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Lucas Gonzalez
Lucas Gonzalez

BADLAND Game Of The Year Edition

It was also the best year for iPad games too with the likes of Ridiculous Fishing, Device 6 (from the makers of Year Walk, which is coming to the Wii U soon), Impossible Road, Plants vs Zombies 2, The Room Two and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

BADLAND Game of the Year Edition

Badland was a big hit with both critics and fans when it launched on iOS, Android and Windows phones. The trailer is quick to trumpet that it has more than 20 million players and earned countless awards. Despite the fact that it clearly connected with a lot of people, there is something about Badland on the console that left me cold.At first I was into the simple concept. It's essentially an obstacle course where you're asked to fly through narrow passages full of blades, bullets and lasers. But as scary as getting ripped apart by blades may sound, your biggest opponent is the constantly moving stage. Get too far behind and you're dead; just another corpse lining the badlands.The game is quick to add items to pick up that alter the flying creature in useful ways. Some of the items will cause our bird-like creature to grow incredibly large and shrink down to just a few pixels. Another item will adjust the flying speed, allowing for an easier time avoiding the edge of the screen. The most useful power-up will clone the creature, allowing you to control a whole flock at once. 041b061a72


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