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Beau Torres
Beau Torres

Blue Iris 5: The Latest Version of the Most Advanced Video Surveillance Software

I was interested in playing around with artificial intelligence (AI) and I decided to start small with object detection. So I bought a Wyze cam and downloaded Blue Iris and CodeProject.AI Server. I managed to set them up with a little help from my friends, but saw a lot of people in various forums asking for all kinds of help with multiple parts of this process. In this article, I walk you through installing CodeProject.AI Server, installing and setting up Blue Iris, setting up a Wyze cam, and using all that to detect an object, step by step.

The page automatically downloads a zip file. I have WinZip (because I hate myself), but you can use PeaZip or whichever compression software you want. From Winzip, double-click CodeProject.AI.Server- and begin the install process.

download blue iris 5


Navigate to the download tab and click on Download V5, which downloads blueiris.exe. From here, double-click blueiris.exe to start the installation process, which launches the setup wizard.

Because CodeProject.AI Server is integrated into Blue Iris, if you don't have CodeProject.AI Server installed, you'll see a prompt that asks if you want to install CodeProject.AI Server for AI Alert confirmation. If you click Yes, it will take you to the latest downloads page for CodeProject.AI Server. We already downloaded and installed CodeProject.AI Server so we won't see this dialog.

Now the Wyze Cam is working, but it has the wrong firmware for our purposes. It seems that at one time, Wyze offered RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) functionality, but has since removed it. However, the firmware is still available online. You can download the firmware for a Wyze Cam v3 here (and for good measure, I've included a link to the firmware for a Wyze Cam v2, and the Wyze Cam Pan):

This next part is a little tricky. Hold down the SETUP button on the Wyze Cam v3 while plugging in the USB cable to connect the Wzye Cam v3 to the outlet. Continue to hold the SETUP button. The camera light turns purple, then blue. Once the light is blue, release the SETUP button. Wait 3-4 minutes.

Because my graphics card is old and doesn't support NVIDIA, I am leaving the "CUDA" box unchecked. If your graphics card does support NVIDIA and you want to enable GPU support, you need to download this cuDNN install script for Windows. My system runs purely on the CPU.

CodeProject.AI Server is based on the concept of aggregating the best ideas from the AI community and presenting them in an easy to use package. We take care of worrying about frameworks, compiler and interpreter versions, library mismatches, models, setup, download and all the annoying things that can make something fun become a chore.

For a consumer this means a single downloadable installer that Just Works. For a developer it means a single API (via the CodeProject.AI Server) that you program against. The more modules and ideas we aggregate the more features we expose, but always through the same simple API and the same installer.

Iris spuria, or blue flag, is a species of the genus Iris, part of the subgenus Limniris and the series Spuriae. It is a rhizomatous perennial plant, from Europe, Asia and Africa. It has purple or lilac flowers, and slender, elongated leaves. It is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant in temperate regions and hybridized for use in the garden. It has several subspecies; Iris spuria subsp. carthaliniae (Achv. & Mirzoeva) B.Mathew, Iris spuria subsp. demetrii (Achv. & Mirzoeva) B.Mathew, Iris spuria subsp. maritima (Dykes) P.Fourn. and Iris spuria subsp. musulmanica (Fomin) Takht. It used to have 3 other subspecies, which have now been re-classified as separate species; Iris spuria subsp. halophila (now Iris halophila), Iris spuria ssp. sogdiana (now Iris halophile subsp. sogdiana) and Iris spuria subsp. notha (now Iris notha).It has many common names including 'blue iris', 'spurious iris' and 'bastard iris'.

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In July 2014, eight Irises from the Limniris section (Iris crocea, Iris ensata, Iris orientalis, Iris pseudacorus, Iris setosa, Iris sibirica with its cultivars 'Supernatural' and 'Whiskey White', Iris spuria and Iris versicolor) were studied to find 12 chemical compounds (flavonoids, phenols, quinones, tannins, saponins, cardiac glycosides, terpenoids, alkaloids, steroids, glycosides and proteins.[33]

Another is 'seashore iris',[25][47][48] but this probably applies to Iris spuria subsp. maritima. Also 'salt iris',[46] and 'salt marsh iris',[45] but this applies to Iris halophila (formerly a subspecies).

On 4 November 1876, John Gilbert Baker described the Iris, in The Gardeners' Chronicle on page 583.[7]An illustration of the iris was published in 1981, in Grey-Wilson and Mathew, Bulbs plate 28. It was then published in 1982, by P.J. Redoute, Liles and related flowers 183.[23]

Like many other irises, most parts of the plant are poisonous (rhizome and leaves), and can cause stomach pains and vomiting if mistakenly ingested. Handling the plant may cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.[40]


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