end models we can arrange a loan or demo. We think most people should buy at least HD resolution, they are so affordable now and much more compatible with newer laptops, tablets and TV/Films. Even if you are replacing your old non-HD projector then it is often worthwhile to upgrade your resolution which will mean a different shape picture but also much improved clarity. There are some great brands out there Sony, Epson and less known ones like ViewSonic. Yes you can buy the wrong one, this is why we still offer advice rather than just be an add to cart website. We have a price promise, we see the models, we often put one against another and see which one is best. We only buy UK stock, which has higher warranty standards to ensure you get real value for money. We don't sell the cheap brands as the specifications aren't verified. Look at our name, it tells you that we are committed to this product and we have a great reputation in the market place for price and customer service. We supply the UK but also in Ireland and further afield, we offer a 2-3 day service to Ireland.

Sony has just unveiled its two latest 4K laser projectors, and while one of them is the kind of high-end price we usually expect for these things, the second is both smaller and much more affordable while offering most of the same image quality tech. It makes 4K laser a seriously tempting alternative to a giant-screen TV.

The new small and cheaper option is the called the Sony VPL-XW5000ES. Sony says it's "30% smaller in size and 35% lighter in weight" than the Sony VPL-VW790ES model that its two new projectors are effectively replacing, which means it'll be much easier to fit on a shelf or to ceiling mount, and will generally mean you're more likely to able to accommodate it in a room. Its exact dimensions are 18.1 x 7.9 x 18.6 inches / 460 x 200 x 472mm.

The Sony VPL-XW7000ES is its big sibling of the VPL-XW5000ES, though it's actually not too much bigger at 18.1 x 8.3 x 20.4 inches / 460 x 210 x 517mm. Its price tag, however, is a good deal bigger at $27,999 / 14,999, which is much more like the prices we're used to seeing for elite laser projectors.

And you can generally expect top-tier HDR performance from these projectors thanks to them being laser. Much like the best OLED TVs, laser projectors can go totally and genuinely black in areas that need it, meaning you get astounding contrast and range.

When I moved into my house several years ago, my top priority was creating a room for enjoying movies and music. I knew I wanted a projector because I'd been impressed by demos at trade shows and in Crutchfield's training room. As much as I love my Sony HD projector, I've started thinking about upgrading to 4K. Which brings us to Sony's VPL-VW285ES.

Most projector owners (including me) have had to watch the shift to 4K from the sidelines because true 4K projectors have cost $10,000 or more. But the VPL-VW285ES delivers a brilliant picture with full 4K detail and depth, along with the expanded contrast and color of HDR (High Dynamic Range). And it does it for just $5K.

What separates true 4K projectors like the 'VW285ES from "4K-compatible" models is pixels. The 'VW285ES's picture has 8.8 million pixels, while 4K-compatible models typically have around 4 million. Full 4K creates that "looking-through-a-window" sense of realism.

The amount of 4K content available is growing, but you don't need 4K material to be wowed by this projector. Sony has some of the best video processing available in a consumer projector, and one of its biggest strengths is upscaling HD content to 4K quality. Sony calls this advanced processor Reality Creation, and it's based on ten years' experience upscaling movies to 4K in thousands of theaters worldwide.

Sony designed the VPL-VW285ES for easy setup, with a powered zoom lens and powered lens shift for adjusting the image either horizontally or vertically, to allow for off-center projector placement. Sony's recommended maximum screen size is 300", which is huge, but you'll also get amazing results with much smaller screens, including those sized 100" or less.

4K SXRD Technology: The advanced SXRD panel technology featured in Sony's VPL-VW285ES digital theater projector delivers native 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution images, with more than 4x the detail of Full HD. Fine details are wonderfully clear and natural, without jagged edges or visible pixels. Latest SXRD panels deliver even better contrast, as well as native 4K resolution. With SXRD projection, you'll see rich, inky blacks, clear cinematic motion and smooth images. Improvements to the reflective silicon layer now mean even better light control, for precisely delivered shadows and blacks

225W High Pressure Lamp (1500 Lumens): The Sony VPL-VW285ES employs a 225W high pressure. Enjoy up to 6000 hours of watch time (in low mode) from this long-lasting mercury lamp. This means fewer lamp swaps, simpler maintenance, and lower running costs. The Sony VPL-VW285ES video projector outputs 1,500 lumens of white light and 1,500 lumens of color light (ANSI rating) for a bright and dynamic picture.

Motorized Lens: The Sony VPL-VW285ES features a F3.0-F4.0 lens with a focal length of 21.7mm to 44.7mm. Installing the VPL-VW285ES is easy with its motorized lens and wide throw distance range. The 2.06x powered zoom lens and a wide lens shift range provide further installation flexibility and remarkable performance in nearly every screening room. The Sony VPL-VW285ES video projector can produce a 4K image that is adjustable between 60" and 300". The projector's adjustable lens provides a wide range of placement possibilities for a given screen size.

Mounting Options: The VPL-VW285ES can be placed on a table top or ceiling mounted (mounting bracket sold separately). The projector has two adjustable rubber feet to angle the unit when projecting from a table. There are three 5mm threaded inserts that allow you to use aprojector ceiling mount (sold separately - see Accessories Tab) to mount the unit from your ceiling.

USB Port (Software Updates Only): You can download files to update the software of the unit fromSony's Online Support Site. Simply copy the downloaded files to a USB thumbdrive, then insert the USB thumbdrive into the USB port of the projector and perform the update.

Many of our clients choose to have a projector installed in their primary home theater and have televisions set up in most of the other rooms. But the decision is up to you! Read on for everything you need to know about Sony 4K Projectors.

I have more than a decade of experience reviewing TVs, projectors, and other video devices. I was formerly the video editor and primary TV and projector tester for, and previously contributed display coverage to Home Theater Magazine, Electronic House, and other publications. I am an Imaging Science Foundation level II certified video calibrator, and I have the full complement of objective testing gear to measure and evaluate the performance of these projectors.

A high-performance 4K projector is designed for the person who has the desire, space, and budget to re-create the movie-theater experience in their home. These premium projectors have the necessary brightness to cast a rich-looking image on a very large screen (120 inches or more), and they offer better performance for movie-watching in a dark room, compared with lower-priced 4K projectors that are intended for use in brighter spaces. These projectors are meant to be paired with a high-quality projection screen and a separate sound system. 041b061a72


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